Tazpit and the Fight against the Arab Media Fraud


Earlier today JDL-Canada organized a BBQ in Toronto. The great food and the conversations of members and friends contributed to the great time that everybody had. However, the main event of the evening was the presentation of a guest from Israel – Amotz Eyal, Director and Founder of the Tazpit News Agency. It’s hard to believe it, but Tazpit is the ONLY news agency that Israel has.

The introduction by Meir Weinstein, JDL’s Director concentrated on the current problems facing Israel, so it wasn’t very cheerful. The Muslim Brotherhood is taking over Egypt, which means that they will militarize Sinai. Israel should’ve never given it away. When Israel had it under its control, Sinai served a buffer, but the government exchanged it for a piece of paper, which is now totally worthless. The Muslim Brotherhood already stated that is wants to make Jerusalem capital of Egypt. Egypt is even going to strengthen its alliance with Iran. In these difficult times the Jews are not united – some of them even call for boycott and sanctions against the settlements, they even accuse of anti-Semitism friends of Israel like Glen Back (for his criticism of Soros). That’s why it is so important to have people like Amotz Eyal, who expose the false propaganda.

Amotz Eyal

Amotz Eyal, Director and Founder of the Tazpit News Agency


After that Amotz Eyal took over the stage. He is young (only 25 years old) but he achieved quite a few things in his life. He grew up close to Arabs and experienced firsthand their violence. His brother was injured when the family was forced to evacuate from a settlement. Later he served in IDF, taking part in most of their recent military operations. He founded the Tazpit News Agency which, as I already mentioned, is the only Israeli news agency (there was another one, but it was shut down about 20 years ago). In contrast, the Arabs in Israel have 5 news agencies.

The agency’s goal is to show the events as they really happen, defending the Zionist point of view. It operates by using exclusively volunteers (there over 100 of them). They show the good things about Israel and also cover what is done against the country.

In his opinion the PR (public relations) of Israel is poorly managed by the government. He has stated that earlier in his blog:

“Israel’s PR – many people are critical of the Israeli PR, and I think they should be. Israeli PR is defensive at all time, and at the most crucial moments it doesn’t function as it’s supposed to. Israel loves to complain, but she’s forgetting that the best defense is to attack. Not to attack back physically, but to attack the media, immediately after the flotilla departed.”

He shows us a few examples of Palestinian truth distortion. We see a crowd of settlers hurling stones at Arabs. It’s a video used by the Muslim propaganda against Israel. But this is just a small part of the real video – he shows more of it and we see that a large crowd (the target of the attack) is holding and beating a Jew. His rock-throwing friends confused the Arabs so he was able to escape.

Another one is the Al-Durra case, where a father and son were supposedly killed by IDF while trying to hide near a wall.


The notorious Al-Durra fake

(This obvious hoax, in which the father was “hit” by 12 bullets, but there was no blood on the scene, was debunked by Philippe Karsenty who fought for years the French television, which first released the video. He had a presentation about that at JDL last year.)

What Amotz found disturbing here was that after the video was released, the IDF commanders simply apologized for the “murder” as being a mistake. They never investigated what really happened.

However, the Arabs continued to use that hoax – in another picture they claim to show the unit that “killed” Al-Durra. However, they were so ignorant that they didn’t realize that the soldiers in the picture had weapons that shoot rubber bullets.


Next was one of the pictures used most by the Palestinian propaganda – the one with the little girl lying on the ground with a soldier pointing his machine gun at her with his boot on her chest.


Another Palestinian fake…


The picture was enough to create rage among the Arab fanatical idiots, which they expressed in their atrocious English:

“Azara Moulana: Allahu musta’an. May that shaytaan rot in hell!

Waleed Jaber: What if I did that..? Bankemoon will called the human right at me… I’m gonna Do the same thing to the Zionist.”


Again, Amotz had to deal repeatedly with the army to bring their attention to the hoax. Other than looking staged, the picture contains other clumsy attempt of falsification.


The wrong uniform…


The soldier is armed with AK-47, which has never been used by the IDF. As you can see in the picture above, the IDF uniform has a different colour and the shirt is always tucked in the pants, which doesn’t match the appearance of the “soldier” in the picture.

On another occasion, Tazpit photographers caught Arabs cutting their trees and later blaming that on Israel (the destruction of the olive trees by the Israelis is one of the favourite Palestinian sob stories).


“The Jews cut my tree!”


Another picture showed settlers with sticks attacking Arabs. For that action the Jews were arrested by the police and it took two weeks to vindicate them.




As you may have already noticed, the same pattern runs through all of the cases. When Amotz shows us the whole video, we see two Jewish shepherds (that’s why they carry sticks) who are attacked by a group of Arab baghead harpies armed with rocks. They try to protect themselves and eventually other Jews show up, but by that time the Palestinians had already taken their “incriminating” pictures.

And that is getting worse by the day – now IDF must avoid any conflicts in an area where there are Arab photographers, because they’ll always distort the truth. It’s a very simple scheme, which is illustrated by the picture below.


Most often on Friday, groups of women and children gather around Israeli soldiers and try to provoke them. Many people with powerful cameras (seen in the top part) follow every move of the army trying to get something that could be interpreted as a hostile reaction. That’s why the commanders have chosen the unfortunate path of least resistance – often in such cases the whole unit hides in a bunker rather than risking being blackmailed. That makes Arabs more aggressive and results in assault like the one shown below, where a soldier from IDF was injured by a rock:



It is hard to believe that the Israeli Government has neglected its public relations activities to such extent that it has left the Arabs with their five news agencies to misinform the world by manipulating pictures and films. Not only does that situation help the leftists and the Muslim fanatics to demonize Israel, but it also creates frustration among the friends and supporters of Israel. However, it looks like Tazpit is filling that gap slowly, but consistently.

Let’s hope that Tazpit gets enough support from the Israeli Government and the people to make a real difference.


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  2. Barzel says:

    Your passion to ensure the truth is known, is awe inspiring. Thank you, again and again, Blog Wrath!

  3. Anne says:

    Good write-up. Shortly after 9/11, I read the Jerusalem Post every day for several years. They often lamented the bad govt PR.

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  5. Poyani says:

    Nothing like a bunch of terrorists getting together for a BBQ. Irv Rubin sends his regards from hell!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Idiotic statement from a delusional leftard. Meet Poyani:


      My username is Poyani everywhere online, because “Poyan” was taken on YouTube, and that is my real name.

      This user is Canadian, eh?
      This user is interested in politics.
      This User Trusts Al Jazeera.
      This user advocates cooperative universal health care.
      This user believes that the death penalty should never be used.
      This user supports the legalization of all drugs.
      This user is a strong supporter of the LGBT community and sees nothing wrong with being queer.
      This user finds censorship offensive.
      This user wants to stop global warming.
      This user is an apatheist, and doesn’t care whether God exists.
      This user is interested in the Canadian province of Ontario.
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      This user prefers the metric system.
      This user is a Libertarian Socialist.
      This user attends or attended the University of Toronto.
      This user has a Master of Engineering degree.

  6. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    I am so angry that our young people are brainwashed in universities by the Arab media and the muslim brotherhood groups, like the muslim student assocations. I went to university 20+ years ago with a woman who bought these lies. Now she teaches these lies in a public school in her forties.WE MUST REACH YOUNG PEOPLE before they go in to the world and spread their poison. This is an issue not just for jewish people but for everyone who values truth and justice. In fact, why isn’t this presentation given in public schools? God knows, they have muslim brotherhood groups giving input about islamophobia? Why not Judeophobia? We have a generation of zombie youth who do not know how to debate.

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