The Spoiled Jew-Hate Fest


JDL protests the hate fest

The heavily advertised anti-Israeli event titled SPEAKING THE UNSPEAKABLE: EXPOSING ISRAELI APARTHEID AND THE VIOLATION OF PALESTINIAN RIGHTS took place this evening in Toronto. At the last moment, the location was changed from OISE to the George Ignatieff Theatre. As promised, JDL was there to protest.

The audience consisted of mostly white middle-aged people and students. There were very few Arab men and not a single hijab-wearing girl, who are usually a fixture at such events. That was very surprising: did even Muslims abandon that movement?

During the whole presentation, the voices of the JDL protesters who were determined to make their point, could be heard clearly inside.


The speakers were sitting at a table on the stage covered with a white tablecloth with blue one on top of it. Ironically, the combination resembled the Israeli flag although it probably wasn’t done on purpose.

Originally there were 5 speakers scheduled to appear, but the only one who possessed some resemblance of credibility, the Toronto Star columnist Antonia Zerbisias chickened out and didn’t show up. Maybe she had the revelation that appearing with a bunch of loons was not in her best professional interest.

However, the rest had no problem appearing. They were Khaled Mouammar from the Canadian Arab Federation, Tim McCaskell (Queers Against Israeli Apartheid), Jenny Peto (Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid), and Vivian Douglas, activist from Students against Israeli Apartheid.



The moderator, a feminist teacher of sociology from the Mississauga campus, started by stating that even after the Gaza “massacre” ended, the Palestinians are still discriminated, which caused the boycott against Israel to continue (at that moment Peto started to applaud followed by the most of the audience). The BDS movement expanded after the Gaza events. Then she read the list of the organizations, which endorsed the event, an odd collection of extreme leftists, self-loathing Jews, unions and Muslims.

To make sure that everybody understood that the insanity was the main rule of the gathering, she announced that she would conduct “equity chairing” – meaning that during the Q&A session in the end the first ones allowed to speak would be women, queers and “persons of colour”. Everybody caught using a camera or interrupting the speakers will be kicked out. Well, it was nice to know that the feminazi thinking is alive and kicking at the University of Toronto.

The first one to speak was Khaled Mouammar. He was presented as having been an activist for over 30 years. He even served at the Refugee Board and now he is the head of the Canadian Arab Federation. I suppose he is a Canadian citizen, but recently he lobbied openly against his own country when Canada took steps to get a seat on the UN Security Council (that was probably the best thing Khaled has done in his life, because Canada has no place in an organization controlled by religious fanatics and third-world thieves).

Anyway, Khaled stated with a gloating smirk while listening to the protesters’ voices that 30 years ago the Muslims and Arabs were forced to stay outside while the Zionists conducted their sinister meetings. Now the Zionists were outside (he was wrong, the Zionists were inside, but more about that later).

He wasted no time in attacking Harper’s government – according to him, it was fighting human rights and freedom of speech from its first day. During the G20 summit, the police virtually occupied Toronto and mistreated the protesters (no word about the activist thugs who broke windows and set cars on fire). Harper acts like Bush and wants to impose uniformity of thinking. He is eroding the civil rights, for example in the new law the point system for immigrants will not be enough. Even if you make the points, the immigration officer still can refuse access to Canada (that’s actually good, if it helps us keep educated terrorists out of Canada).

Harper kept a Sudanese in the Canadian Embassy for years and he refuses to bring back to Canada the “child soldier” Omar Khadr (he obviously forgot that Khadr is a low-life murderer and a convicted terrorist).

The government also stopped funding organizations and churches supporting the Palestinian struggle (translation: organizations, which support the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists). In 2006 CAF sent a letter to congratulate the new government, but never received a response. Since Jason Kenney was appointed a Minister, he decided to cut the support for the Arab organizations. At a conference in Europe Kenney even said that there is no islamophobia in Canada. In 2008 Canada was the first country to withdraw from Durban 2 and refused to cooperate with CAF considering it a racist and anti-Semitic organization.

The Canadian government has lost its soul, but the Muslims are getting full support from the civil society and the activists (yeah, right).

If only half of what Khaled said was true, the Harper government must be doing a great job in protecting its citizens from fanatics.

Next spoke Tim McCaskell from Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. It was difficult to follow his speech, because he kept going into details about the infighting among obscure wings of the “queer” community about the participation of his organization in the last year’s parade. The “dykes on bikes” got offended and planned to have a separate parade, B’nai Brith and the homophobic Christian-Zionist lobby tried to stop their funding etc., etc.

But at the end the decision to include his group was seen as a victory for the anti-Israeli movement. He saw that as a triumph against the Israeli mistreatment of the Palestinians. He was almost ecstatic to announce that for a first time ever Al Jazeera showed a piece about the Toronto gay parade, which was seen by over 30 million people (yes, I can imagine 30 million Arabs glued to their TV sets admiring the parading transvestites covered with rainbow coloured outfits).

The major success was the increased awareness about Israel and Palestine and the improvement of the Palestinian solidarity.

As usual, the queer activist didn’t say a word about the fact that Israel is the only country in the area where gays have rights and that in most Arab countries being gay usually means a death sentence.

He was followed by Vivian Douglas, a student of Women and Gender Studies (how do people get real jobs after studying such subjects?). She was also a member of one of those anti Israeli “apartheid” organizations. Her task in the farce was to prove that the supporters of the Palestinian cause are persecuted on campus.

She read a long laundry list of alleged cases of mistreatment: from being charged for security to being refused to use certain facilities. Events have been cancelled or disrupted.

She even attacked the President of the University of Toronto for his trip to Israel, during which he visited several universities and one of them was involved in the military industry. At this moment part of the audience started to applaud, meaning that some rational people have infiltrated the gathering.

Vivian proudly stated that all that is not going to discourage them, they will continue to boycott Israel and fight it. Then she invited everybody to this year’s week against Israeli apartheid scheduled to start on March 7. Human stupidity is truly endless…

There was no word from her about the rampant anti-Semitism on the campuses in the USA and Canada, where Jewish students are exposed to harassment and insults, where pro-terrorist speakers like George Galloway are allowed to spread their lies freely.

Then came the main attraction of the evening – Jenny Peto – the author of the notorious M.A. thesis in sociology, approved by OISE, which shows what cesspool of incompetence that faculty is.

She has that fiery look in her eyes that resembles Ayn Rand (but without Rand’s rationality in speaking). My advice to Ms. Peto is to fire her hairstylist; there are others in Toronto who are much better. Also, a university graduate like her probably can afford better clothes than the mismatched and ill-fitting set she was wearing. On the other hand, it’s true that the bad taste in clothes is a badge of honour among the leftists.

Anyway, she began with the explanation that she couldn’t summarize her thesis in the short time allocated for her speech. However, her major issue was the criticism of Zionism. People in Canada, including Jews like her, enjoy the white privilege, while people of colour are constantly discriminated (yeah, right, that’s why It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a white man to get a government job in Canada).

The Palestinians are in much worse situation and are assaulted and discriminated daily.

 In her thesis she wanted to put the Holocaust education into a new perspective, as a tool for affirming the white privileges, which the Jews are enjoying. She is not the only one who has criticized the treatment of the Holocaust, but she is targeted because she is a Palestinian activist who supports the boycott against Israel.

In her opinion, the Jewish community in Canada is predominantly conservative and homophobic. She was very upset about the reaction of the Provincial Parliament, which she considered an attempt to silence the critics of Israel. While her thesis is attacked, nobody goes against the Islamophobic and racist works that are published every year.

Judging from her whining, it looks like we live on different planets. To say that the pro-Muslim writers and activists are persecuted is a blatant lie. A negative opinion in the Parliament is not persecution, because it has no consequences. The Left controls most of the mainstream media in Canada. At the same time conservative authors and bloggers are harassed and taken to court and human rights commissions by religious fanatics and zealots of political correctness. They are forced to spend thousands of dollars to defend themselves, while those who sue them don’t spend a dime.

The cases of Mark Steyn and MacLeans magazine, Ezra Levant and the bloggers from Blazingcatfur, Five Feet of Fury, Small Dead Animals and others speak for themselves. At the same time no leftist or Muslim has ever been charged no matter how hateful and anti-Semitic their position is.

Peto went on to state that Canada is complacent in the Israeli apartheid. The purpose of the activists is to attack the power structure that creates censorship, with a special emphasis of disturbing and reducing the trade with Israel. She thought that the activists were accomplishing that task and that the Zionists were not winning. The pro-Israel lobby is getting desperate and the activists should keep fighting until they win.

The real fun started with the Q&A session. It turned out that pro-Israeli participants have “sneaked” in and were ready to ask some not so easy questions.

A white man was the first one to approach the microphone. While waiting for the moderator to formally open the session a black guy came behind him. True to her promise for “equity chairing” the moderator let the black guy speak first (it turned out he was Peto’s admirer). While he was speaking, a woman approached the microphone and then she was allowed to speak. The white guy was ignored again. At this moment he got upset and asked if he was invisible and that’s why she didn’t allow him to speak.

All questions came from people critical to the activists’ positions. And all of them were difficult questions. How would the panel explain the intifada violence right after the Palestinians were offered the biggest land deal ever? What about the Israeli universities where students from different nationalities and religions can learn together? Gays can serve in the Israeli army without problems, why doesn’t that happen in Iran? What is the definition of apartheid?

It was entertaining to watch the panellists avoiding the real answers and throwing clichés and slogans at the public.

However, there was a particular question that received a very interesting reply. Somebody asked Jenny Peto about the confrontation with her family and especially her brother over her views about the Jews.

She bluntly replied that her brother was a “right wing racist fanatic” and she had no regrets calling him that, although they were related.

That was such a precious display of revolutionary spirit, worthy of Stalin’s Soviet Union. Her insane cause was much more important than the family.

The whole situation resembles the story of Pavlik Morozov, a nasty Russian kid who took Stalin’s propaganda seriously. In the early 1930’s he used to report to the authorities on any deeds of his family he thought were anti-Soviet. In the end the family ganged up against him and killed him. Then the Communist party turned him into a martyr, erected his monuments everywhere and set up a propaganda machine to show how important it is to serve the Party instead of you family.

I am far from suggesting that Jenny Peto’s conflict with her family would end up this way. All I am saying that the Left is the same as it has always been – they always demand that you abandon your traditional values that keep the society from disintegrating and follow some bizarre ideas, which will hurt everybody.

In a way, it was a sad event. Very few Arabs showed up, although they were supposed to be the target group the lefties were “fighting” for. None of them could give a rational answer to any of the inconvenient questions that some people asked. Yet the organizers and their followers will probably continue living in their clouds of delusions.


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  1. Blazingcatfur says:

    Good work!

    1. admiwrath says:

      That was nice to hear.

  2. Richard says:

    Excellent coverage.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I appreciate it.

  3. Josephine says:

    Thank you for this comprehensive report!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you.

  4. Rochelle Michaels says:

    Thank you BlogWrath.

    I know how hard it is to sit through performances by drama queens and especially hard to write about it.

    Your article is a great summary…

    Thank you!


    1. admiwrath says:

      That’s true, but the presence of few rational people among the audience made things more interesting.

  5. marit says:

    Channel Sakura, a conservative Internet TV broadcaster had recently a very interesting discussion about Japan as a potential nuclear-armed nation.


    During the discussion, Hideaki Kase (a Japanese diplomatic critic, a cousin of Yoko Ono), one of the panellists said:

    “ I believe we must take Israel as a model of Japan although it is a small state with 7 million population. Israel is very close to the United States, but has no alliance treaty with USA. If Israel had a treaty with US, then the people would depend on it.”

    I totally agree with him. Japan must learn from Israel, a country that shows unending determination to defend its nation and the people.

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