Thousands of Torontonians Walk with Israel


JDL is ready to march...


The sunny and warm Victoria Day was perfect for this year’s UJA Walk With Israel event. This very popular initiative of the United Jewish Appeal attracts every year many thousands of people and brings in massive donations, which help fund many social and educational projects in Israel (mostly in Sderot, Eilat and Bat Yam).

The event is also an opportunity for many people to show their support for the most maligned and blackmailed country in the world, which is in reality the only beacon of democracy and progress in the Middle East.

Last year I missed the walk (and it was my first time to attend), so I was really surprised to see the huge number of people willing to walk (probably well over 10,000). It was a pleasure to be among so many happy and cheerful people. The experience definitely beat any Palestinian rally, where the somber participants can get excited only if somebody tells them how the next year they are going to take over “Al-Quds” and destroy the “Zionist Entity”.

Of course, even this walk didn’t avoid that type of people (more about this later).


We are already in the park


After meeting at Exhibition Place, we walked to the nearby park, already crowded, with thousands of people walking around.


The park is already crowded



Flags, people and signs


From the stage they announced the names of the politicians, who were present. We were greeted by Amir Gissin, the Consul General of Israel in Toronto:


Israeli Consul Amir Gissin


You could see people from dozens of organizations, carrying their signs, slogans and flags:



Even the Conservative Party had its representatives walking with Israel (for some reason I couldn’t find the NDP guys in the crowd):


Conservatives walk with Israel (no sign of Libby Davies)


And of course, SUN TV was there as well:




During the last few days I have been stumbling upon Muslim and gay events, dominated by hijabs and men in dresses, so it was nice for a change to see the real girls from Sole Power Productions singing and having fun:


The Sole Power truck show...


After the speeches ended and a young boy sang Hatikvah in a very touching way, we were ready to start the walk:


The walk has begun...



Everybody's walking...


The young people and the students kept chanting and singing:


Happy, shiny people...


Soon we reached the downtown area:


The downtown walk...


The whole itinerary was secured and well guarded by the Toronto Police. As I mentioned earlier, very rarely can you see an Israel-related event without a bunch of haters showing up. This walk wasn’t an exception.


It's nothing personal - we just want to spoil your walk


We came across a small group of deluded people trying to make their point. Basically, that was the same pathetic bunch of self-hating professional protesters, who never miss the opportunity to bash Israel (without a single Muslim among them). Their signs preached the same tired suicidal agenda, like ending the free trade between Canada and Israel; demolishing the wall; ending the imaginary apartheid, etc.

The police officers guarding them vastly outnumbered the “revolutionaries”. Members of JDL-Canada stopped their walk to confront them.


Do you really want to get rid of Israel?


It was a great verbal exchange, which the rest of the participants cheered while passing by. The confrontation didn’t change the mood as the walk continued:


The students walk...



The truck show is still going strong...



Crossing the street...


We passed two small parks where we could get more water, some snacks and see even more happy people in a great mood:


"Bounce with Israel"


It was a very long walk (I was told about 10 km) and the amazing accomplishment was that so many elderly people and small children managed to finish it despite the heat at noon. After we made a full circle and returned to Exhibition Place, there was a nice surprise waiting for us.


Neturei Karta's travelling comedy show


The crazy rabbis from Neturei Karta had assembled their own mini-rally. I stumbled upon them for the first time at the G20 summit a few years back. At the time they looked to me like a bad sketch from a CBC comedy, but soon I found out they were absolutely serious about their doctrine. As you can see in their display, they claim that the Jews are forbidden to have their state and Israel doesn’t represent the world Jewry. What takes the cake is the statement that the “Torah demands all Palestine be returned to Palestinian Sovereignty”. I wonder where in the Torah they speak about the fake Palestinian nation and its “representatives” PLO and Hamas. Does the Torah endorse the “Palestinian” flag they are displaying as well?

Those guys are even more suicidal than the BDS and Israeli Apartheid Week folks. It’s no wonder Ahmadinejad is always happy when they visit him in Tehran.


JDL confronts the crazy rabbis


Again, the Jewish Defense League took upon itself the task to make their rally more difficult than planned. The heated verbal exchange went on for almost half an hour with no signs of Neturei Karta changing their minds.

And it didn’t look like they could win any converts for their cause either. The people passing them by were laughing, taking pictures, and some even tried to explain to them why what they were doing was wrong. A few times some of the rabbis tried to mingle with the crowd, but the police that surrounded them stopped them each and every time (I guess for the sake of their own safety).

All in all, the event was excellent, despite the fact that my face went beet-red because of sunburn. Even the haters, who tried to disrupt the walk, were important for its success – the insane ideas, which they promote make you realize even better why unity and solidarity in the face of all destructive forces (Islamism, leftism or plain stupidity) are the only chance of Israel’s survival in this crazy world.

I hope to see even more people joining the walk next year. (And yes, Neturei Karta are welcome to show up again.)

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  1. Anne says:

    Great photos as usual. Thanks for going and taking pictures and posting!

  2. SM ISAC says:

    HaTikvah always brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for the nice coverage from the beginning to the end. My first time. With better arch support, I will hopefully be able to complete the walk next year.

  3. Dave says:

    Lucky we have the JDL to protect us from rabbis and old, silent protesters. What brave lads they are – what would we do without them?

    1. Zaza says:

      Answer to Dave:
      Dave, you would do what you do now. NOTHING!
      What Dave does not mention here is, that these old ladies and rabbis are responsible for orginizing massive protests and fundraising millions for Flotillas and boycots against Israel.
      We don’t claim to be “brave”. We do what we can, and others sit home and watch it happen on thier big screens.

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    Thanks Admiwrath. Without your faithful coverage, we would never know that these rallies in support of our Israeli friends is happening.

    At least, we would never see this on the news.

  5. Daniel Moshe Johnson says:

    Shalom, sorry I could not make it out to this event.
    For the record, it’s time that Jews here in Canada,
    namely Toronto and surrounding at the moment put aside
    their differences concerning the Jewish Defense League.

    Contrary to some ideas that are out there, this group comprises
    of professional responsible adults, many of which are involved in
    the public and private sector of business and even civil positions,
    such as teachers, mentors, real estate etc…

    Yes, many of the members have motorcycles, so does the Police,and
    if you wish to draw a conclusion based upon an assumption or precomposed supposition based upon a stereo prototype, then you are blind to the reality. The reality, is that when Moses sent spies into the new land of Israel, these spies came from all walks of Jewish life at the time, which was basically composed of a caravan of tribes of Jews on the run, that banned together against horrific situations.

    Why should that time differ from now, for the Jews outside modern day Israel, are in a sense, on the run, many from the Torah, many from observance, many for financial advantages, but all from Haggadah!

    I know Israel is difficult to live financially unless you are fortunate in business, and let me guess, many of you feel secured here. In a film, marlon Brando played Don Corleaone, and said in the Godfather, “you found paradise in America, and there was courts of law to protect you, and therefore you didn’t need a friend like me, the response, I didn’t want to get into trouble”

    Well, in case you didn’t know, you were born in trouble, as the Christian Theologians call it, “the birth pangs of Jacob”. Many of you are content,
    you have your secular lives and assimilation hides you from the issues of the Middle East, and if Israel goes as a State, you will continue to live as if it didn’t happen peacefully here in Canada.

    I beg to differ, one day you may need a friend like JDL, and that day is today, because we are judged on our ability to assemble, form and stand as one, not left nor right, but tight! As a former international athlete, I found through the physics of basketball, that anyone on a single team must adapt similar principles, approaches and disciplines pertaining to defense, because one defended is never offended by any attempt.

    Ami Yisrael Chai

    Daniel Moshe Johnson

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