How a Lefty Japanese Newspaper Bribes Its Subscribers

Asahi is a major national newspaper in Japan. There is not much good to say about it, because it is a cross between Toronto Star and Pravda. The positions it holds could hardly be described as supportive to all the challenges Japan faces from its bully neighbours China and the two Koreas. The failing readership is handled in a different way than in Canada. While Toronto Star provides free copies to universities and hospitals to simulate large circulation, Asahi tries to keep the paid subscription base.

The result appears to be the same, because Asahi spends a pretty penny (or rather yen) to bribe its subscribers. Unlike Time Magazine, which used to send me, while I was subscribing to it, the cheapest of the cheap Chinese watches, Asahi is more generous. For a monthly subscription (which costs about $30 per month) you can get a hefty supply of beer or a few months supply of laundry detergent.

Since my relatives have been loyal customers for a while, this time they got a three large packs of “Smile Mama” toilet paper and a few boxes of Kleenex-type tissue.


The socialist bribe

Who said that supporting a lefty doesn’t pay?

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    If the Toronto Czar (er, ‘Star’) or the Globe and Mail were to buy me a new Rolex, I would happily subscribe. At least I could save money toilet tissue.

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