Israeli Medics Help Japan

Israel was the first country to offer help to Japan less than an hour after one of the strongest recorded earthquakes followed by tsunami devastated parts of the country. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the Japanese government with his offer for assistance.

Of course, you can find that reported in the Western mainstream media, at the time they were more interested in the propaganda of the Palestinian terrorism (under the code name Israeli Apartheid Week).

Shortly after the offer was made, Israel sent a delegation, which included 50 medical staff and 18 tons of aid for the victims of the disaster. Israel was the first country to send medical aid. The medics set up their field hospital in Kurihara, in Miyagi prefecture.

The country delivered 10,000 coats, 6,000 blankets and several thousand pairs of gloves. It also sent 300 Geiger counters to help monitoring the increased levels of radiation after the nuclear plant disaster. The counters were supplied by Rotem Industries, a firm that supplies technology to Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona (I wonder if they are on the lefties’ boycott list).

Without any doubt, the help will be highly appreciated by the Japanese people. No need to deliver the goods in unmarked containers (something the Muslim fanatics in Pakistan wanted done for the US aid).

Hopefully, the Japanese mainstream media would learn something from those events. They are notorious for their bias against Israel, based mostly on ignorance and partially influenced by the Palestinian lies.

It is a surprise to those journalists that the help came from a highly developed and prosperous country, which owes everything to the labour and ingenuity of its people. Israel is not the military camp they erroneously believe it is.

Even the poor people from Kandahar, Afghanistan, after being abused and killed for decades by Taliban savages, found a way to collect donations to help Japan.

No help is coming from the Hamas and PLO terrorists (although they have more than enough money). Neither the rich and lazy Gulf Arabs are sending anything (they didn’t send anything to Pakistan either). Wait, I forgot, there is not a single Arab university capable of educating specialists qualified to work in the difficult conditions in Japan. The oil money buys all the engineers, teachers, drivers, and slaves needed in the Gulf. Too bad you can’t export them.

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  1. Just Curious says:

    So what is your point?

    That the expeditious Israeli response to a disaster is somehow directly indicative of the inherent selfish wickedness of all muslims?

    Try to be objective. No one is blameless, most quintessentially in politics.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The point is very clear – the rich Arab countries have never helped a nation after a natural disaster. Countries like Saudi Arabia only help to spread Wahabism and fanaticism. Can I be more objective than that?

    2. SM ISAC says:

      “Try to be objective” Here’s my observation based on the report:
      1. Israel is at the forefront in providing humanitarian aids abroad as well as protecting its own citizens. They value life.
      2. Often it is poor people who understand and value human compassion, who extend their help to those in need.
      3. Arab Muslims in position of power like Hamas and Saudi Wahabbis do not respect or value life: they are neither willing nor able to help others as they are obsessed and driven by power-hate-need to control.

  2. ???????????? says:

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