Only in Japan – Jesus Christ Runs the Tokyo Marathon

The Tokyo Marathon is a unique event, where many of the participants appear to show off the creativity they put into their costumes and don’t care much about any athletic achievements.

In this year’s marathon we could see Jesus Christ:


Jesus Christ at the Tokyo Marathon


He appeared last year as well:


Jesus Christ appears again


Strangely, Mohammed, Islam’s “prophet” was missing from the competition – maybe people were too afraid that some psychotic Muslim may stab anybody who dared to appear in Old Mo’s costume (although in Japan psychotic Muslims are under control and political correctness is a virtually unknown concept). Besides, unlike the crazy Muslim fanatics, the Christians have a sense humour.

Still, there was a running hotdog:


The fastest hotdog in the world

Spiderman dropped by as well:



Spiderman is tired


A dazzling tranny:



And another one follows him/her/it:


The essence of seduction...


And who knows what this is:



Japan – as crazy as always.


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  1. SM ISAC says:

    A banana and a panda.

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