Saudi Muslim Savage Destroys Precious Buddha Statues in Japan

Saudi Arabia is the barbaric kingdom of the most fanatical Islam. That country gave us the terrorists, who destroyed the World Trade Center. Their passionate love for camel erotica gave us a new deadly disease – MERS – spread by contact between people and camels. Using their dirty oil money, they are exporting Muslim fanaticism all over the world.

It looks like they are already opening a jihad shop in Japan. Although the country is weary of immigrants and Muslims in particular, it seems that the greed of corporations that want more customers has lowered the guard of the Japanese government. It was just reported that a Muslim savage from Saudi Arabia has destroyed several medieval statues of Buddha, which had been declared national treasures. The Japanese were shocked, but if they did their homework, they would’ve known that when you allow Muslim fanatics in your country, you can expect them to destroy anything that doesn’t comply with the ramblings of the sadistic pedophile Mohammed (especially when the Muslims come from the homeland of the pedophile).

I hope this is a warning that the Japanese would take seriously – it shows what expects them in the future when they allow Muslim barbarians to immigrate to their country. If Japan imports enough of them, they will destroy all Buddha statues and force their murderous cult on everybody.

Here is the video:

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Perhaps this will give the Japanese pause for thought the next time they allow one of these misogynistic savages into their country.

  2. Deen says:

    I am also muslim. Islam severely warns & prohibits these kind of activities. Islam says “True muslims are those people who are not disturbing his neighbours by words/actions and any means”. This is really stupid breaking statue of other religion n hurt the feelings of many followers of buddha. Just put him in jail n give him severe punishment.

    1. True Scotsman says:

      How convenient is it that when a Muslim does something bad, it’s because he’s not ‘true’ Muslim…

      1. admiwrath says:

        They are always innocent!

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