Tokyo Confronts the Chinese Bully


Tokyo protests against China


The sign is more than clear


A fascinating event took place in Tokyo last December. It was a demonstration against the Chinese provocation in the Senkaku islands area and the clumsy way in which the Japanese government dealt with it. Last summer a Chinese “fishing boat” confronted vessels of the Japanese coast guard. The captain was arrested, which made China furious and it demanded apology and compensation. The Japanese government caved in and released him without any further action.

The organizer was Gambare Nippon, an action committee for Japan.

Several thousand people gathered at one of the large Tokyo parks carrying Japanese flags. The demonstration was peaceful, the organizers specifically asked the participants to keep order. That wasn’t necessary, because the people were peaceful anyway.

All they used to make their point were posters and signs.








This was in sharp contrast with the anti-Japanese demonstrations in China organized because of the same incident, where they damaged Japanese restaurants and burned Japanese flags.


Burning of a Japanese flag in China


China's "civilized" protest

Every participant brought a flag and you could see a sea of Japanese flags were at the Tokyo demonstration (although I saw some Tibetan flags as well).

Then the participants marched through the streets of Tokyo, greeted and cheered by the people in the streets. There was no violence or hostility shown whatsoever, although they passed by few Chinese restaurants.

It seems that the ordinary people in Japan are waking up to the troubling realities in the region. China has for a long time had ambitions to take control over its neighbours. The only thing stopping it was that it didn’t have the technology and power to do it, but that is changing quickly with the huge profits from the low-priced stuff, with which they are flooding the West.

This is the reason for the confrontation over the Senkaku Islands. Until Koga Tatushiro, a Japanese citizen, explored them in 1884, these unpopulated islands did not belong to any country. In 1895, after a thorough survey conducted by the Japanese government, Japan decided to acquire the Senkaku Islands and that fact was recognized under the international law. In 1969 the UN Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East (ECAFE) released a report that possibly there were rich resources of oil and natural gas near the islands. Following that, in 1971 China claimed sovereignty over the islands.

The fishing boat incident was a deliberate provocation from China. For everybody who has even the faintest idea about how a Communist government operates it is clear that a fishing boat’s crew would never confront military vessels on its own initiative. The whole incident was carefully orchestrated by the Chinese government to play the victim card (although it backfired).



Tibetan flag at the Tokyo demonstration


Marching in the streets of Tokyo


A patriotic dog


Another patriotic dog




Even the USA has recognized recently the danger of China’s new military ambitions. China has been hostile toward its neighbours for a long time. It annexed Tibet and is mistreating the Uyghur population of Xinjian. It has been the only powerful supporter of Kim Jong-Il’s murderous regime in North Korea. It fought with Vietnam in 1979. It also has been a permanent threat to Taiwan, constantly meddling into their affairs and preventing them from participating in international events under the country’s real name. The Communist Party even organized the cyber attacks against major Western websites in the last few years.

They fight the dissidents and imprison them, like the latest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Liu Xiaobo. On the issue of the latter China had an ugly confrontation with Norway – an experience that the tree-hugging European liberals are not used to. After all, they have always been supporting the monstrous Chairman Mao. Even John Lennon and Yoko Ono praised him in an interview for doing a “good job”.

Now China is turning into an extremely arrogant bully, which the world cannot afford to ignore.

The Chinese actions against Japan are also on the rise. China is still trying to play the role of a victim, although the realities have changed long time ago. Japan has gone a long way from World War II turning itself into a (too) peaceful country, while China is just starting to develop its imperialistic ambitions in earnest.

According to a secret document titled “Communist Party Phase II Operational Directive for Liberation of Japan” found by a Japanese scholar in 1972, in the 1960’s the Chinese Communist Party adopted a long-term program for “liberation” (colonization) of Japan with three major phases: establishing diplomatic relations to increase its influence in Japan (1st phase); establishing a leftist government (2nd phase); execution of the Emperor (the symbol of the Japanese values) as a 3rd phase. They have advanced significantly in implementing that plan. China has already established diplomatic relations and is buying land in Japan to be controlled by the Chinese government, while no foreigners are allowed to buy property in China.

They have supported numerous leftist organizations (often through North Korea as a frontman) whose purpose is to undermine the traditional values in Japan.

They also try to increase their influence over the Japanese media. China’s official television CCTV (controlled by the Communist party) managed to establish strong ties with NHK, the Japanese public television. Their headquarters are located in the NHK building in Tokyo. NHK is funded by the public – every owner of TV is forced to pay a monthly fee regardless of whether he or she watches their programs. NHK is avoiding any topics, which may offend China.

The current Japanese government doesn’t help the situation either. It was formed by the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), an heir of the very leftist Social-Democratic Party of Japan. It is supported by the Japanese Trade Union Confederation and the notorious Japan Teachers’ Union. Its leaders have a record of opposing the traditions of the country, for example they were against the law that would give more respect to the Japanese national flag and anthem.

Naoto Kan, the current Prime Minister, during the opening of a national radio show in 2002 refused to stand up and sing the national anthem with the other participants. After the insistence of the host he finally stood up, but still refused to sing it.

In 2003 Tomiko Okazaki, the current National Police Commissioner of Japan, made an official trip to South Korea. While there, she joined an anti-Japanese demonstration and made a speech. She used an official government car to get there.

Yoshito Sengoku, the Chief Cabinet Secretary who handled the provocation is not better either. He made his career as a leftist union lawyer, who heavily contributed to Kan’s political campaigns.



Yoshito Sengoku thinking

That government was totally unprepared to deal with China’s arrogance. And China knew that. That caused the wide disapproval of the people of Japan. It even made some to ridicule the government reaction as in the picture below showing the Chinese government spokeswoman Jiang Yu riding Sengoku.

sengoku jiang yu

The current Constitution of Japan doesn’t help either. Drafted by the Americans after the war, its purpose was to prevent Japan from becoming an imperialist force again. Its defence was put entirely under US control. Nobody thought at the time that one day China would become the local imperialist force.

Now, with the increase of its national debt, the USA becomes more and more dependent on China. In few short years the interest paid on the debt to China would help them rearm the army, which will put in danger not only the other countries in the region, but also the Americans themselves.

The way the Japanese army (officially called Japanese Defence Forces) operates under the constitution is ridiculous. They are severely limited in their use of weapons. During a previous incident at the Senkaku islands, the army confronted the Chinese by forming a live wall. It is just a matter of time before China takes advantage of that and commits a military assault against Japan, since China has never been bound by any moral considerations.

The government pretends that there is no problem. Any criticism of the situation is suppressed so that not to offend the Chinese. In 2008 Toshio Tomogami, then Chief of Staff of Japan’s Air Self-Defence Force published a controversial essay, in which among other things he pointed out that the Japanese army under the current rules won’t be able to defend the country. Only a month later he was fired from his position.


Toshio Tomogami speaks at the demonstration

According to my sources, China plans a new action near the islands (in the middle of this year). Some people claim that they may use prisoners condemned to death to physically attack the Japanese coast guards. If any of them is killed or injured, that would serve as an excuse for the Chinese army to intervene.

The anti-Japanese sentiments are carefully kept alive. Despite the fact that Japan hasn’t taken a single action against China, the Chinese government sponsors demonstrations during which Japanese flags are burned and Japanese restaurants are looted. This could hardly be considered “anger of the ordinary people”, with its total control over society, the Chinese Communist Party could easily suppress such demonstrations.

Japan as well as the USA are at a crossroad with regard to the situation in the area. The growing military power of China endangers everybody.

It’s time that the leading Japanese politicians get off of the rosy clouds and face the reality. The old liberal illusions of reaching a long-lasting world peace are dead, even though the Japanese Left hasn’t noticed that yet. Years ago they could safely ignore such a situation, because the world was clearly divided into two large camps and every provocation could have easily sparked a world war. Now the world is much more fragmented and every country can start its own conflict without facing any consequences.

With all of its problems, the USA would not be able or capable to stand up against China.

Japan must take its defence more seriously if it is to survive in this hostile world.


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