Tokyo’s Akihabara in February

A few pictures from a recent visit to Tokyo. Even though it is February, the winter in Japan is mild (I guess the zealots will blame it on the global warming). There is no snow, and the other day, the temepeature went up to 19 degrees Celsius. The photos are from Akihabara, a quarter of Tokyo, dominated by electronics and games stores. It is a true nerds’ Mecca.

tokyo-akihabara-1tokyo-akihabara-2tokyo-akihabara-3tokyo-akihabara-4tokyo-akihabara-5tokyo-akihabara-6tokyo-akihabara-7© 2017

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  1. Vardit Feldman says:

    Very interesting and colourful pics Thanks for posting them! Hope you guys are having a lovely time!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you, Vardit.

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