“Bully Blogger” Puts the Angelic Bernie Farber in His Right Place

Bernie Farber has been engaged for a while in a Twitter war with those, who don’t agree with his views, calling them “bully bloggers.” The advantage of Twitter is that it gives you the opportunity to throw 140-letter insults without the need to justify your positions. That suits perfectly the teenage airheads and people like Mr. Farber, who lack arguments to engage in a meaningful discussion. Shooting out insults or empty slogans is a much better strategy for those people.

After the JSpace conference last Sunday, dominated by shady characters, whose views about Israel don’t differ that much from the position of PLO, Mr. Farber tweeted that Peter Beinart, the star speaker, confronted JDL-Canada:

2013-10-08 19_48_19-Twitter _ BernieFarber

If he really heard what Beinart said (which was filmed) he may not sound that happy. Beinart’s idea that all the legal framework on which Israel exists should be abandoned, could have catastrophic consequences for the country. That should have Mr. Farber worried, unless he agrees with that, of course.

Next he uses the respected free speech and human rights advocate Alan Borovoy to attack the “bully” Ezra Levant:

2013-10-08 20_02_47-Bernie M. Farber (BernieFarber) on Twitter

Then he made the regular attack against all “bully bloggers”:

2013-10-08 20_03_20-Bernie M. Farber (BernieFarber) on Twitter

I am not that familiar with the Jewish theology, so I will take Mr. Farber’s statement at face value. Muslim militants and terrorists, who die actively “criticizing” unbelievers and “bullies” who speak against them, reside in heaven with 72 virgins. Mr. Farber, who slams “bully bloggers”, resides with angels right now. I can’t help but notice the similarity.

Obviously, misusing the Jewish theology for promotion of the very fake “genocide” against the Indians in Canada is not that well accepted. One of the “bully bloggers” – Laura Rosen Cohen – is fed up with Mr. Farber’s antics and is not afraid to put him in his place:

“Bully Blogger” means ‘shut up, you’re making me look bad as I gun for an Order of Canada or a position as Canada’s new Human Rights Commissioner“.

Well, this “Bully Blogger” comes from suburban Toronto.

The same geographical area exactly that Mr. Lefty Angel comes from and I took personal delight in voting Conservative in my area.

Therefore, let’s review:

“Dark Place” Conservatives and Bully Bloggers: 1

Leftist Genocide-Pimping Jew: 0

So, gather round, my little pretties, and let me tell you what TikkunOlam means.

“Tikkun Olam” literally translates from the Hebrew as ‘repairing the world’.

That has a very biblical base to it.

You can read the rest here.

My prediction is that Mr. Farber is going to throw at her another 140-letter insult. Meaningful discussion is not his cup of tea.

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  1. Vardit Feldman says:

    I do read Bernie’s tweets and I do find them amusing.. I used to debate with him until I thought… what the hell for? What good does it do me? Therefore, I never mix in anymore in what he tweets. As for him giving Laura a comeback.. he may not- because I think even Bernie knows when to quit.

  2. Beers says:

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