JDL-Canada Organizes a Counter-Protest at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto, July 2014



JDL-Canada held a counter-protest against the pro-Hamas rally on July 11. The event was attended by many Jews and supporters of the state of Israel. Chanting and singing under the sounds of music, the participants held Canadian and Israeli flags. In their speeches Meir Weinstein and Julius Suraski talked about the problems Israel is facing now after being attacked by hundreds of Hamas rockets. Weinstein expressed his conviction that the country will successfully defend itself and thrive, despite the attempts of the Arab extremists to destroy it.


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  1. Cheryl Erland says:

    I am dismayed about this protest. Ignorance flourishes as a misled public is sold American and Israeli propaganda instead of being told the truth about current events. It does not take much checking to find it. Miko Piled, a Jewish Israeli whose father was a General in the Jewish Army, speaks about the truth and can be easily found on Youtube.
    I am not Jewish but would be writing these words if I were. And I cannot imagine that any good person who discovers the truth would disagree. Those souls, Jewish and others, who were slaughtered in the Holocaust, are surely yelling out that one evil act does not condone another or make this current Holocaust any less brutal for the innocent victims.
    If you really want to know what is going on, look for yourselves and don’t just accept the version you are handed. If there has ever been a time for critical thinking, it is now. The world must change and hatred must go.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The hatred generated by a murderous cult like Islam must go first. The kapo traitor Miko Pelad and clueless people like you are the most reliable helpers of the Muslim barbarians, who are planning the next Holocaust. Stop making a fool of yourself by posting idiotic comments. Have you ever lived in Judea and Samaria?

      1. Cheryl Erland says:

        That is exactly the sort of response I’d have expected. And it is difficult to blindly lay fault with people who are indoctrinated with information that is less than factual from the time they were school children. It does not change what is true. Hatred, like the sort expressed by you at me, will never solve the discord between humans. You don’t need to be there to learn what is really going on. I’ve had to let go of many beliefs held as truths because I made the decision to stop just accepting what is put in front of me and, instead, dig for the truth. How can you defend what is being done to innocent Palestinian children in the name of horrors committed against Jews in the first Holocaust? Your anger will not detract me, or many others whose eyes are finally opening, to the need for the killing to stop. In Israel and everywhere else.
        I am not making a fool of myself by daring to speak the truth. Evil is evil, wherever it is found.

      2. admiwrath says:

        Your meaningless generalities don’t help anybody – the evil perpetrated by Muslims over the centuries and especially in a last few decades overshadows everything that the Jews have ever done. Your relativist position helps a cult that despises our civilization. You have the right to maintain your delusions, but don’t expect everybody to share them. I’d suggest you continue the discussion in a PLO or Hamas blog, they’ll appreciate your views.

      3. Cheryl Erland says:

        I neglected to comment on something specific you said and that is the reference to “Muslim barbarians” who are planning the next Holocaust. Your mind is made up it seems and you are not interested in letting go of preconceived notions in favour of accurate information but I hope others will read this and see that there is no “next” Holocaust. The second one is underway right now and it is being committed by Zionist Jews against Palestinians. Jewish people are not the only ones who have been unfairly slaughtered as the result of a climate of unexamined and preconceived hatred. Two wrongs will never make a right.

      4. admiwrath says:

        “The second one is underway right now and it is being committed by Zionist Jews against Palestinians.”

        Western medicine has some good medications to help your condition.

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