JDL-Canada to Confront a Toronto Anti-Semitic Rally on August 10



Tomorrow, August 10, the usual suspects – extreme Muslims, equally extreme lefties and a few Jewish kapos – are going to hold a large anti-Semitic rally in Toronto in front of the Israeli Consulate, 180 Bloor Street West (I’ll tell you in a moment why I think it’s anti-Semitic). JDL-Canada and many other people are going to confront the rally at 2:00 p.m.

A new twist is the involvement of the US Consulate. For a first time ever, they issued a warning to the US citizens not to visit the area for the sake of their safety. The letter states that over 8,000 anti-Israeli protesters are expected. I am skeptical about the number – as of this writing, the event’s Facebook page boasts about 1,000 attendees, which usually means that fewer people will show up. Even if the mosque buses take to the event all veiled gargoyles under the threat of being “tapped” with sticks for disobedience, they still may not make 8,000. The important thing is that Barry Hussein’s administration treats Toronto as a dangerous third world joint (maybe Barry would secretly shed a tear of joy seeing that his people in Toronto are already a force to be reckoned with.)

Thanks to the invention of the politically correct Jew Mark Zuckerberg, the anti-Semites now can freely post their thoughts on Facebook. It is very enlightening to see what they post about this event. A few days ago they had a large rally on Dundas Square in Toronto, also promoted on Facebook.

It was the same rally, where one of the leaders of Palestine House (Ontario’s most prominent terrorist nest) openly called for an intifada to be started in Israel and in the Palestinian diaspora, which was a plain call for terrorism in Canada. His speech was applauded by the prominent union bosses Sid Ryan and Fred Hahn.

After I noted the anti-Semitic posts in the event’s promotion, which included a Starbucks blood-label themed post, a Muslim Sherlock Holmes from Mississauga (IP: noted:

I like how you snapped a pic of that antisemitic comment on Facebook a mere 17 minutes after it was posted, almost as if you posted it yourself to prove your own case. Well played, blogwrath.

If somebody has studied at a madrassah, he may not know that it is not hard to find who posted what and from where on the Internet. But that’s not the point – the actual issue is that in Canada Muslims can’t swing in full force (yet). They can shoot, cut heads and hands, rape and maim in other ways their enemies in the Middle East (with Israel as the only country that consistently resists them, which makes them madder). At this point lies and slander is the best they can do here (with occasional beating of Jews and Christians). A very good illustration of how they think is the speech of their activist Eva Bartlett at the latest Al-Quds rally in Toronto. She is a fine specimen of that type of human garbage:

I will comment again on their vicious anti-Semitic event planned for tomorrow, based on what they post on the Facebook page trying to energize their followers. I am sure that the retarded version of Sherlock Holmes from Mississauga would try to blame it on me again.

While several wars have been raging in the Middle East for years, with hundreds of thousands of people killed, the organizers of the event are obsessed with depriving Israel from the right to self-defence. Of course, the universal pictorial language of cartoons is used. The evil Mossad is taking over the USA by placing a menorah in the hand of the Statue of Liberty:

2014-08-04 12_05_56-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchNetanyahu is smirking above, but here he is caught and charged as a “war criminal” and even looks like Hitler:

2014-08-04 12_07_47-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchAnd the evil Jews determine how the USA sees the world:

2014-08-04 12_06_49-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchThe poster of those cartoons, “Malik Bey,” is the most active member on the event page, which tells you how important his views are. Just like the other piece of garbage, Eva Bartlett, he is proud of his views and states: “ZIONISTS ARE NEO NAZI TERRORIST PIGS AND SCUM.” That tells you enough about the kind of people, who will show up tomorrow.

2014-08-04 11_59_26-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchNaturally, in his view, there are no more real Jews – all that’s left are the pale-skinned Khazars, who are the usurpers in Israel. Anybody, who disagrees with his opinion, is a “JDL agent.”

2014-08-04 12_01_31-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & march1He is even ready to prove it through another “article”:

2014-08-05 15_01_19-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchDamn, even Scarlett and Woody are not real Jews!

But the spokesman for the “Out of Gaza” event has even more to offer to his bloodthirsty comrades in their struggle against the Jews. The anti-Semite is about to receive albums with the pictures and bios of Jews, who defended Israel, so that they could be tried in the future by the Muslim sadists:

2014-08-04 12_05_02-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchThe Hamas terrorists are ready and willing to try their enemies with the help of the docile western lefties:

2014-08-05 14_58_42-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchThe comparison between the Israeli military and the Hitlerists continues below. Naturally, it never comes to his mind that the Muslim terrorists are the ones deserving prosecution. However, as long as world organizations and political parties are governed by airheads like Ban and Justin Trudeau, the Muslim murderers can sleep at night undisturbed.

2014-08-05 14_59_50-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchAs you can see, those evil people are free to spread their threats, anti-Semitism and hatred any way they want.

There are no repercussions.

There is no backlash from the media.

Very soon they will start killing their opponents and the media would shrug it off, just as they did it in Theo van Gogh’s case: it’s bad, but if he didn’t enrage the Muslims, he would’ve been alive. Gradually, the mainstream media prepares us for the acceptance of Islam, the world’s most repulsive and violent cult.

Tomorrow’s event is not just about Israel – the destruction of Israel is simply a tiny step toward the establishment of Islam’s supremacy in the West. Acknowledging the danger and confronting it is crucial, if we want to survive as a civilization.

The least we can do is to attend a rally and confront the barbarity. Sure, it is not going to change the world, but it will show the Muslim thugs and their lefty sidekicks that people are not willing to surrender. They don’t want to live in a medieval society with stonings, genital mutilation, paying taxes for not being Muslim and all other consequences, which follow when a civilized country falls under the blows of Muslim savagery.

Let’s make a stand tomorrow.

Let’s show that Canada is not going to surrender.


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  1. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    We are at a 3.2% Muslim population in Canada. Probably 5% in Toronto. And already all these people are openly supporting Muslim terrorist groups in Canada. I shudder what will happen in 20 years.

    1. admiwrath says:

      If we don’t do anything now, we will have Muslim terrorists running the City Hall.

  2. bill says:

    when you vote for hamas you are voting for evil. when you vote for hamas you are supporting hate.
    when you vote for hamas you are supporting human rights.
    vote for stability, vote for sanity not for hamas

    1. admiwrath says:

      I wish they could hear you in Gaza.

  3. SM ISAC says:

    Eva Bartlett calls for “resistance by all means necessary” meaning intifada. Bartlett says she follows in the footstep of Rachel Corrie of ISM(International Solidarity Movement) who got herself accidentally killed while playing chicken with huge army bulldozers in war zone. Her pal Joseph Smith the photographer later stated her death was well worth it to advance their cause. He produced doctored photos to make the fake claims of Israeli atrocities, and Corrie herself played with dead bodies while producing those photos.

    Bartlett calls Zafar Bangash her dear friend. By extension she must adore the Ayatollah Khomeini. To me, these individuals represent the very faces of evil roaming about on this planet.

  4. Michael says:

    You know the JDL is classified as a terrorist group in both the U.S. and Israel, right?

    1. admiwrath says:

      It’s pathetic when dhimmi Jews slander those who fight Muslim barbarism. Don’t parade your ignorance – JDL-Canada is one of the few organizations that takes a stand in Canada.

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