Meir Kahane – Still Right After All These Years

Every country has personalities, who possess such a high power of perception that they can easily see through the collective delusions of the masses and the politicians. Those who can’t deal with their truths and warnings, think that by ignoring or shunning them they’ll make the unpleasant truths go away. However, the reality keeps reminding of itself.

Rabbi Meir Kahane is one of those personalities. It has been almost 23 years since he was murdered, yet the problems he foresaw still keep haunting Israel and the Jewry. Many tried to snub his vision – he was ignored, ridiculed and blackmailed. The problems remain and the grim future he painted becomes more and more possible, if nothing is done. An upcoming event is going to remind us about his work.

There will be a Rabbi Meir Kahane Memorial, organized by JDL-Canada, on Monday, November 21, 7:30pm – 9:00pm (Toronto Zionist Center, 788 Marlee Avenue, Toronto).

The event will feature the guest speakers Mark Vandermass (Founder – Israel Truth Week); Salomon Benzimra (Author and Lecturer on Israel’s Legal Rights), and Shobie Kapoor (Canadian Patriotic Society). A special feature will be a telephone link to Israel with Shmuel Sackett, assistant to MK Moishe Feiglin, Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, to discuss current trends and threats in Israeli politics.


Why is Rabbi Kahane still important? Last year in Israel I bought a book about him, which dealt with his personality and political activities (“The Wit and Wisdom of Rabbi Meir Kahane” by Lenny Goldberg, 2006, published by HaMeir, Ariel, Israel). He was a charismatic person, able to combine the deep knowledge of the Torah with shrewd and practical political instinct.

There was a short excerpt in the book from one of his last talks given at the University of Minnesota. That almost 3-hour video is his last testament, where he covers all his major ideas. But this is far from being a nice academic lecture. Beside his supporters, we see in the hall angry Arabs, right-wing extremists, and guilty liberal Jews, who are terrified by his message. The Rabbi is constantly heckled and he manages to respond with witty comebacks worthy of a good comedian. At certain point he is even physically attacked by Arabs.

Anybody, who has attended an Israel-related event at Toronto’s York University, will find the atmosphere painfully familiar. Despite the cacophony, Kahane delivers his message in passionate and logical way. Truth is his only concern. He states it bluntly, without any desire to sugar-coat it or make his opponents like him.

Nothing and nobody is spared – he shows a flyer that Hillel issued against his appearance, specifically about alleged violence of his campaign to let the Russian Jews leave the Soviet Union. That gives him the chance to say something about the Jewish establishment:

“I am sick and tired of Jews complaining about what the Christian world didn’t do for the Jews during the Holocaust. I am sick and tired of Jews condemning the Vatican and the British, and Roosevelt. I never condemned the Christian world for not doing for Jews… because I don’t expect anything more from them. That’s not the real lesson of the Holocaust. The real villain of the Holocaust wasn’t the Christian world. It was the Jewish establishment that knew that the Holocaust was taking place as early as 1942 and did nothing.

I know temple rabbis, who in the 1960’s were arrested for breaking the law in Selma, Alabama, and Jackson, Mississippi. For who? For blacks. That’s nice. What was the issue there? Civil rights. When the issue in 1942 and 1943 wasn’t civil rights, but Jewish lives and 12,000 Jews died every day, was there one temple rabbi that ever got arrested? When the Jews in Hitler’s Europe pleaded with them and begged them: shake the world for a very practical answer. The Jews were brought to Auschwitz and all other camps not by some magic carpet – they were brought there by freight trains, railroad cars. And every day 12,000 Jews arrived – and 12,000 Jews left through the chimneys. And the Jews begged the American Jewry: shake the world and demand that Roosevelt bomb the railroad lines and put them out of commission and bomb the bridges over which those lines run and every day you save 12,000 lives. Did they shake the world? They didn’t do anything. The same Jews who in 1963 went to Washington for Martin Luther King’s dream, they didn’t go to Washington in 1942-1943… If all the Jewish leaders, including the American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, B’nai Brith, and Hillel would lead 100,000 Jews to Washington in 1943 and there at the White House sat on Pennsylvania Avenue, blocking traffic and shouting forth: “Hell no, we won’t go,” which is the famous Jewish slogan and saying: “Bomb Auschwitz, Bomb Auschwitz, Bomb Auschwitz,” two things would’ve happened. One, they would’ve been arrested, which believe me is no sweat, no problem. But more important, the next day every single newspaper in the free world would have a headline saying: “Jewish leaders arrested demanding bombing of the death camps,” and they would’ve been bombed and the Jews would’ve been saved.

You know why they didn’t do it? For the same reason that the Jewish leaders in this city now are terrified of Meir Kahane. What would a gentile say and would that cause anti-Semitism? That’s what bothers them. And the sacrificial lambs were 6 million Jews, because they are afraid of anti-Semitism in this country…”

Maybe certain organizations like JStreet and JSpace, which didn’t exist at the time, would recognize themselves in this description.

He doesn’t forget the two-state “solution” and the “land-for-peace” scheme:

“Isn’t it great to hear now a Jewish speaker speak, who isn’t a wimp? Ha… what a pleasure… Now, they don’t want the “occupied land.” Now everybody talks that there are Arab moderates. Latest concept, Arab moderates, there are even moderate Arab terrorists, who murder Jews moderately. So people say: “See, Hussein of Jordan is a moderate.” Of course, no question about it. In 1967 King Hussein had Judea, Samaria, the West Bank and East Jerusalem and he went to war. It does not take more than a freshman scholar to realize that if somebody has East Jerusalem and he goes to war then maybe he wants West Jerusalem. Maybe, maybe, maybe… And West Tel Aviv, and West Haifa.

There is not one Arab standing here, who won’t tell you that Jaffa is Arab too. Right? Right. There is not one Arab that won’t tell you that Tel Aviv is Arab too. And that Haifa is Arab too. And the Galilee is Arab… Of course, that’s what they believe. So don’t fall into the stupid trap: “If Israel only would only give up the lands, which the Arabs already had in 1967, then there would be peace.” They don’t want peace, they want to wipe out Israel and they will never do that. It belongs to us and not to them, period.”

These words were uttered in 1990. What happened to all those, who condemned Kahane? Let’s see – we had the “Oslo Accords”, a dead Prime Minister, intifada, disengagement from Gaza, two attempts to sell out Israel (by Barak and Olmert), tons of terror attacks, rocks, bullets and rockets. Only one thing is missing from this chain of disasters – the everlasting peace with the Arabs. Kahane was right.

There is something ominous in what he says about the growing anti-Semitism:

“I was born here and I know America and I think that this country has been the greatest country for the Jewish people outside of Israel in the Jewish history. But that which was is not always that which will be. I have never ever seen the level and the virulence of anti-Semitism in this country since World War II. When Stockey Carmichael came here and said what he said, he could’ve never said that 20 years ago. He came here and he was cheered by black students and by lefty students. And the president of this school didn’t have the decency to come out with a firm condemnation of it. And understand what that means. I don’t cry about anti-Semitism. I say, if there are anti-Semites, you kick butt, that is the Jewish way… There should be formed a JDL here and when you hear people insult Jews and Judaism, give it back to them seven times for every single statement. Of course, our problem is that the Jews want to be loved. I don’t want to be loved – I want respect and you don’t get respect unless you have respect.”

Did anything of this really change since 1990?

Near the end of his speech he warns the Jews how nobody of those who lived in Germany expected the catastrophe that happened. Most of them were fully integrated and considered themselves German. Germany even had a Jewish foreign minister in 1922. Germans were not monsters, but it took an enormous economic collapse to bring in Hitler and unleash the hatred against the Jews. Similar collapse is possible in the USA, with its 3 trillion dollars of debt when the banks collapse.

Any improvements here? The US debt already exceeded 17 trillion. The European Union is on the verge of an economic collapse and the current anti-Semitism dwarfs the level that Kahane found dangerous.

So who is right again?

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