Moshe Feiglin – from Temple Mount to Toronto

About a week from now, on May 6, JDL-Canada is going to host in Toronto Moshe Feiglin, Member of the Israeli Knesset from Likud and Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. Although he is not well-known in Canada, I can’t recommend his presentation highly enough for reasons that I will explain. You can get information about time and tickets from the poster below and register through the organizers’ website.

jdl-feiglin-emailFeiglin’s career is a perfect example of how one’s honesty and consistency eventually get rewarded by success. After decades of political ups and downs, which included ostracism, arrest and ridicule, the rough reality in the Middle East finally confirmed Feiglin’s views about Israel and its future – the sugary fantasies of the multicultural kumbaya that was going to sound in the region after establishing an eternal peace, were destroyed by a scathing dose of reality. And the reality is that Israel has to fight for its survival – its only chance is to keep being strong.

When dealing with “controversial” political figures like Moshe Feiglin, a sure way to determine their most important traits is to check what their enemies are saying about them. If there are issues that they keep fuming about, that usually is what those politicians are doing right. After the Toronto event was announced, the blog “Niqnaq” published an angry article trashing both JDL-Canada and Feiglin.

“In addition to his Kahanist ideology, Feiglin is one of the Likud’s most popular politicians. He is one of the chief inciters of tension with Muslims, making regular pilgrimages for prayer to the Temple Mount, which is controlled by a Muslim religious committee. The Likud MK believes, along with his extremist settler brethren, in destroying the Haram al-Sharif and rebuilding the Holy Temple in its place. Such a prospect threatens violence that would be far worse than that which resulted from Ariel Sharon’s walk on the Temple Mount, which started the second Intifada.”

That sounds like the language of the kapos, who think that the best way for Israel to protect itself is by self-destruction (if the author is a genuine Muslim fanatic, I apologize, not because I would agree with him, but because the plain hatred makes the position seem honest). The “worst” part of Feiglin’s activities appears to be his troublemaking on Temple Mount. And the author is correct – Feiglin has the courage to face an issue that very few politicians in Israel dare to tackle.

I admit that before my trip to Israel I was only vaguely aware of the Temple Mount problem. During our meeting with Feiglin the first day, he mentioned how any time he went there, he was closely followed and monitored by the Israeli police, who watched if he moved his lips. If he did, he was committing a grave offence – praying on Temple Mount – an activity forbidden for Jews. That was shocking, to say the least.

A few days later we were walking through the Old City. It was Saturday, so most of the Jewish businesses in Jerusalem were closed. After fighting off nasty Arabs trying to sell useless guide “services” for exorbitant amounts of money, we decided to visit Temple Mount. We entered a covered passageway with small Muslim stores selling Arafat t-shirts, stupid tchotchkes showing Israel’s map covered entirely by the Palestinian flag; books by Tony Robbins in Arabic and many other things. We finally reached the gate, where two heavily armed Israeli policemen stopped us.

They refused to let us in, because on Sabbath only Muslims can visit Temple Mount. It was too late to claim we were Muslim (especially with my wife wearing shorts) and begging apparently was not going to work on these rough officers.


The situation looked (and still looks to me) absolutely ridiculous. The place where once the Second Temple stood was practically inaccessible to Jews. The Muslims controlled it due to two hideous structures built there (one of them is most likely a desecrated Orthodox church). The current arrangement is a great illustration of the principle that no good deed remains unpunished. When in 1967 the Israeli army liberated Jerusalem, one of the first acts of Moshe Dayan was to surrender the control of Temple Mount to Muslims. Naturally, that eventually led to banning Jews from praying and even visiting the place. Of course, everything was done in the name of “peace and mutual understanding” – however, the do-gooders failed to notice that when in the Middle East you meet somebody with open arms, you’ll most likely get a debilitating kick in the groin.

I guess it is hard to understand the full extent of humiliation that a Jew feels near that holy sight when the only thing he or she is allowed to cross it quickly. It is probably similar to the feeling I experienced walking into “Hagia Sophia” in Istanbul, once the largest Orthodox Cathedral, and now turned into a mosque by the Turkish barbarians, who scrubbed its frescoes.

Despite the odd situation, Jews are still willing to go through the humiliation, just to visit Temple Mount. And I am not talking politicians, like Ariel Sharon and Moshe Feiglin, in most cases ordinary people have to face the fanatical Muslim rage. Recently a visit by a group of Orthodox Jews turned into a nightmare for their children. The children were shouted at and attacked and no police presence was able to protect them from experiencing Muslim savagery in all of its glory.


The Muslim hordes attack



The rage



The target is isolated



Shouting at the enemy



That taught them a lesson


You can see the full video here.

“Niqnaq” says that Feiglin’s visits to Temple Mount could incite another intifada, but the Arabs don’t need a provocation. The camel-faced little terrorist Arafat would’ve started his war against the Jews regardless of whether Sharon visited the holy place. And observing the sadistic pleasure, with which Muslims attacked the children, it is more than clear that they don’t need Feiglin as an excuse to begin another war.

Rabbi Meir Kahane was demonized, because he never believed in the ridiculous charade called “peace process.” His death prevented him from witnessing the 20-year long agony marked by humiliating concessions in the name of the peace, which brought even more demands from a vicious enemy whose only goal is to cleanse the land of Israel from the Jews. The latest attempt of Obama and Kerry to extend that agony ended with a bang when PLO in Judea and Samaria embraced the terrorists from Hamas in a new union.

The outcome could be predicted by any person with even a rudimentary ability for rational thinking. It is a different issue that many rational people chose to delude themselves. Well, Feiglin chose to be rational all those years, despite the criticism and ridicule, and his time finally came.

His vision of an independent and strong Israel provides the only chance for survival in the “New World Disorder” where there is no dominant world power:

“This understanding is seeping into Israeli consciousness. Alongside it, we are experiencing a sobering from our automatic worship of the US. Pollard made the Israelis understand that they do not have a sugar-daddy over the ocean, while here, we cannot expect some wondrous peace to break out with our neighbors. In other words, whether we like it or not, we will not find our place among the nations. We are not in Israel as a nation like the other nations. We always have been and always will be a separate and unique nation.

When there is no aspiration to build the Third Temple, the First and Second Temples melt away – and with them, our national history, which revolved around the Temples. Our entire national essence is erased when we flee our connection to the Temple. The Jewish return to history will only be possible when our Temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem. Amazingly, Israeli-ness is progressing toward the point from which it so desperately sought to flee.”

In today’s world, when the West is in the process of being overtaken by the Muslim insanity (helped by its twin – political correctness) listening to brave people like Moshe Feiglin may help us outlast the calamity.
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