Walk for Israel 2014 – the Good and the Bad

The annual fundraising event Walk for Israel took place yesterday. The walk attracted again thousands of Jews and people from other ethnicities and religions united by their support for the State of Israel.


The stage


The crowd


The dance


Among the participants were presented many schools, companies and corporations, as well as activist organizations.


Representatives of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR)




JDL-Canada’s bikes

The crowd was greeted by the Consul General of Israel in Toronto. Since now it is election time in Ontario, the event attracted quite a few politicians. The federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver spoke about the strong support of the Conservative government for Israel. Another conservative, who attended, was Tim Hudak, the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

Although there were a few liberals, the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party was absent from the event, which spared the audience from hearing another round of tall tales and lies about the bright future of Ontario.

The Toronto City Council was presented by Councillor James Pasternak. In his speech he specifically mentioned that the city has rewritten its anti-discrimination policy, which in the past allowed anti-Semitic groups to take part in city-sponsored events. The new policy would prohibit the city from funding groups and events that support and exhibit hateful speech during their events.

That has been a problem for the Jews, because every year the anti-Semitic organization Queers Against Israeli Apartheid has been allowed to march with its Israel-hating signs and chants in the annual homosexual parade, which is financed in part by the City of Toronto with taxpayers’ money. That sounds too good to be true, so we will wait and see what is going to happen at this year’s “World Pride.”

A presence that was not entirely pleasant was that of Toronto’s very political police Chief Bill Blair. (City Councillor Mike Del Grande may have something to say about that.)


Tim Hudak


Councillor James Pasternak


Police Chief Bill Blair

After the political speeches and the musical program, the participants left the park and walked for over three hours going back to the starting point.


Young and old walking for Israel

Their patience was tested twice. Shortly after the walk started, the people were treated to the sight of the kapo gang of Neturei Karta. That group of creatures are famous for their views, which are identical to those of Hamas. They simply want to dismantle the Jewish state on the grounds that the Jews are not permitted to have their own state. The signs they displayed clearly suggested that the whole area should be surrendered to “Palestinian sovereignty.” To make their position even clearer, they proudly flew a large “Palestinian” flag.

Other than being booed by the participants, Neturei Karta was directly confronted by JDL-Canada. That didn’t stop them from moving to the end point of the walk, where we could hear them again chant “Down, down Israel.” That wasn’t appreciated either – at the final point a Jewish guy crossed the street to confront the kapos, but he was promptly escorted back to the other side. After that a policeman wrote about the “incident” in his notebook and chastised the bad Jew for nearly ten minutes. It was nice to see my opinion about Bill Blair’s multicultural police force confirmed – in every confrontation they support and protect the most sinister group.

You can see a movie from the clash with Neturei Karta here.

Naturally, the other anti-Israeli group – the lefty kapos – also tried to disrupt the walk – they didn’t go as far as Neturei Karta, but still blamed Israel for all imaginable sins, even though the country is located in an area, which has been torn by Muslim violence and savagery over the last few years.


Neturei Karta kapos near the start of the walk…


…and in the end


How dare you disturb Neturei Karta?!


The secular kapos

All in all, that was a remarkable event. The thousands of participants showed that the State of Israel has a strong and consistent support in Toronto. The two clusters of haters showed that the anti-Israel sentiments, which are poorly masked signs of anti-Semitism, are also clearly present in Toronto and elsewhere. While many of the people passing by those groups were not afraid to condemn them, there was also a significant number of voices telling them to calm down and ignore Neturei Karta and the lefties.

It was strange to hear Jews saying that, because the Jewish history is a prime illustration of Edmund Burke’s maxim that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Evil should always be confronted, no matter how big or small it is.


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