What Is Wrong with J Street?

The rift between the reality in Israel and its perception by outsiders – mainly Jews and their supporters – has become deeper than ever. Many groups and organizations propose “solutions” based on ideas and principles that, if applied, may bring as much damage to Israel as the actions of its worst enemies. Yet it is difficult for the Western public to see the harm in those ideas, especially when people lack the knowledge about the situation. Getting acquainted with the facts about Israel and the way they are distorted by such groups to promote their agenda is a good way to brinhg us back into the reality.

For that reason, Canada-Israel Friendship Association is pleased to co-sponsor a screening of “J Street Challenge” (organized by the Speakers Action Group) a documentary examining the so-called “pro-Israel, pro-peace” organization which promotes a misleading, seemingly idealistic message of peace that appeals to the uninformed public, with particular target on university students.

The film presents comments and analyses from noted academics and writers who have challenged J Street’s mission and tactics. These critics assert that J Street disproportionally blames Israel for the lack of peace and ignores the vicious hatred and incitement promoted by the Palestinian leadership. In pursuing its political agenda, J Street has divided the Jewish community and weakened communal support for Israel.

Q & A will follow the film with an expert panel.

When: June 2, 2014 @ 8 pm
Where: Beth Tikvah Synagogue, 3080 Bayview



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