Ben Levin’s Trial Continues in Toronto



The trial of the former most powerful person in the Ontario education continued today in the same courthouse. As you are aware, he was arraigned on 7 charges involving child pornography and pleaded not guilty.

Today’s session was dedicated to procedural issues and the case itself wasn’t discussed. Ben Levin and his lawyer Clayton Ruby didn’t show up at all. The defense was represented by Mr. Ruby’s partner G. Chan. After a short conversation with the judge, Mr. Chan and Ms. Garcia, the Crown Attorney, decided that they needed private time to discuss the details. The judge left and both sides went out to work out their differences. The recess continued for nearly an hour.

After they came back, each side explained how much court time they will need to complete the presentations. In the end of the discussion with the judge, it was decided to schedule the next hearing for December 11 at 10 a.m. in the same courthouse (1000 Finch Avenue West).

Maybe because of the publication ban, there were no media representatives. However, the number of the people from the public increased – four people showed up this time. During the recess I had a long conversation with a lady, who was interested in the case. That was her first time to attend court proceedings and she didn’t know what to expect.

She explained that she was there because of the complete media blackout of Levin’s case. It was frustrating to her that such alleged crimes, which affect children, receive so little attention. She mentioned that some of the charges date as far back as 2008 and found it difficult to comprehend that nobody in the government at the time suspected anything. She said that she followed carefully the educational policies in Ontario and especially the dysfunctional Toronto District School Board. She had many questions, but it was very unlikely that anybody in Kathleen Wynne’s government would answer them.

It’s a sad state of the affairs and Ben Levin is probably just the tip of an iceberg. I wonder if we will be allowed to dig deeper and see more of the iceberg or everything would be covered up like every other scam and scandal of McGuinty/Wynne’s clique.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    The same thing is happening in the USA. Socialist Emperor, Bathhouse Barry Obama, appointed homosexual activist Kevin Jennings to be the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education in charge of the “Safe and Drug-Free Schools” program. Aside from overseeing drug education programs, the term “safe” also means making public schools “safe” for alleged GBLTQXYZ123 children. In plain language, Jennings’ position will be used to produce and disseminate pro-homosexual propaganda to America’s public schools.

    Just Google Provincetown, Massachusetts, and see how homosexuals have taken over a beautiful, historic town and are fully implementing their agenda among the children there.


  2. Silver says:


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