Global Warming Nuts Confront Justin Trudeau in Toronto (with Video)



Yesterday the Dauphin of Canada, Heir Apparent of the Prime Minister’s Throne, graced with his presence the lowly city of Toronto.


Mr. Dreamy Eyes in Toronto

Justin Trudeau was supposed to show up in Toronto on November 10 to launch his book of memoirs. I badly needed to see him in action to form a personal opinion of the man. I was around him briefly in the summer of 2013, when he showed up at the annual homosexual parade, but at the time he didn’t say much.

His appearance in Toronto was to take place at the Metro Reference Library. Though the event was free, the library had to issue tickets and the registration started in the morning of October 14. Shortly after I registered that morning, the event sold out. That only increased my desire to solve the secret of his charisma. Due to the nature of my circles of communication, I don’t know many people, who like Justin.

My wife has an acquaintance, a Japanese lady in her 70s, who is a die-hard fan of Justin’s. Her only justification for her desire to vote for him is that he is handsome and speaks well. All my attempts to explain to her that a person willing to become a Prime Minister must have some reasonable political platform have been met by her with total indifference, as if her mind is surrounded by the Great Wall of China.

She was actually the clue to Justin’s secret. The event was scheduled for 7 p.m.; the doors were supposed to open at 6 p.m. I went there at about 5 and had to line up; the seats are not numbered, so the principle “first come, first serve” applied. Waiting in line for almost an hour, I had the chance to observe the arriving people. Although there were some men, the dominant fan of Justin Trudeau was the middle-aged downtown woman (though there were a few younger ones).

Once the doors opened, the audience anxiously waited for nearly an hour for the entrance of its idol. The introduction to the epic book was supposed to be a conversation between Justin Trudeau and Catherine Clark. The latter is the daughter of Joe “Who?” Clark. For those who don’t remember him, let me say that he was briefly a “Progressive Conservative” Prime Minister of Canada.


Children of the elites

The duo started the talk with a few remarks about the children of Prime Ministers in the Canadian broadcasting (mentioning Ben Mulroney and the possible future of Harper’s son). The chat confirmed the depressing reality that to become a media personality in Canada, one needs to be an Iranian sex pervert, flamboyant homosexual or child of the Prime Minister. The elites always win, regardless of their political parties.

The conversation revolved entirely around Justin’s book. It was discussed the whole time as his own work and no one mentioned that it was written by several journalists based on interviews with the “author” (as one of the authors, the “conservative” journalist Jonathan Kay, admitted). The situation eerily resembled the memoirs of the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, who in his later years published three little books of memoirs, all written by other people. Yet Brezhnev in a very cynical way received the highest Soviet award – Lenin’s Prize in Literature (I don’t exclude something like that in Trudeau’s future).

What is even worse, it looks like the book revolved around the “difficult” childhood of Justin, defined by the conflicts between his parents in the lavish residence of the Prime Minister. It was all about the interactions with his numerous relatives and how they influenced his personality. No political topics came up in the conversation, yet Justin’s ramblings were frequently interrupted by applause.

And at that moment a revelation came to me – Justin Trudeau is the ultimate housewife. He may not have a substance or any views worth commenting on, but he can speak with empathy about practically nothing and that’s enough for a frightening number of people to see him as an exceptional politician (not only housewives with no interests). He would be the ideal guest of Oprah Winfrey, The View or the old City Line.

Ironically, it took an outside intervention to make Trudeau take a political position. In the middle of the event, a group of downtown anti-oil anarchists suddenly stormed the hall carrying a big sign.

justin-trudeau-toronto-2014-3I still have my doubts – Trudeau didn’t look surprised at all and even invited the intruders to make their point. That created the suspicion in a few people around me that the event was staged.

Later on, during the short questions and answers session, another one of those global warming nuts managed to get into the line. That was Zack Ruiter, a die-hard lefty known to me from the support for the illegal Indian occupiers in Caledonia; the G20 riots; York University’s anti-Israeli rallies and countless other extreme events. He wanted Trudeau to admit the harm caused by the pipelines that transport the “tar sands” oil.

Though Justin welcomed the questions, he tried to accommodate in his answer both sides in a soothing Deepak Chopra way. He said that the pipelines are supposed to be built by social consensus and their routes changed when necessary. On the other hand, he said that Canada’s resource industries are very important for the jobs in the country. I can imagine the disastrous consequences of his soothing approach that tries to accommodate everybody when applied in the office of the Prime Minister.

Naturally the global warming anarchists didn’t accept his reply – Zack chased Trudeau through the hall (when he had to go to the back to sign books) and even shouted at him. It was a depressing spectacle to see the potential Prime Minister allowing to be treated like that.

You can see all that in the video below:

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  1. Randy says:

    Why has Justin Trudeau never condemned his father Pierre for beating Margaret Trudeau ?

    1. admiwrath says:

      He didn’t even mention that.

  2. Cathy says:

    Thank you and please keep getting this word out, especially to all those women! Bravo!

  3. Taylor says:

    Could you please touch on Mulcair and Trudeau’s willingness to sign away Canadian sovereignty to the UN in the name of Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and all that tripe, while importing a million immigrants to enrich Canada at the same time proclaiming us to be over populated? It’s gotten to the point where Jr. Jihadi’s are painting ‘ISIS will rule!’ on the walls of my little brothers school not to mention stinking the place up like curry and unwiped bottoms. If only they knew Al Bag Daddy was a ‘former’ Mossad asset, probably Donmeh like the whole house of Saud. e-mail me, let’s see if we can have Ezra speak about the BMO issue already. Cheers

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