How the Muslim Doormat Justin Trudeau Marked Mother’s Day

Is Justin Trudeau stupid? Retarded? Naive? Or just serving somebody else’s interests? After sharing the stage with Muslim fanatics last year, he again shows his loyalty to Old Mo’s homicidal cult.

Earlier today he sent a tweet to mark Mother’s Day with a photograph of his mother and his wife attached. Out of the hundreds of their photos that he probably owns, that idiot picked one from a trip to Africa where they are dressed like veiled Muslim gargoyles.


The women of Canada under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


What’s his point? Maybe he thinks the Muslim look is trendy and it should be imposed on everybody, starting from his family. Does that captivating African outfit come with the mandatory genital mutilation? This is such a perfect example of the values of the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Perhaps his plans for the future include turning Canada into a province of Saudi Arabia.

Hey, Justin, tell your Muslim masters that we the Canadians don’t want that barbaric sharia law to control our lives. Multiculturalism is as stupid as you are.

(h/t BCF)

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  1. Lilac Templar de Tremelay says:


  2. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    I’m sure Sasha Trudeau and Omar Alghabra, both his Middle East advisors, approve of this picture. Just paving the way for more appeasement

  3. Dean says:

    Trudeau is the great hope for the Islamists in Canada. There will be huge sums pouring in from the Saudis, Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and elsewhere come the next election to get their dhimmi candidate Justin and his coterie of dhimmi advisers elected. I am sure that his brother will have a major role. Some dhimmi Jews in Canada will fall under the spell of Justin urged to do so by the sagacious Toronto Board of Rabbis and Bernie Farber. Once Trudeau is elected, we will witness the further spread of jihad and sharia. I wonder if Justin would like all of his family to wear niqabs and be under the thumb of misogynist male overlords?

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    Crown Prince Trudeau has but one agenda, to finish what his father had started in 1968; the destruction of old Canada. You know, the Canada that was once a powerful Euro-centric nation, militarily powerful, respected on the world stage, and a nation that drew its immigrants mainly from Europem & Great Britain.

    The photograph of the two Trudeau women wearing Islamic head coverings is not merely for race relations purposes. Trudeau saw and learned from the ungracious defeat of George Smitherman in the 2010 Toronto mayoral elections at the hands of a largely immigrant voting block. He saw how local Africans, Asians, East Indians, Muslims and Tamils made it clear via the vote that they did not want to be represented by a homosexual who calls another man his “husband.” Indeed, the very sight of Smitherman kissing Christopher Peloso on the lips on a local TV station with their bewildered (adopted) infant son between them was probably the last straw of Toronto’s Muslims, who started a poster campaign against him. Perhaps not surprisingly, no mosques or Islamic centers were besieged by shrill homosexual activists holding “kiss ins” and waving placards accusing local Muslims of “hate” and “homophobia.” Had such posters been distributed by a Mormon temple or a local Baptist church, the police would have arrested those responsible and charged them with committing a hate crime.

    One can only wonder at Trudeau’s real motives. He supports gay rights and attended the 2009 Montreal gay Pride parade, but in December 2012, he also attended and Islamic conference organized by supporters of Hamas, a terrorist organization that believes in executing homosexuals. See the link below;

    You cannot support gay rights AND radical Islam. Trudeau is either a naive, confused idealist who truly believes that he can accommodate both camps through his marijuana-induced vision of a Canada that resembles a sort of Barney the Dinosaur-type of lal la land where everybody loves everybody; or he is a dangerous socialist, determined to stamp out what is left of Canada by increasing immigration to the point where the country will be completely unrecognizable. Does Trudeau believe that forcing Canadians to accept overcrowding in our biggest cities will somehow encourage us to like each other and become one big, happy multicultural family?

    I shudder to think exactly what Canada will become in 30 years down the road with Trudeau II in charge, That is, if Canada survives at all.

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