Justin Trudeau and the Other Village Idiots of Ottawa


d'Artagnan the village idiot


It is amusing to watch the deterioration of the Liberal Party of Canada. Just a few months ago they were led by Michael Ignatieff, a real academic intellectual, who, albeit an awful politician, at least possessed some respectability. After the Liberal Titanic crashed under his stewardship, the remains of the party are a far cry from what it was before.

Last week’s parliamentary session reminded us about that sorry situation. Justin Trudeau, the descendant of the Canadian political royalty had an emotional outburst. After Canada withdrew from the Kyoto agreement, an environmental scam designed to enrich the Third World dictators and the fascist government of China, Peter Kent was viciously attacked in the Parliament.

Among the chorus of disgruntled lefties, came the voice of Justin Trudeau calling the minister of the environment a “piece of shit”.

What an embarrassment for a man who puts so much thought into his grooming to the point where he looks like d’Artagnan played by a drag queen. His look may win him a prize at a gay bar.

When The Globe and Mail ran the story, somebody in the comments said that Justin has the great look, which would attract the downtown hipsters and the cool chicks, so the conservatives could only envy him. Unfortunately, that person wasn’t joking. However, it’s a totally different issue how the hipster look and the sailor’s language would help his party win outside of downtown Toronto.

Not to be outdone, another Liberal MP, Rodger Cuzner from Nova Scotia, came up with an even worse performance. He read a poem he wrote himself, in which he criticized the government:

“Twas the week before Christmas and all over the Hill

The humbuggish Tories were imposing their will.

The stockings in Muskoka were stuffed to the brim

But life for First Nations remained woefully grim.

And at the North Pole, Santa’s problems abound

There was much work to do but no workers around.

How can we do Christmas with no reindeer or elves?

The sleigh is a wreck, there’s no toys on the shelves.

Costs have just spiraled, the elves threaten strike

They won’t work this Christmas without a pay hike.

Tory payroll taxes have taken their toll

Now unemployed elves populate the North Pole.

Federal money for deer feed and vets

Has just been reprofiled for big jails and jets.

Heartbroken children would spring from their beds

For the first Christmas ever shut down by the feds.

No presents for Christmas, Tories felt the frustration

So they saddled the elves with back-to-work legislation.

No reindeer or sleigh to fly our roof-topper?

No problem; just send in a Cormorant chopper.

The moral I share: Tories lack rhyme or reason

Nonetheless, all the best for a great Christmas season!”

Can you believe that loser spent a few hours of his time to write this? Every loony piece of blackmail is in it: the lazy Indians, who manage to squander tens of millions of taxpayers’ dollars and still live in squalor; the sob story about Santa losing his elves due to payroll taxes; the beyond ridiculous statement that “the feds” shut down Christmas, etc. etc.

This poem won’t have a chance even at a limerick contest in a nursing home’s bingo hall. Yet the Liberal Party found it adoring (they even have it on their website). I wonder what other activities MP Cuzner enjoys and how they benefit his constituents.

To make sure that that entire circus is not limited to the acting MP’s we learned at approximately the same time that Jean Chretien, the zombified Great Leader of the party, was worried again about Harper’s “hidden agenda”. He said that Harper will go against the traditional Canadian values like abortion and gay marriage. I understand that Chretien is not a young man anymore, but even at his age and condition, the majority of the Canadian understand that those are not “traditional values”. It will be funny to watch the party make them a centerpiece of its next election platform.

It’s a classic example of the village idiots thinking they represent the whole village.

And it’s a really sad state of the Liberal affairs – the devastation looks complete. Frankly, I never thought that the Liberal Party would fall so low that its best leadership choice would be an ancient socialist with more political baggage than a cargo airplane – that’s Bob Rae, of course. But even he tries his best to act like an idiot – his recent visit to the Attawipiskat reserve, where he demanded that we keep giving more money to the corrupt Indian chiefs without asking for any accountability, is the best proof.

It looks like the Liberal Red Book is not going to be resurrected any time soon…


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One Comment

  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Trudeau is just a youthful clown. First he plays down the dreadful practice of female genital mutilation (yes, it happens in Canada), now he makes an even bigger fool of himself for berating Environmental Minister Peter Kent for refusing to sign Canada up for the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme.

    Mind you, his leader, Comrade Bob Rae, the former leader of the Peoples Republic of Ontario, often doesn’t stick around long enough to insult anyone in Parliament. The Liberal Interim Leader has the fifth-worst attendance record in the House in 2011, missing nearly half the votes, but he was adamantly unapologetic and blamed the Tories for chaotic parliamentary sessions. Seriously?

    You see, the Dear leader tells us he is spending much of his time travelling around Canada to “rebuild” the Liberal Party. Well, good luck with that comrade. With Justin Trudeau in the ranks continuing to embarrass the party every time he opens his mouth, the Liberal Party of Canada will continue to brood in the wilderness for some time to come.


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