Pothead Justin Trudeau – Good for Burning Only

Justin Trudeau, the federal airhead, who is the grand hope of all freeloaders and Che Guevara-shirt owners to become the next Prime Minister, is the news again. Struggling for years to find a cause that would impress the whole country, he has gone through many transformations. Last summer we saw him hanging out with Ontario’s Chief Pedophile, then he made a cameo in a mosque that no self-respecting person would visit going all the way Muslim dressed in an outrageous garb. It looks that the role of a dedicated pot lover would be his best gig. If he makes everybody smoke marijuana, we may not notice his unmatched ignorance and stupidity as a politician.

One of my favourite sources of clumsy lefty propaganda – Yahoo News – reports that Pothead Justin has been immortalized as the face of rolling cigarette papers.

Justin-Trudeau-rolling-paper-packagingThe author of the article is ecstatic that the papers are flying off the shelves. Finally we have something (at least temporarily) tangible that we can link Justin Trudeau’s legacy to. Now we can watch how his image burns, the way his half-baked political proposals go up in the thin air.

Actually, his followers don’t expect anything more from him. The clever guy, who came up with the idea of the burning Trudeau, is very clear:

“I’m not partial to the Liberals necessarily,” he said. “I just like their pot policy.”

Of course, that’s Trudeau’s base – give them pot and drugs and they’ll forgive you anything he does to screw Canada.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    If Crown Prince Trudeau becomes our next prime minister, I’m moving to the Cayman Islands (seriously).

  2. […] about him. Perhaps I believe that Trudeau wants nothing to do with Christians in his party, is a pothead who wants to force everyone to smoke marijuana so they are too high to notice his failings, and is an airhead piece of hair who’s never had an original thought in his life. Now, it […]

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