Proton Man Justin Trudeau Leads Canadian Beavers to the Land of Honey

Sometimes political reality becomes so bizarre that it rivals the delirium of even the wildest imagination. I would like to bring to your attention a literary work that turns (or at least tries to turn) the substitute drama teacher Justin Trudeau into a figure of cosmic proportions. I wish that screed was a bad satire, but unfortunately everything is very, very real. The NDP has its troubadour Raffi who writes bad songs about Jack Layton, the Liberals have Elliott Moglica, the man who immortalized in his epic poetry the glorious Justin.

A few years ago Mr. Moglica published his epic poem “The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau.” It is available from Amazon in imitation leather and as a paperback.

The Proton Man in imitation leather (credit: Facebook)

The Proton Man in imitation leather (credit: Facebook)

As I said, this is not a joke or a creation of an inmate in an insane asylum. Mr. Elliott Moglica is a public figure and an activist of the Liberal Party of Canada. I hope this post would contribute to his popularity. According to his self-description, he is a “Poet, Novelist, Biographer, Academic, Educator, Critic, Freelance Journalist, Interpretor/ Translator, Human Rights Activist and Liberal” (quoted from his Facebook public figure page).

He likes to quote himself when describing his views:

“WE PROUD CANADIANS shall give the future generations a new voice and a new sense of freedom – by saying “STOP!” to the Conservative Party’s tyrannical regime and the NDP’s camouflaged communist views.”

As a staunch supporter and activist of the party, his work had been highly appreciated by its elders. He is chummy with its leader Justin Trudeau:

2015-05-01 16_15_31-(68) Elliott Moglica

“The superstar great politician Justin Trudeau & Elliott Moglica”

“The superstar great politician Justin Trudeau & Elliott Moglica”

Even the ancient leader Jean Chretien loves him:

I am not sure if Chretien is aware where he is

I am not sure if Chretien is aware where he is

The main strength of Mr. Moglica is singing the Liberal Party in epic poems. As a former citizen of a communist country, an upbringing I share with him (he is of Albanian background), I understand that passion. Writing odes to the political leaders in those countries was a highly profitable endeavour. Not only did it advance a writer’s career, but it also made him bulletproof to accusations of revisionism and deviation from the party line.

It looks like that type of poetry has been out of fashion in the British culture since the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell chopped off the head of Charles I. But maybe the new luminary, Justin Trudeau, would resurrect that tradition which reached its peak in the times of Stalin and Mao. Mr. Moglica’s efforts are appreciated by the new Sun King Justin Trudeau – he inscribed his “memoirs” to him, though you may expect a future Prime Minister not to spell “favourite” in the American way.

“To Elliott My Favorite Superstar, Justin Trudeau” (credit: Facebook)

“To Elliott My Favorite Superstar, Justin Trudeau” (credit: Facebook)

Even Margaret Atwood responds to Elliott Moglica’s tweets and takes him seriously:

2015-05-01 16_19_09-(68) Elliott MoglicaSo how did Mr. Moglica cover his glorious subject? The product description on the Amazon book listing gives us a few hints (I broke the text in paragraphs for clarity):

“Speak to me, oh sun, of The Proton Man’s voyage, virtues, justice and courage: As our maple ship’s hope is in his hands.” That’s how begins The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau, Elliott Moglica’s multi types narrative poem. And continues, “I have seen the laser politician, bows, grows and fights for our rights and freedoms: Gears as an automatic transmission.”
This book is the first epic poem attributed to Justin Trudeau: the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada – re-freshening up the Canadian politics.

~~~~~~ The Proton Man is divided into four cantos:

“Canto I – Justin Energy”,

“Canto II- The Hellishness of Right Progress to a Ruler”,

“Canto III – The Hellishness of Left Progress to Nowhere”, and

“Canto IV – The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau.”

This multi-style poem of 1215 lines of verses elaborated from a classical style to a modern style of writing poetry. Mostly, it’s written in dactylic hexameter. It incorporates (for the first time) Liberal epic, and develops through 18 sonnets, 9 haikus, 7 quatrains, 4 tankas, 4 ballads, 2 lyrics, 1 ‘ottava rima’, 1 decastich, 1 freeverse, a prologue plus elegy and epilogue. It is the case for modern poets who tend to avoid the epic style poetry of the past.

~~~~~~ This poem deals with three kinds of people “Of Sinners of the Right”, “Of Sinners of the Left”, and “Of Positive People of the Centre”. It touches the past because of the chain between generations, it deals with the present because it is based upon reality, and it touches the future because all of us hope for a happy and prosperous life. It takes place in Canada, in our own time, and the main persona of this poem is Justin Trudeau: the aspiring soul of an extraordinary Canadian teacher, parliamentarian and leader.

~~~~~~ “Sailing between the crocodiles, / windstorm turns to sunny! / The army of beavers did stand, / water turns to honey!” is Elliott’s tense by closing the book with a ballad.

I should mention again that this is not a joke. Most Canadian politicians according to the poet are electrons with negative charge, that’s why Canada suffers. Only Justin Trudeau, who is a proton with positive charge, can pull the country out of the abyss.

In the pictures supplied by Mr. Moglica in the description he had provided facsimile reproduction of portions of the poem. Here they are transcribed to appreciate his poetical genius:

Speak to me, oh sun, of The Proton Man’s
voyage, virtues, justice and courage:
As our maple ship’s hope is in his hands.

I have seen the laser politician,
bows, grows and fights for our rights and freedoms:
Gears as an automatic transmission.

From Pacific, Atlantic – all the way:
Between the crocodiles lifting their tails,
to Lake Erie, North Pole and Hudson Bay.

Nowadays, the sharply divided country:
To right and left, rich and poor, West and East,
And English to French. What a chemistry!

I found myself poisoned by energy,
flowing and following the best nation,
of thirty-five million population.

Thirty-six years old, I saw the true world
three-hundred-sixty degrees. I felt
pain in my chest and vein. I lay all curled!

Poisoned from radical politicians:
every step has neutrons in mission.
Influence! How shall I describe the Hell!

And here is another sonnet from this epic monument to Pierre Trudeau’s son:

(Sonnet 17)
Red is the blood, gives us life; You are alive!
You are the tree in our hearts; you are bright!
White is the prayer for million hearts thrive!
Oh sea of stars red and white: keep us tight!
Your red leaf sticks in our hearts: sweet and proud,
Waves in our hearts: forever the daylight,
It is stitched in its land: rips smoke and cloud,
As the red and white sun: pledge to unite!
The red leaf defines our spirits and hearts,
As neutrons are echoing in a hollow,
It heals all our wounds, in-whole and in-parts,
Oh sea of stars, red and white: Please follow!
As stars unite: the head neutron departs,
The Proton man plants hope in million hearts.

Can you imagine the flood of ridicule and mockery that would be unleashed, if somebody wrote something similar about Stephen Harper? Maybe the media in this case is convinced that we actually have a glorious leader in the making and he deserves even the clumsiest praises.

Meanwhile, after the release of that epic poem, Mr. Moglica hasn’t taken a break. Like a true Canadian beaver he continued to glorify his idol. Recently a sequel had been published – the ballad “The Protonic Guardian: Justin Trudeau.”

Again, the great poet provides a synopsis of his opus (paragraphs added again):

ABOUT THE BOOK: The Protonic Guardian: Justin Trudeau is Elliott Moglica’s ballad telling the second story of Justin Trudeau – a brilliant Canadian teacher, a powerful parliamentarian and a noble protonic-political leader.

In eight hundred lines of verse, divided into two cantos, the political tensions take place in field and mountain battles during 2014 and 2015. At best, this fictional poetry shows the readers what was happening by describing the moments of the battles between the ‘army of horses’ and its adversaries, the ‘army of mules’ and the ‘army of donkeys’.

The subject matter of this ballad deals with the theme of political psychology. This plot driven song has one main character, The Protonic Guardian. He fights to unite the people, but many imaginary characters are hurriedly trying to destroy his spiritual quest for ‘Unity – Liberty – Rights and Freedoms’. However, it should be brought to the reader’s attention that this is all a fictional work.

This volume incorporates new poetic vocabulary and terminology, the endnotes to the ballad and is illustrated with seven drawings by the author. This manuscript is printed in two versions: hardcover and paperback. The hardcover version is printed on high quality paper and the entire manuscript is bound between richly hard covers. Through this ballad, The Protonic Guardian, together with the epic book, The Proton Man, the Poet crafts a total of 2015 lines of verse. Both carry the power of poetry in perfection of politics.

Trudeau’s supporters appear to be ecstatic about the new glorious ballad, as a reader review shows (I hope it wasn’t written by Mr. Moglica):

The Protonic Guardian: Justin Trudeau is, truly, the most inspiring Canadian ballad. Thank you poet Elliott Moglica. After reading this book, I feel like a new Shakespeare is raising. I love how the author writes about Canadian issues without reservation. This ballad explores the Canadian spirit of unity and pride – via the main hero: ‘The Protonic Guardian’. By the way, I just cannot stop singing page 67-69, “I’m from Canada”. This ballad’s narration is written is such a wonderful way. I cannot stop reading it over and over. Also, seven drawings are very powerful. In my view, this book must be in every Canadian library. Finally, I love how social media supports the poet. But, where is the mainstream media in Canada to be fair and share this powerful Canadian pen. Thank you poet Moglica for being a true Canadian poet.

Now Mr. Moglica works for the campaign of Omar Alghabra, the former leader of the notorious Canadian Arab Federation and trusted adviser of Justin Trudeau.

Is it just me who thinks that the Liberal Party of Canada is turning into a madhouse where anything goes? Maybe we should let Trudeau fight his mules and donkeys instead of allowing his to ruin our country.

© 2015

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  1. Tim Norris says:

    Charles I, you fascist moron.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Great to hear from a supporter of Trudeau, the protector of the ISIS Nazis.

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        The broken record tactic never works.

  2. Sarah says:

    100% you haven’t read these books. What’s your name?

    1. admiwrath says:

      Three comments from the same IP with three different names. Is that you, Mr. Trudeau? Are you going to jail me for offending Your Highness?

      1. John Gom says:



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        This is getting boring.

  3. Protonic Guardian says:

    I understand you have not read the books.

    Just one e.g. Sonnet 17 is dedicated to Canadian Flag.

    Thank you.

  4. Natasha B. says:

    I have read these books and I can say they are very powerful. If you want to make the world a better place, I would suggest you to read them.

    The world needs more people like Elliott.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for providing a glimpse into the mind of the average Trudeau fan. It’s no wonder an airhead like him got elected.

      1. John Gom says:


        Question: “Are you a chines spy – spreading fear in Canada?” “Who are you?” “Answer this question?”

      2. admiwrath says:

        If I tell you my name I will have to charge you with libel.

      3. John Gom says:

        Questions addressed to BLOGWRATH:
        1) Are you a Chinese spy – spreading fear in Canada?
        2) Why don’t you put your real name?
        3) Why do you try to srpead fear and hate?
        Please answer these questions, put your name or SHUT UP!

      4. admiwrath says:

        Again the Chinese spy libel. Your Proton Man is the one who spreads fear and hate with his total incompetence.

  5. Kim Hong says:

    Put your name who you are or shut up your mouth.

  6. John Gom says:

    I agree with previous comment that you have NOT read this book or you don’t KNOW how to read in English or you that run the BLOGWRATH could be a Chines spy – spreading negative against Canadians.
    Therefore, I agree with a previous commenter, “PUT YOUR NAME WHO YOU ARE OR SHUT UP!” You are under investigation.

    1. admiwrath says:

      So you agree with yourself – the previous post came from the same computer you are using. I had no idea that the fans of the substitute drama teacher are so touchy. Are you sending Trudeau’s police after me? If I tell you my name, I will have to charge you with libel – you are falsely accusing me of being a Chinese spy, which could bring a lengthy jail sentence. How did you come up with that insane idea? I thought Trudeau liked China for its “basic dictatorship”.

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      Can’t you come up with something wittier?

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