Interview with Mark Duggan’s Teacher

The recent riots in London started when the police killed a criminal named Mark Duggan, whom the left and the welfare freeloaders tried to turn into some kind of a hero.

Below is an interview with Boyan Yordanov, an English teacher of Bulgarian bckground, who happened to be Mark Duggan’s class teacher. The interview apeared in the Bulgarian news site Frognews. This is a translation, which doesn’t change anything. Yordanov is far from being politically correct, that’s hy it is good to listen to what he has to say:

The Wrestlers and the Ghetto Turned Mark into a Monster

(by Vassil Vassilev)

August 14, 2011

He had no idea what fear was, he jumped on the chests of his classmates, punched a female teacher in the face, tells us Boyan Yordanov, the class teacher of the killed Mark Duggan.

It turned out that the Bulgarian Boyan Yordanov was a class teacher of the 29-year-old Englishman Mark Duggan, who was killed earlier this month.  The death of the “boy” caused a real tsunami of violence and riots in London.  On August 4 he was shot by a cop, and this tragic story is about to become a civil war in Britain.  Because of his murder settlers from Africa revolted and wounded 27 cops, and the damage they caused, amounted to 500 million pounds, more than 400 were arrested, shop windows were broken and the goods in them were looted.  The unrest in London began with a protest action on August 6, where several hundred blacks gathered to avenge Mark’s spilled blood, whose father is from Jamaica.
“Tornado” found Boyan Yordanov in his office in Sofia.  He told us about the sad story of the victim, about his high school years, and the roots of aggression in him.
Mark Duggan’s teacher graduated in English Philology in Bulgaria.  He married a woman in England, where he worked as a schoolteacher in Brodwater Farm School in the London district of Tottenham.  In 1991 he became the head teacher of the man whose murder shook the English Crown.

– Mr. Yordanov, what kind of a student was Mark?

– In all my life I have never seen such an aggressive child.  He was driving crazy the whole school and everybody was afraid of him because he was  unpredictable.  He had no idea what fear was.  Initially

we were very close

because he trusted only men.  He was a disturbed student – one minute studying in the reading room, and after 5 minutes jumping on the chest of his classmate.  Once he entered into the neighbouring classroom, the teacher told him to leave and he went and punched her in the face.  He used to play football with children who were 10 years older and was scoring goals not with skill, but with rudeness.

– Did Mark ever try to assault you?

– As I told you, he had a good relationship with me and I have not had similar problems.  I think Mark was mentally disturbed because of the environment in which he grew up.  His mother came from a poor family and married a man from Jamaica.  Her husband had lovers everywhere, didn’t come home for  months, and the mother left the boy unsupervised.  All day he was watching the wrestlers and imitating them, but did not understand that if you kick  someone, you’ll hurt them.  He turned into a monster, yet at the same time, he had a very good drawing talent.

– Are there any reform schools in England, where  Mark could have been sent to?

– There were some in the past, but they were closed because they are accepted by the society as inhumane.  There was mistreatment there, as in our TVU’s (Mr. Yordanov refers to the Labour Educational Schools in communist Bulgaria – my remark).  In England a number of people are left to languish in misery and even individuals such as Mark’s mother are referred to as white trash.  They are used as labourers.  Such people are dealing drugs, they steal and kill.  It was not by accident that Mark’s cousin was stabbed …  In Jamaica the knife is the “martial art”.  They are very skilful and adept at fighting with knives.

The bobbies deal with the war among Blacks

“Police in England are fighting against the war between the Blacks from Jamaica and other black Africans,” said Boyan Yordanov, who spent 15 years in London.  “Mark is not the main cause of unrest at the moment.  In 1985 there was a case in which in the same neighbourhood people from Jamaica caught a policeman and beheaded him. They put his head on a stake and walked around with it.  Then they said that they loved him, that’s why they carried his head.  They arrested six black, let them free 10 years later and it was all over.  There is a

great ethnic conflict

After World War II Black people from the old colonies arrived in England.  The island had a labour shortage and people needed external help.  There was no local labour available.  The most numerous immigrants came from the former colony of Jamaica.  There is now a third generation Jamaicans.  Some of them have been integrated, but most are living in ghettos like our Roma.  There are social programs targeted to the Blacks, but things do not work out and the problems worsen.  The people from the former colonies consider themselves to be rejected by society.  They have their own traditions, which cannot comply with the local laws in England.  The newest class in the country are Kurds and Turks.  They are united against blacks and hate them.  Everyone lives with his mentality.  Usually among the Blacks it is not know who the father of the child is.  The immigrants from Jamaica are aggressive towards other blacks from Africa as well, they show the strongest racism towards people of Barbados.  Another problem is that

 the police have no weapons

In England there are constant discussions on this topic, but apparently the society does not agree to introduce this measure because there were cops in the U.S., who either injure themselves or kill people.  Officers are an advertisement for the country and perhaps for people that is more important than the weapons.  When you approach them, they have beautiful uniforms; they are friendly, helpful, smiling and the tourists admire them, just like the Englishmen do.  In London you have armed units that react only when needed.  It is believed that this guy Mark was monitored by them.  He was killed because he shot a policeman first, and the latter reacted.  Mark’s bullet got stuck in the cop’s walkie-talkie, which saved his life, that’s how Duggan’s teacher explains the complex situation.
Translation © 2011

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I lived in London for five years and can relate to the madness that has gripped that city. I lived in an area that was filling up with blacks. They would hang around on street corners in gangs and shout abuse at you when you walked past. I never went out at night where I lived (Forest Gate E7), unless I was driving. My house got broken into twice, once when I still at home! The second break-in was aborted when I chased the burglars (two young black men) with a police night stick. Today, I could go to prison for doing that. Those young blacks that did talk to me hated their lives, but blamed everbody else for their own self-created problems. Jamaicans and British-born black Londoners hate Africans. They blame the Africans for selling their ancestors into slavery and thus causing their current-day problems. They are resentful, angry and filled with hatred for anyone who is different from them. And this was in the 1980s!

    The recent riots is the result of a nation that rewards laziness. When young women with nothing better to do decide to have four or five kids and all with different fathers, they produce feral kids that don’t attend school, hang around the streets all day and form into rival gangs. We now have a generation of young parents that have never worked and live off generous government handouts. The images of the recent London riots revealed kids as young as ten years of age looting supermarkets and brand name stores. They are the offspring of unmarried mothers and the absence of decent father figures. They have never known discipline, guidance or values that mean anything.

    Most of the rioters were not gainfully employed. Why work and pay taxes when you can make more money thieving and selling drugs on ther street? They are not working class, they are the underclass. This is largely the result of 13 years of Labour Party rule, where paying people to do nothing all day only bred a new generation of slobs. If you are going to reward bad behaviour, you can expect more of it.

    The trouble is, there is no fear of authority anymore. When violent kids in school get nothing more than detention or are expelled, then where is the punishment? I attended high school in UK in the 1970s. Every teacher had the right to strap you, and our gym teachers beat the crap out of any bully that hit another kid. We were scared to death of our teachers, but we also had respect for them.

    Now, teachers are afraid of the kids. Mark my words, the recent riots in the UK is only the sign of much worse things to come.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That was quite an ordeal, Long Ranger. I don’t see things in Europe getting better before the total collapse of the welfare state. In the current situation, the European Union is not different than the Soviet Union, with its bureaucracy, which imposes the same laws on nations that are so different culturally that they won’t co-exist very long. Before the rule was based on communism, now on globalism and political correctness. Neither would work in long term.

      On the other hand, it would be impossible to elect decent politicians, because the masses that pay little or no taxes will keep voting for those who promise more benefits. My prediction is that when the money runs out, there will be a violent breakup in Europe, possibly with a civil war.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Admirath, believe me, quite apart from Europe, the USA is living on borrowed time. The Americans are also heading for a financial meltdown. How long can they keep raising their debt ceiling? Imagine the riots that would break out when welfare cheques and food stamps stop coming. Now, i don’t want to pick on one particular race, but the USA has a major problem with its black population.

    U.S. censes say there are forty million black people in the united states. Twenty million of them are unemployed. One Third of them are incarcerated around the country. over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock to teenage moms. The numbering of black grandmothers in their early 30’s is staggering. There are Two Hundred million Caucasians over the age of 18 years old..Looking for a Job.Most of them have found one over the past 18 months. The problem in the Uk and Europe is the same as in the USA. Why work for a living when you can rob, steal and sell drugs?

    Not all black people are like this, of course. But the good black role models are few and far between. And they are often drowned out by race whores like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who continue to fan the flames of racial hatred because it keeps them in a job. See this expose of Jackson.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That’s the problem – in the current system everybody over 18 is allowed to vote. There is absolutely no doubt that the categories of people you listed would vote for those politicians who promise to guarantee the easy ride. The vicious circle would stop when there is no money steel through taxes or borrow. Of course, that “stop” will be something horrible for everybody.

  3. Jessi Ghant says:

    I attempted to make a bogus pledge of $1,000,000,000 dollars to the kickstarter death star project, but I was denied with the error “Please enter a pledge amount of $5,000 or less.”. How can we expect to make progress when confounded by such arbitrary restrictions.

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    Gee, Jessi, I’m sorry to hear that. How about giving me that million bucks? I’ve got some very desirable property in the highly desirable Toronto neighbourhood of Jane & Finch I’d love to sell you.

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