Campbell Soup Canada – Proudly Halal

In a flyer for a major Toronto supermarket chain (distributed in the downtown area) Campbell announces that it proudly offers halal soup and other halal products:


Isn’t that great? So what about the other non-halal products? It seems now that you have to stack a pile of them, because they may be on their way out:


Seriously, if a food company makes halal products, isn’t it “haram” if it produces pork-based food? Or will it gradually get rid of them? How is this issue resolved from the sharia point of view?

Do the companies like Campbell in Saudi Arabia show solidarity and make bacon soup? Or probably, as usual, the West is showing its limitless tolerance without expecting any reciprocity…

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  2. Happy Infidel says:

    Lost my business

  3. Prophet Attila says:

    Are you guys kidding or what? (Rhetorical)… Andy Warhol is laughing his ass off somewhere!

  4. ANA HANAH says:

    Campbell Soup Canada – Proudly STUPID you will be under SHAREAH LAW SOON

  5. nondhimmi says:

    i love the boycott,have already been questioning the grocery store about the chicken and lamb,seems alot of stores carry halal but dont tell anyone

  6. Unhappy Camper says:

    You have lost my business. If I want to eat garbage I will go to landfill.

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