Canadian Flag Defaced at York University

Yesterday I went to York University to cover the lecture of Dr. Mordechai Kedar.

On my way down from the third floor of the student building, where the event took place, I noticed the flags hanging all over the stairs.

That must be some kind of a happy multicultural event, because I could find the flags of even the most obscure Polynesian islands. However, when I looked closely, only one of the flags didn’t look quite right. Here you can see what I mean:



Did you notice the Canadian flag? On top of the maple leaf they pasted an Indian with a tomahawk. And here is a close-up that may help you see better:



Can you recognize the Canadian flag?


Not only has been the Canadian flag defaced, but it has also been put in the company of banners that don’t belong to any country. Below are the “Six Nations” flag, another one that I don’t know, and finally the notorious “Mohawk Warrior” flag, which is the symbol of the native militancy. Many people have been assaulted by aboriginal criminals under it.

If the organizers wanted to make a point about “oppression”, they could’ve pasted a Tibetan on the Chinese flag above, but none of the other banners displayed was treated like the Canadian. Even the Israeli flag was intact (although at a previous event they conveniently “forgot” to display it).

I understand the position of the York University administration and its student union. They despise everything that doesn’t advance the cause of the Arab terrorism and the socialist transformation of Canada (that’s why they invite terrorist admirers like George Galloway).

However, we live in Canada; the Canadian people make major tax contributions, which allow places like York University to function. I am not aware of any Indians with tomahawks who have contributed money to anything.

Doesn’t our national flag, which symbolizes our country, deserve at least a little respect? I know that York University is a multicultural place, where “Canadian patriotism” is a dirty expression and the main priority is to accommodate the hijabs and provide halal meat for everybody.

Still, it is hard to believe that the place could sink to such a new low…


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  1. Kunoichi says:

    The “Canadian” flag is, I believe, a version Mowhawks have been using. The blue flag with the infinity symbol is the Metis flag.

    I suspect this isn’t supposed to be the Canadian flag at all, but a group of flags used by Canadian First Nations.

    Which would then have me asking, where is the Canadian flag? It may be outside the image.

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  3. Kunoichi says:

    Got a chance to look around, since I know I’ve seen the modified Canadian flag used before. I’ve found it listed as a generic “Canadian First Nations” flag, being sold in Australia. It does not represent any specific First Nations group but, considering the headress, etc., it can’t represent all of them, either.

    In light of them being grouped together like that, I think someone tried to represent Canadian First Nations without actually knowing what they were. There are a LOT of First Nations flags, and that modified Canadian flag is not among them.

    I still think the Canadian flag is hanging somewhere outside the shot.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your comment. I can assure you that I went around the display looking for the Israeli and Palestinian flags and I didn’t see any Canadian flag other than the travesty exposed in the main area.

      Let me see if I get your point correctly – there is a certain Indian tribe in Canada, which defaces the Canadian flag and sells it as their “first nation” flag. “First nations” claim to be the oldest population in Canada. I suppose they must have their own flags. The flag of Canada was introduced in 1967, yet some Indians found it useful to degrade our country by mocking it.

      I appreciate your loyalty to the “first nations”, but if they expect the Canadians to keep paying their welfare cheques, they might consider treating our national symbol in a more respectful way. However, if you are one of the York University lefties, whoi don’t give a damn about Canada, please ignore my reply and keep doing whatever you usually do.

    2. SM ISAC says:

      KUNOICHI-san, I wonder if you are deliberately being obtuse when you talk about “the modified Canadian flag” as if it is legitimate for anyone to “modify” our national flag. Please keep your hands off!

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    “but if they expect the Canadians to keep paying their welfare cheques, they might consider treating our national symbol in a more respectful way.”

    Hell will freeze over before this ever happens. Not one government, whether Liberal or Conservative has the intestinal fortitude to really DEAL with native upstarts.

  5. poster says:

    Wow, some powerful misconsumptions. Not all native persons are on welfare. and that is not a tomahawk. It a peace pipe, I believe!
    I also beleive that this person should read more on native canadian history before blowing things such as this out of proportions. This flag is symbolic to “all first native peoples”.

    1. admiwrath says:

      You need to get better glasses (if you’re native you get them for free). That definitely is a tomahawk. Of course not all natives are on welfare, but the Government of Canada spends billions and billios of dollars yearly to provide them with benefits for which the rest of us must pay out of our own pockets. It’s a totally different issue that large sums of that money is squandered by corrupt chiefs and band councils, which the natives themselves elected.

      You don’t need to read native history to see that mocking the Canadian flag by people who benefit financially from Canada is morally reprehensible. In many countries that would be considered a crime, but in politically correct Canada anything goes, especially when it’s committed by psychotic lefties or Indian extremists. As usual, the opinions of the ordinary Canadians don’t matter at all.

      P.S. What the hell does “misconsumption” mean? Is it a new Marxist economic concept taught at your Kitchener college?

  6. Anishinaabe says:

    Well this is a fine example of ignorance at it’s best…are you white by any chance? Or just an immigrant? Regardless, you’re obviously angry about something about us Aboriginals other than the so called “defaced”, “canadian” flag. Thanks for the laughs. And ya we do get free glasses, schooling and dental…be jealous, everyone else is.

    “Many people have been assaulted by aboriginal criminals under it.” Nice man. That’s what we call defending our land and our rights. Don’t like it, too bad, we’ll never stop and we’ll never go away 🙂 We will not accept oppression no more. I’m assuming you do not care for human rights either, right?

    Enjoy staying ignorant, racist and angry, I wish you well. Ps: The blue flag is the flag of the Metis Nation dumbass. Gonna share this with the other neechies 🙂

    1. admiwrath says:

      Quote: “And ya we do get free glasses, schooling and dental…be jealous, everyone else is.”
      ““Many people have been assaulted by aboriginal criminals under it.” Nice man. That’s what we call defending our land and our rights.”

      Nice to know that you’ll continue to assault people (like in Caledonia and Ipperwash) and get free stuff for doing nothing. Judging from your language, you obviously haven’t taken advantage of the free schooling. What a pathetic useless life. People like you give bad name even to the honest natives who work for a living.
      Thank you for revealing your intentions.

  7. yeah right says:

    No matter what canadians like your self who pay lots of taxes hahaha will always be paying for welfare checks, last time I looked at the welfare line it was all white folks, not one Indian. As for a flag that represents true canadians, canada was build on the blood and sweat of every indian past, present and future so any flag with a Indian n it is as true canadain as maple syrup, which comes from trees that the natives used for food, anyways if it was up to me I would put every First Nation flag up there to truly represent canada and her true peoples. Not the europeon desendents who have no real ties canada but immigrant ancestors, so when you see that flag with a indian on it be proud its not some pilgram with a turkey who couldn’t even survive a winter with out the indians, something you should be proud of, unless your proud of gutless, cowardly, homeless, dumb, inbred people your ancestors all were.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Aren’t you tired of playing the same old broken record?