Canadian Idol Reject Turns into a Terrorist

Canadian authorities just made arrests in Ottawa. According to the information released officially, the people they arrested are going to be charged with terrorosm. For the outraged lefties: this was a result of a lengthy investigation.

It turns out that one of the suspected terrorists was Khuram Sher, who was a contender on Canadian Idol.  Here is his performance:

What a performance! The Canadian Idol judges were so insensitive. Although he didn’t show exceptional musical talent, he should have been approved due to his marvelous Taliban uniform.

That should be a lesson to Canada:  if you offend any weirdo (especially if it’s deserved) they may turn against you and you will be blamed for that.

And for the lefties who support cultural diversity: why don’t you take your case to the Ontario Human Rights Commission? The Ontario Inquisition will be more than happy to take the case of a singing  Taliban and convincingly show that he was discriminated due to his attire (of course, the singing ability doesn’t matter to them).

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