Conference on Political Islam’s Effects: Polygamy, Niqab, and Honor Killing

A Conference on the effect of globalization of political Islam on women’s rights, in question with polygamy, neqab and honor killing took place in Toronto today, organized by the International Campaign Against Sharia’s Court in Canada. The speakers raised disturbing issues about blatant violations of individual rights in Canada in the name of multiculturalism and freedom of religion.



Azar Majedie, the first speaker, founder of the Organization for Women’s Liberation – Iran, talked about the treatment of women in religions, Islam in particular. She supported the banning of the burka in several European countries on the grounds that it diminishes the dignity of women. That garment turns women into faceless entities and it’s nothing short than abuse. In addition to that, in her opinion the veil (hijab) should also be banned for children under 18.

The inability of the West to deal with these problem comes from the policy of cultural relativism, which was intended to combat racism and promote cultural acceptance. However, in reality, it created two sets of rights and made possible the support of archaic customs, which are abusive to women and children. It is difficult to fight that phenomenon, because many people are afraid to be branded racists, if they oppose the oppressive cultures.


Tarek Fatah, the prominent author and columnist, stated that despite the progress of the industrial society, the religion is still a major factor in many people’s lives. In order to prevent its interference, we have to impose a full separation of church and state, which will ensure equal treatment of all types of opinions and weaknesses. It is important to deal with religious fascism, whose purpose is to enslave the minds of people. That is difficult, because sometimes the oppressed themselves perpetrate the extreme ideas (like many women in the Muslim world).

We have to create an alliance to defeat the militant Islamism. Unlike the traditional terrorism of the West (like the Red Brigades and Baader-Meinhoff gang) which did everything in the name of a future just society, Islamism offers nothing but destruction of the West. The so-called war on terror was not successful: despite the enormous amount of money spent, no result has been achieved, the world of Islam is even more dangerous now. For example, in Pakistan it was revealed recently that over 1,000 nuclear scientists are missing, probably working for some dangerous groups.

The Muslim militants are much more flexible now. They don’t require full obedience, they consider useful anybody who hates America. The whole struggle against Islamism is complicated by multiculturalism, which is skilfully used to perpetrate racism and religious bigotry.


The third speaker, Homa Arjomad (on the right), was the courageous woman who played a major role in defeating the sharia court implementation in Canada. In the spirit of her previous work, she revealed the injustice she is fighting now: the polygamy in Canada. She gave as an example the case of “Farida” (not a real name), a Muslim woman who became a victim of polygamy.

Farida was born in Canada in a Pakistani family. She was always under strict religious control by her family. She was not allowed to socialize with children from other religions or get into any un-Islamic activities. At the age of 14 her parents took her to Pakistan and she was forced to marry a man in his late 40s as his second wife. She spent there 9 years and was beaten and tortured by her husband, although she gave him two children.

She came back to Canada with her children (temporarily) because her father was ill. At this point she got the courage to defend her rights. Although women’s organizations and social services are trying to help her now, her situation is nothing short than desperate.

Her complaint is a disgrace to her family, which will suffer as well. Her brothers are shunned by the Pakistani community and her sisters would not be able to get married.

The Canadian judicial system betrayed her as well. When her parents took her out of the country and returned without her, the immigration authorities never asked where their child was. Her school never asked where she was after she simply disappeared. On top of that, her husband can’t be charged with wrongdoing because he is not a Canadian, while she might be forced to return to Pakistan with the children, otherwise she will be charged with kidnapping. Once back in Pakistan, she will be harshly punished – either by cutting off her nose and ears or by honor killing.

This case exposes the disgraceful treatment of individuals under Canadian law in the name religious tolerance. The government never applied the Child Protection Act to her, although the way she was treated was child rape. The total silence about “offending” religious communities just enforces the repression that has been going on there for decades.

There are also many cases of honor killings in Canada that are not treated with the attention they should be. In the same row of abuses fall the burka and the hijab, as tools to get more concessions from the Canadian government, which will not ask about the opinions of the women who are forced to wear those garments.

The issue in the basis of all that is the multiculturalism, which creates ghettoes of people united by supposedly a  “great” culture, which totally ignores the rights of an individual under the Canadian law.


A great addition to the conference was the comedian Steve Scholtz, who tried his best to make honor killings and burka part of his comedy. And he was very successful at doing it.


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  1. “The speakers raised disturbing issues about blatant violations of individual rights in Canada in the name of multiculturalism and freedom of religion.”


    “…Islamism offers nothing but destruction of the West.”


    “…disgraceful treatment of individuals under Canadian law in the name religious tolerance… many cases of honor killings in Canada that are not treated with the attention they should be.”


    Glad to hear the truth spoken plainly. I hope people will inform themselves about the situation in Europe and decide to not let the same thing happen here.

  2. Joy says:

    It’s hard to realize that right here in North America – in supposedly “enlightened” Canada – such barbarism is allowed to almost flourish – no questions asked! Individual rights mean absolutely nothing vs. the supremacy of that false god, MultiCulti crapola. Diversity and respect for other cultures does NOT mean respect for barbarism and violations of human rights. In other words, human rights must ALWAYS trump “cultural sensitivities!!” The group is NOT more important than the individual – it’s the other way around!! Sharia law wherever it’s practiced and tolerated casts a shadow and a blight on that land and/or in those areas. REPEAT: NO PLACE FOR SHARIA LAW IN A CIVILIZED WESTERN COUNTRY!!

  3. Good stuff sorry I couldn’t make it.

  4. Thank you so very much for your report on this Conference.

    Did they speak about the prayer that is said in MOST mosques around the world “Oh Allah, give victory to Muslims and Islam … Oh Allah, give defeat to the Kufaar and Mushriqeen”

    1. admiwrath says:

      I don’t remember any of the speakers mentioning that prayer.

  5. Thanks for this good summary of the event. I translated your post for the benefit of the francophone audience :

    1. admiwrath says:

      Merci, c’est magnifique!

  6. mosq-skidoo! says:

    It’s wonderful to see that some Canadians are our comrades-in-arms in the rejection of the politically-correct idiocy sweeping the west, especially among the so-called intelligentsia. Your conference sounds as if it touched on many of the most troubling aspects of the ways in which Islamic practices and customs subvert liberty and respect for the individual, values that are fundamental to western thought.

    The case of the Pakistani girl taken to Pakistan at 9 for years of suffering with her decades-older husband and now the perils she faces if (or when?) she’s returned to that pariah country which despises the west even as it awaits largesse from us as a way of life – heartbreaking, terrifying, incomprehensible. Surely a government as humane and wise as Canada’s can see the big picture and let her stay in Canada with her children, and not eagerly live up to ideals 17 miles higher than any Islamic country ever would? We live as if we are setting examples for those who are brutes, but in reality they chuckle at our weakness and exploit it maximally. (Israel understands this.)

    I wish you the best, meaning I wish and hope that Canadians begin to realize the dangers in your midst and to take steps to neutralize said dangers while they are still manageable. I have the same extreme concerns about my country, of course! – hence my “activism”, born only recently. Europe’s example is scary; I think some areas there are no longer recoupable.

  7. Cathe45 says:

    I was in the conference. The women in black never stopped taking at QA session. We needed a strong moderator to better control this situation.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, there was that woman from the audience, who in the end started talking and took almost the entire time allocated for questions and answers.

  8. tammy says:

    I was there too. I must say Homa Arjomand did a great job, and she is right we need to approach political Islam with a political solution .
    Good job

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, Homa Arjomad is such a courageous woman.

  9. Ashley says:

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  10. Sally Dunkin says:

    Fortunately that guy Terry Jones decided not to burn the Qu’ran. But now a different moron has torched some pages of the Koran at the WTC in New York. I cannot understand these people who are willing to offend peaceful people just to give a political protest. There are much more positive ways to fight radicalism.

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