Feng Shui Multiculturalism

The Canadian multiculturalism has delivered another blow on common sense. It was announced few days ago that the University of British Columbia has put on hold the plans to build a hospice on its campus. The reason for that were the objections of a group of Chinese people, who live in condominium building nearby. They believed that a building full of dying people will disturb the feng shui balance – their daily lives will be put in disarray due to the negative energy emitted by the hospice.

This incident may look insignificant, but it is symptomatic of the level to which our country has descended since the time when the philandering Mr. Trudeau shoved multiculturalism down Canada’s collective throat. At the time the issue wasn’t discussed widely, maybe people thought that he was opening the country to the best and brightest of the world cultures. Instead Canada was flooded with bizarre believes, which according to the dogmas of multiculturalism must be treated as equal to the Western culture.

In this case, according to the press, the Chinese condominium residents probably had two reasons to do what they did. The first one was the fear of dropping property values. Reportedly each one of them paid over one million dollars for their condominiums and they won’t be able to get that much when reselling them to the next sucker. But since you can’t count this as a legitimate reason, they played the multicultural card. Whatever the real reason, their behaviour is beyond appalling: to deny dying people a facility for your selfish reasons doesn’t put them very high on the scale of morality. If the developers were proposing a strip club or an Irish pub they might have had a legitimate objection, but to oppose a hospice that will be guaranteed to be quiet is really low.

But that’s the way the Chinese parvenus act: after making their money by selling substandard junk to the West produced by child labour or severely exploited workers, they think that the money they have gives them a free pass to do whatever they want. In China they would’ve dealt with the issue in a simple way by just making the demand to the local authorities who are dependent on them. Since China still hasn’t bribed enough politicians in Canada to follow the whims of those “Canadians”, they put into play the most stupid and primitive elements of the Chinese culture.

The funny thing about their demand is how they defended it. The Globe and Mail in its coverage of the case quotes a certain Ms. Janet Fan, apparently a spokeswoman for the group, who says: “It is all about cultural sensitivity. We came here as new immigrants with our own belief system. And in our beliefs, it is impossible for us to have dying people in our backyard.”

I want to stop for a minute and think about that statement. Saying that the woman is viciously arrogant would be an understatement. She and the people behind her can serve as a poster child of the essence of multiculturalism and what’s wrong with it: a group of low-life opportunists come to Canada with the goal to exploit it misguided tolerance with a primitive, stone-age worthy belief and they have absolutely no intention to adapt. The stupid Canadians must accept their belief, no matter what.

Feng Shui is a primitive superstition with no basis in reality. The fact that millions of people in China believe in it doesn’t make it more valid. And the fact that enterprising swindlers are selling it to naïve Canadians through the Learning Annex or the web doesn’t add more credibility either. After all, don’t forget that many millions in medieval Europe believed in witchcraft and you probably remember what was the result of that.

My first encounter with feng shui was long time ago when I used to work for a small hotel in Toronto owned by a Taiwanese family. They were Canadian citizens, but lived in Taiwan just like many other “Canadians” who live in their respective countries and remember Canada only when they need something from her. At least the Taiwanese family was paying taxes on their Toronto property.

One day we found a large kitschy painting in the hotel’s storage room.  It showed a picture of a river flowing toward the observer. We decided to hang it in the lobby facing the front door. The next month, the owners came from Taiwan for their regular visit. Upon entering the lobby and seeing the picture, the matron of the family started to yell something in Chinese. The Chinese girl who worked there explained to me that according to feng shui, water flow meant money. And by pointing the flow toward the door, we let the money go away. The picture must be facing the front desk where the money should go.

We moved the picture within minutes. Did it change anything? Not at all. And I didn’t need feng shui to tell you why. The hotel was run on a shoestring, with repairs done only if absolutely necessary, after finding the cheapest possible company in Chinatown. It was no wonder that we couldn’t charge any decent price for the stay.

You may say that the westerners are no better with their astrology and palmistry, but can you imagine how the authorities will treat anybody here who tries to justify his or her objection to something through astrology and palmistry? They will laugh them out. Yet they cave in when feng shui is used as a reason even though it is exactly as stupid as astrology and palmistry.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t the universities supposed to be temples of science and truth created to destroy the darkness of ignorance? Why then the University of British Columbia backed off under the pressure of an ancient superstition? Where they bribed by them? The answer is simple: if the condominium Chinese had gone to complain to the Human Rights Commission, it would have cost the university a big chunk of money.

Those commissions act exactly like the medieval inquisition, upholding the most bizarre beliefs and actions and charging institutions, businesses and individuals thousands of dollars just because they dared to oppose those beliefs.

Of course, the university should know that they may have a chance of winning because in the reverse discrimination scale of the Human Rights Commissions, the rich Chinese don’t have a very high status. They are not deprived enough, even though they are higher than the whites.

If the hospice was designed for overweight white Christian men with Anglo-Saxon names who have voted for Harper and they are dying of diabetes, there will be no chance of winning. The dying will probably be shipped in cattle trucks to the deepest rain forests of British Columbia to die in obscurity.

However, if the hospice was to be used by lesbian Haitian converts to Islam, who are dying of AIDS, the commission may decide that the luxury Chinese condominiums nearby are a far better option to house them.

That’s not funny. Things in our country have deteriorated to the point where the traditional Western culture is pushed systematically into the sewer of history and the quasi-cultures that are trying to take over have to fight with each other to establish supremacy.

Actually it will be funny for the Westerners to watch how those “cultures” devour each other. Many Muslims can firmly state just like Ms. Fan that they came to Canada with their own “belief system”. How long would it take before the Muslims demand shutting down Chinese restaurants, because the fumes of the pork cooked there offends their cultural sensitivity? And since they also have a strong belief in their righteousness, their demand should be granted. The anti-pork belief is as stupid as the feng shui belief so it will be hard to decide which stupidity is superior from the viewpoint of political correctness.

From the same point of view, an African witch doctor may ask for the same license as a Western medical doctor. That will be easy to justify: the Western doctor is a servant of “big pharma” who poisons his patients with useless chemicals, while the witch doctor is an oppressed shaman close to nature who mobilizes the natural forces to cure people (and he fights colonialism as a side business).

Isn’t anybody bothered by that monstrous travesty of justice?! Using primitive beliefs to fight dying people is a disgrace to that part of the Chinese community, which is involved in this incident. Where are the educated Chinese scientists and engineers to condemn what happened? It is natural to think that they would be above the superstitions. Their silence implies that they are not against the attack on reason. They probably feel comfortable when the culture that created the country they were willing to immigrate to is destroyed as long as their homeland’s superstitions are doing the job of destruction.

And what about the politicians? Olivia Chow, the most prominent Canadian politician of Chinese background hasn’t said a word either. Last year she went out of her way to confront the statements of the CSIS director Richard Fadden and even managed to censor his book, in which he stated that China is spying on Canada.  Everybody knows that China is doing that in many countries, including here. China maintains spies in all industrialized nations.

In her propaganda materials that she sends me often (I am her constituent), Olivia champions the cause of the underprivileged. Here is her opportunity to take the side of the dying people against the arrogance of the rich Chinese parvenus. Is she going to do it? Of course she won’t, if she keeps silent, she will keep getting those donations and would never be deprived of the precious Chinese votes.

Her son (or stepson or whatever) Mike Layton recently joined the family NDP business as a Toronto councillor from Trinity-Spadina. His first action in his new position was to waste the council’s time by involving it in a harassment campaign against MacLeans Magazine for publishing an article that supposedly offended the Chinese.  That is the second attack against the magazine after the Arabs sued it few years ago. Obviously, the multicultural police don’t like any objective discussion. Jack and Olivia must be proud of him for maintaining the family legacy of fighting against our country’s traditions.

Maybe we should remind those feng shui enthusiasts that it is not acceptable in Canada to justify your greed and arrogance with superstitions (at least for now, until the Human Rights Commission outlaws reason and logic). And as for the Layton-Chow family, they should be aware that their Chinese masters are not the only people who live in the Trinity-Spadina area. Catering to greedy parvenus who think that they can turn Canada into a miniature China is not a political strategy that will ensure the family’s political future, unless the thinking Canadians lose their minds.

Opening the door to that insane Chinese superstition will definitely bring a flood of even more insanity coming from many other parts of the world, which will eventually obliterate everything that our country stood for.  But probably that’s the not-so-deeply hidden plan of multiculturalism.
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