The Ghosts of Caledonia’s Past Haunt Toronto’s High Park

In mid-May a bunch of Indian thugs occupied a part of High Park in Toronto under the pretence that it was their ancient burial ground. Their excuse was that the bikers, who were conducting their (illegal) races in the area desecrated the “cemetery”. The mainstream press reported the incident and the City Hall provided the occupiers with a portable toilet and a tool shed for the shovels they were supposed to use to restore the grounds.

The newspapers quickly found out that the cemetery excuse was a hoax. However, nothing more would have happened, if the activities of that group – Red Power United – didn’t attract the attention of the alternative press. This is a criminal and racist group of Native extremists, who try to accomplish their goals through intimidation and terror.

Those events eventually alerted two organizations, which have been fighting the Native bullying for years – CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality) and Caledonia Victims Project. They have stood for the victimized and terrorized citizen of Caledonia (Ontario) who suffered from the intimidation of Indian criminals supported by the Ontario Government and the Ontario Provincial Police.

One of the most amazing facts about their respective leaders – Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas – was that they were arrested not so long ago for raising the Canadian flag in Caledonia. This is such a unique case, that they should report it to the Guinness Book of World Records – I have never heard of a situation, where the regular police of a democratic country would arrest two law-abiding citizens for raising the official flag of that country. Even the barbarians in Saudi Arabia wouldn’t do something like that.

The organizations scheduled a protest against the occupation for Saturday, May 28. It was supposed to start at the Grenadier Restaurant in High Park from where the participants were to walk to the occupied area.


The event is going to begin soon.


There was something ominous in that event – the arrival of those people in Toronto reminded me of the appearance of the ghost of the Christmas future in “Christmas Carol” with the premonition of something bad happening, if we don’t listen to them. The only difference being that the bad things would happen not to the evil Scrooge, but to the hapless Bob Cratchit (Toronto is much closer to his character).

Of course, the mainstream media didn’t miss the event. A reporter from CBC (who looked native) showed up shortly after 2 p.m. and interviewed first Mark Vandermaas and then Gary McHale. The interesting thing about her was that she tried very hard to spin the protest into something insignificant – she said that the case was exaggerated, there was only an overnight stay by the Natives and then they were replaced by volunteers to repair the grounds.


A CBC reporter interviews Mark Vandermaas


I wonder if she received her education at the Pravda University of Journalism, but the truth is different – several days after the occupation started, I went there and saw the tents and the “Mohawk Warriors” flag with the Natives sleeping. I wrote about that here.

Mark was obviously used to such shallow provocations – he rebutted her points one by one. He pointed out that Red Power United has advocated for years criminal occupation, service disruptions and violence to achieve their goals, even though many Natives don’t support them. He asked what would happen if someone created a group named White Power United – they would be jailed right away. Yet the native criminals have been tolerated by the authorities for years. Why should they be above the law? He also mentioned that on May 23, 2011, Harrison Friesen (the thugs’ leader) posted a video that if the City ignores his demands, he will come back and build a camp in High Park.


Gary McHale joins the conversation


According to Mark, the issue is the trend created – in Caledonia the occupation, which brought violence, started the same way, with a very few people starting it and the violent radicals joining later. Gary, who joined the conversation, added that once a precedent is established allowing them to occupy land without reason, they may start occupying residential areas. The reporter didn’t have much to say in response – you can’t manipulate a person who knows the facts.

Aside from the reporters, there were two representatives of the City, one of whom worked for the parks department.

Shortly after the interview, we all walked to the occupied area, followed by a large number of police officers on bikes.


On the way to the "occupied land"



Still walking...


When we reached the place, I saw that it was still surrounded by a fence, although the tents and the flags were gone. The City people stated that it was needed until the rejuvenation is completed, although initially it was announced that the fence will keep everybody but the Indians from the place (let’s hope that this is true).


The fence is still there...


I saw inside two guys with shovels working. However, here is what bothered me – when the “warriors” occupied the place, they were telling everybody that they were restoring it, but they didn’t do any work whatsoever (that’s why I called them “lazy Indians”). A person, who doesn’t like to work is lazy, do you have any objections to that definition?

Today we saw that the two guys finished just about 2 square meters of the ground, the rest was flat and dead as it was before. That’s probably one hour’s work – and I have the bad feeling that the parks department started the work right before the demonstration to show that they are doing something.


The fruits of the "hard" work - 2 square meters are done...



... the rest is as dead and flat as before.


But don’t worry – I’ll be sure to go back to check if any work is done or if everything is a sham to keep that part of the park segregated.

After listening to detailed explanation from the City guys about they are going to do rejuvenate the area, we all left.


The guy from the City tells us what is to be done.



News 1010 interviews Gary McHale


Upon leaving, both Mark and Gary talked to the police officers – both were pleasantly surprised by the civilized and polite behaviour of the Toronto Police. It was in a stark contrast with what the Ontario Provincial Police forced them to endure.


Leaving the place...



A friendly chat with the police...


On our way back, I talked to Mark about the situation in Caledonia. There was not much to cheer about. The thugs were still there – now they own the whole lot with the housing development that the McGuinty government bought from the local residents. The Indians demolished all houses and left one where they live. All the utilities of that house are paid by the government.

A few months ago the local residents placed a small monument to commemorate the events that happened. Within minutes, the Indians destroyed the monument and burned the Canadian flag, while OPP were watching.

I can’t help but wonder: how much longer would the Canadians tolerate that double legal standard? A large number of the natives are “professional sufferers” who extort money from us in every possible way with the help of lefty loons.

The federal Ministry of the Indian and Northern Affairs is a huge welfare office, which gives away billions and billions of dollars to kill the initiative in the Natives and keep them in poverty. On the Ministry’s website it is stated that “In Aboriginal communities, Elders are keepers of traditional teachings and language. They are greatly respected for their life experience and wisdom, and members of the community often seek their counsel.” Yet those “elders” take huge amount of the subsidies for themselves. Last year huge misappropriations were uncovered – for example, an Indian chief of a community of about 300 people was getting over $900,000 tax free.

Is there any solution to this disastrous situation? What about treating all Canadians equally under the law?

We can simply abolish that money – wasting Ministry and let all Natives work like everybody else. Or if they want to keep their lands, the courts must decide all land claims once and for all. Once they have the territories, in which they even now consider themselves “sovereign nations”, they should start acting as such – developing their own businesses and agriculture without any welfare payments from us.

Maybe one day somebody in the government would get enough courage to tackle that problem, but I don’t bet on it…

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  1. sgreen says:

    In response to GCBC ” Some my family lives on a reserve. They pay for services they do not get,they are not allowed to use any of the buildings or anything else on the reserve. Even if they were dying they would not be permitted in the local clinic. They own their house but not the land but they pay for the land as well. They are not native,that’s why they pay for services they can’t get. Unlike the Natives who don’t pay for any services-anywhere on or off the reserve.”

    What do you expect to have your cake and eat it too? You stated that your family that lives on the reserve are non-native? How did they manage that scam? There are many people that have been on a long wait list for housing on the reserve that can’t get because of families such as yours lving on the reserve, who should not be and then crying the blues because you can’t receive services guarenteed as a treaty right to only Native people. What treaty was your non native family a part of? Oh you say none… That’s the reason why they are not eligible for any services on the reserve. Get a life man and stop whining.

  2. New resource at Caledonia Victims Project:

    ‘History of the Mohawk Warrior flag: a legacy of lawlessness’

    Features commentary, High Park case study, and quotes from Masters thesis by Kahente Horn-Miller (mentioned by Gary McHale above) proving that the so-called ‘Unity Flag’ is NOT the flag in High Park, Caledonia or Oka and, and even if it was – the Unity Flag, too, was born out of the lawless takeover of a girl’s camp in NY state which included shootings of non-natives, including a nine year old girl.

    The flag flown in High Park, Oka and Caledonia is the ‘war’ flag with the imagery of the shaven-headed war-ready warrior which was created by the original ‘Unity Flag’ artist by special request of organized criminals smuggling cigarettes.

    This reference also cpnvincingly rebuts the outrageous smear attempt by the Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society and Red Power United to paint Gary McHale as a white supremacist.

    Wherever the Warrior flag flies, lies, threats and eventually violence are sure to follow.

    Mark Vandermaas, Founder
    Caledonia Victims Project

  3. admiwrath said:”…Please spare us the bone and arrow story – if there were the slightest hint of objects like those you claim they found, the place would’ve been swarmed with archaeologists and city officials…”

    You mean archeologists like the UNLICENSED Indiana Jones wannabe Ron Williamson (and possibly others associated with/employed by his firm, ASI) who will render an opinion that is BS if it suits the interests of whatever corporate elite property-grabbing shmuck is paying for his firm’s services? Those kinds of archeologists?

    And as to how I got to the park: My truck was on fumes. Two of the men whom you called “thugs” were coming from the Native Friendship Center and were walking down the street not too far from where I was left stranded. I asked them if they had seen my “friend”, and gave them a description. They said they hadn’t. We struck up a conversation, and, being able to ascertain rather quickly that they were not pretentious or dangerous, I felt relieved to meet a couple of down-to-earth people in a frighteningly huge and overwhelming big city that dwarfs NYC or Philly. Only one of the men had a bit of change in his pocket and he put his last $5 in the tank so I could drive them to the park where others were. And the rest is history.

  4. Dear Blogwrath:

    Thank you for removing the disgusting comments falsely accusing us of being white supremacists, etc. The people who support the lawlessness against innocents in Caledonia have been trying to smear us for 4 years.

    Here is a link to a Tekawennake News (Six Nations) two-part op-ed series written by Gary McHale, Merlyn Kinrade, Doug Fleming, and me they agreed to publish as part of a court-approved agreement to settle 4 lawsuits we filed after their editor falsely accused us of being racist, anti-native neo-Nazis, etc.

    Part One addresses the false neo-Nazi allegations, Part Two looks to the future with our suggestions to bring healing and reconciliation to both communities. Each piece begins with an acknowledgement that the paper has NO evidence we are white supremacists or sympathizers:

    ‘Healing Two Communities’

    Thank you.

    Mark Vandermaas, Founder
    Caledonia Victims Project