Harper Finally Takes a Stand against the Tamil Smuggling

After several days of silence, Prime Minister Stephen Harper finally expressed his opinion. At a press conference in Mississauga, ON, he acknowledged that the Canadians are concerned about a whole boat of people who enter the country ignoring the regular immigration channels.

His stand is much better than the position of Count Ignatieff and “Taliban Jack” Layton, who would let in anybody who shows up at the border for any reason just not to spoil the Third World’s impression of Canada as being the most generous dumping place in the world.

Still, we need to see some real action: what exactly is the Prime Minister going to do to protect the hard-working people of Canada from financing questionable “social justice” causes?

He’d better hurry up, because at least two other ships are being boarded in Asia with Tamil smugglers as we speak. I don’t think he would like to hear what most of the Canadians will say when those ships arrive.

More about the press conference here.

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