How Muslims Defeated Two Gay Politicians in Toronto

Thank God for free speech in Canada. It still survives, although feeble and bruised from the attacks of shady organizations and unsavoury characters.

Last year, that freedom allowed us to hear the insane rants of George Galloway, last week we heard the anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders. That’s the beauty of free speech – after you listen, you can make up your mind about somebody’s opinion and argue with them.

The same applies to the views of Jawed Anwar, a prominent Muslim activist and writer in Toronto. Recently he published an article titled   Don Valley West: Liberal Hypocrites Lost the Grip in the online magazine (h/t BCF & Sanwin).

He writes about the internal struggles in the Muslim community in Toronto over the issue of which politicians they should support. There is no doubt, that’s an important problem.

It turns out, none of the two major parties (Conservatives and Liberals) deserves any support. Harper takes quite a beating from Mr. Anwar as a supporter of the “racist state Israel” and for refusing  to take back the terrorist named Omar Khadr. He even makes sure to express his admiration for Al-Jazeera’s bashing of “Harper’s regime” (it’s nice to know that their vicious Islamic propaganda is readily available in Canada).

The Liberals are not much better – they get their fair share of bashing for starting the “aggression” in Afghanistan and helping Harper to keep Khadr away. However, they are little bit less hated, because many Muslims support the party financially (while, as Mr. Anwar claims, the conservatives don’t get a dime from them).

But when we read further, it becomes clear that there is a certain issue that bothers Jawed Anwar (and probably many other Toronto Muslims) to the point that he is not ashamed to confront it – and that’s the homosexuality of the politicians.

He explained how a few years ago the local Liberal activist Abdul Ingar duped conservative Muslims (men with long beards and women in niqabs) to vote in the provincial elections for Kathleen Wynne, a lesbian, who later became a provincial education minister, even though she couldn’t hide her racism:

capturing and strengthening her throne, Ms Kathleen Wynne, the “Queen” of Don
Valley West, started showing her disliking of “browns” (in Don Valley West, it
is often used to refer to Muslims). “She started racist slur, ‘I don’t like to
see too many browns in my riding’” (meaning Liberal riding posts), said an ex
liberal party memb
er and insider.”

Later on, the same activist supported Rob Oliphant in the federal election, an openly gay United Church minister, who also won.

However, Mr. Anwar doesn’t like what the elected politicians tried to do after they got their positions. He specifically states that the proposed new curriculum in the public school was diametrically opposite to what the Muslims believed in:


“When Kathleen
Wynne became the member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament and education
minister by defeating John Tory who was the advocate of public funding of
religious schools, she tried her best to change the current character of public
school on the path of perversion. She prepared a new curriculum for health and
physical education, before leaving the ministry to join Ministry of Transport.
The new curriculum proposed sex education from grade three, and homosexuality
and trans-sexuality (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, intersex,
queer) was to be a part of curriculum. Young kids would be taught that you
could have two moms and two dads and all kinds of possible sexual perversion
and relationship and there is nothing wrong in it; it is normal. Moreover,
parents have no right to oppose it… A majority of Muslims are living in poverty
and having several children; they can’t pay enormous fees for private Islamic
schools. Practically, they are forced to send their children to public schools
in all conditions. If they speak against Ms. Wynne’s proposed curriculum, they
will be accused of violating “human rights” and “social justice.” This is the
repressive and authoritarian tendency of Liberal extremists and perverts.”

I agree to a point with the sentiments of the author – the gays are a tiny minority in the society, and even though their rights should be strictly observed, they have no right to impose their lifestyle on others, especially small children (exactly as the heterosexuals have no right to impose their lifestyle on gays).

However, I wouldn’t call that way of life a “perversion”. If a Christian had written what Mr. Anwar wrote in the quote above, he or she would be dragged through the mud by Barbara Hall and her henchmen from the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Yet, I am not aware of anybody condemning Mr. Anwar’s views.

Then Jawed Anwar expresses his displeasure with Ingar’s support for George Smitherman in his run against Rob Ford in last year’s mayoral election in Toronto. And he proudly states that the Muslim community was instrumental in the defeat of the gay candidate Smitherman:

year when practicing Christians were celebrating Good Friday nationwide, the
top gay politicians of Toronto, under the leadership of Smitherman, were
visiting Masjid Darussalam at the annual inaugural day of “path to piety”
program.” They were invited by Abdul Ingar, on behalf of Masjid Darussalam. Mr.
Ingar announced and requested that everyone meet these “most honorable” people
of Toronto. Mr. Smitherman was the mayoral candidate in the October 2010
Toronto City Election. Do “non-gay” politicians have the same right to do so?
Ask Mr. Ingar (privately when he was not holding the microphone at the Mimbar
of Masjid). And also ask Mr. Rob Ford, new elected mayor of Toronto City to try
to visit here and break the ice. The time has changed now. Despite the Liberal
religious leaders appeal for Smitherman, Muslims of our neighbourhood voted for
Rob Ford. And despite the full effort of liberal riding, MP, MPP, and mayoral
candidate Smitherman’s campaign office, liberal’s darling Muhammad Dhanani lost
the last city councillor election.”

Obviously, Smitherman kissing his “husband” on the lips at public rallies didn’t play well with that segment of the population. After the election I wrote that “homophobia” played a role in Smitherman’s defeat. Now Mr. Anwar proves I was right. Despite the attempts by Smitherman to paint Ford as a pathetic bigot, he himself became a victim of the bigotry of the “multicultural” Toronto, where many ethnicities simply can’t accept a gay politician.

In the end of the article, Mr. Anwar doesn’t forget to mention that Rob Oliphant will be treated the same way (the article was published before the election). He even contrasts the pictures of Oliphant with his “husband” and of the Conservative candidate Carmichael showing women and children. He writes:

Rob Oliphant, the Liberal candidate of the Federal Election 2011, was unable to
read the writing on the wall. He is still considering it a soft Liberal riding.
He is so confidently arrogant that he started threatening his opponent voters.
“Never come to my office,” Oliphant responded to a voter at the door of
apartment of 47 Thorncliffe Park Drive, when the voter informed him that he
already voted for another candidate, Oliphant’s opponent. He threatened another
Muslim volunteer of a rival candidate by saying, “I never forget the people.”
So what?”

The editor of the site added a note that Oliphant was defeated by Carmichael by a margin of 639 votes. It means that if Muslims supported Oliphant, he would’ve been elected.

So here we have it – the “rich multicultural tapestry” of Toronto somehow can’t find a place for gays. How much longer would the “queer community” pretend they don’t see anything? Their rights are guaranteed only in the civilized countries in Europe and North America, yet they keep fighting the West for the sake of people who’d rather see them dead.

Their stubborn support for the bunch of anti-Jewish losers called “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” is a great example of that suicidal behavior. Multiculturalism is not good, especially for gays.

As you can see, Mr. Anwar openly states that Muslims helped defeat two gay politicians solely because of their sexual orientation. That’s as “homophobic” as it could get. Many other people, like me, voted against Smitherman, because he is an incompetent buffoon who as a health minister managed to squander hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money (although he didn’t forget to play the “gay card” after he lost).

And the most disturbing fact is that multiculturalism is already capable of reshaping the politics in our country for the worse. How long would it take before the Muslims increase in numbers to the point where they can change laws? At that point the funding of the gay parade would be the least of the problems of the “queer community”, they might be forced to fight the drive to outlaw homosexuality. And they would come back whining and crying for the support of the conservative West. But it would be probably too late for everybody…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    This article is right on the money. The madness of multiculturalism is beginning to manifest itself in the votes of non-white immigrants. I do not call them “new Canadians,” as becoming a “Canadian” is the farthest thing from their minds. Currently, the government shells out over $12 billion dollars to immigrants and their elderly parents in social and financial assistance. This is far more than they pay back in taxes. The insanity of taking in large numbers of Muslims to the point where their votes are now beginning to re-shape our politics cannot be overstated. While not every immigrant opposes gay rights, it is clear where the sentiments of many African, Muslim, Tamil, Sikh and east Indian voters lie.

    Perhpas the most ridiculous aspect of this comic opera scenario concerns the ‘Queers for Palestine,’ a bunch of numb skulls who rail against the only country in the Middle East where gay rights are guaranteed, on behalf of people who want to behead them!

    Such is liberalism in Canada.

    1. admiwrath says:

      It’s amazing how persistently the Left is destroying itself.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    “It’s amazing how persistently the Left is destroying itself.”

    At least they’re good at something!

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