Machete Trouble in the Multicultural Paradise of Toronto



Twenty-five years ago Toronto was a dull city – dead quiet on Sundays, thanks to the Sunday shopping ban. LCBO worked like Chinatown, accepting only cash for its liquor, and unless you went to Chinatown, it was hard to find an ethnic restaurant among the diners. Not much was happening to write about in the papers – I remember how in the early 1990’s a serial cat killer made front page news in the Toronto Sun.

However, our fine federal government, starting with Brian Mulroney, had been working diligently behind the scene to make our lives more exciting. The policy of accepting over 250,000 new immigrants every year, with very little background checking, turned Toronto into something unrecognizable. Attracted by the generous benefits and the affirmative action policies, many people, who can’t function in a normal society, firmly established themselves as the new face of our fair city.

Now we can find every imaginable ethnic restaurant. Wandering in certain parts of the city makes you wonder if you haven’t been magically transported into Mogadishu – a complete experience including the stench of dirty clothes and stale sweat in the summer. Other parts are populated by people from countries where violence is a normal way of life. Instead of being transformed by the “progressive” Canadians, who welcomed them with open arms, they continue their old ways encouraged by the gullibility of the locals.

An example of the latter is the Jane/Finch area – the quarter around those two streets has gradually turned into one of the most dangerous parts of Toronto. The daily violence rarely finds coverage in the press, because it is committed among the Jamaican and Somali gangs of robbers and drug dealers, who assault mostly their own ethnicities. The proximity of York University to the area has resulted in numerous crimes against the students, like sex assaults, robberies and even shootings. Yet when the Toronto Police started to investigate seriously the crimes, the York University lefties went into a whining mode and even held a rally against the “police racial profiling.”

That confrontation explains accurately the downward spiral, which gradually leads Toronto to the position of a Canadian Detroit. The refusal to see the results of the policy of multiculturalism, which sees people as members of groups, most of which (usually the worst ones) must be protected, tramples the rights of the individual and our ability to deal with crime.

A fine contributor to the multiculturalism in Toronto

A fine contributor to the multiculturalism in Toronto

Yesterday we were “blessed” with another fine multicultural moment, straight from the diverse Jane/Finch area. Four people were stupid enough to go there and inspect a car for sale on Kijiji. Of course, there was no car in the underground garage and they were attacked with weapons by a gang of the Jane/Finch finest:

Police are searching for a man who forcibly held and beat four young people while threatening them with a machete after they met him in response to a Kijiji ad.

Police said an 18-year-old man, along with three friends, went to meet another man in the Jane Street and Grandravine Drive area about a car for sale on the website Kijiji on Monday, July 14.

It is alleged that the four met the man in an underground garage and were shown the car before being surrounded by a group men who appeared quite suddenly.

Someone produced a gun and the four were robbed of all their belongings, stripped and beaten.

During that time they were also forcibly held, beaten with rocks and threatened with a machete.

The men forced the victims to call their friends and family to raise money in order to let them go, but the victims were able to make their escape four hours later and call police.

Alhaji Kabba, 18, of Toronto is wanted for:
– Robbery with a Firearm
– Forcible Confinement
– Extortion
– Assault with a Weapon
– Aggravated Assault
– Fail to Comply Recognizance

He is described as black, 6-1″, 180 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. His photograph has been released and is shown above.

Police are urging the public to call 911 if they see him and not to approach the man as he is considered armed and dangerous.

We have definitely gone a long way from the cat killer to that Somali gangster. We are conditioned to think that things like these happen in Chicago or some backward Arab or African country, but they are already here. Thanks to our impotent media, which ignore everything that is not related to diversity or homosexual parades, the public is kept in the dark, as the case of those naïve four people shows.

It is unfair to blame only the federal politicians for that criminal invasion. The local politicians have also contributed according to their level of stupidity. The ignorant Olivia Chow, who yearns to be our next Mayor, recently called for a ban of handguns in Toronto. It remains a mystery how that measure would take the guns from the hands of that Muslim gang – I don’t think they bought it with their hard-earned money from a gun shop. Most likely it was stolen or smuggled from the USA. And shouldn’t Olivia demand a machete ban to deal further with the problem?

Things are even worse than that. Last year the idiots from the Toronto City Council voted to make Toronto a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. Earlier this year they even voted to request that the provincial government extend welfare benefits to the illegals. The core group of lefty dimwit Councillors like Perks, Vaughan, Wong-Tam, Layton Jr., etc., managed to influence the rest and pass that insanity.

Unlike the refugees and legal immigrant, who are checked at least symbolically, we don’t know anything about the illegals. We don’t know how many killers, hookers, rapists, robbers, or con artists are there among them. And we will be scolded by the Human Rights Commissions, if we dare ask to deport all of them, because that would make those “vulnerable” groups feel uncomfortable.

We already see open Muslim political violence and if we add it to the gang violence and other crimes, there is not much to cheer about in the future of Toronto.


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  1. Vardit says:

    Truly a great article… shared on my FB page

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    This is truly the beginning of the end for Toronto. It’s even worse now than when I lived there in the early 1990s. I was working in security in a high rise tower when I was threatened by Tamils (they were all packing handguns guns). However, as a law abiding citizen I have no defence against them, and according to the rules (made up by Ontario’s Chief Firearms Officer), I cannot even apply for a permit to carry my own legally owned handgun until there has been three attempts on my life. I took to wearing an internal or covert Kevlar vest, but my company told me to take it off as the condo board thought it looked “too intimidating.” Not as intimidating as gangs of armed Jamaicans, Tamils and Koreans, apparently. Yet one of these gangs strangled one of our guys one night and half-beat him ot death. Knowing that things would only get progressively worse in TO, I moved my family to Calgary, Alberta in 2002.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience. The degree of deterioration is staggering. I forgot to mention the Koreans – in the Korean area near Bloor W./Christie there are tons of Korean karaoke bars, from which many drunk people emerge late at night. That is the only place, where I have ever been physically attacked. A few years ago we were walking there with a friend late at night (about 11 p.m.) when we were surrounded by a group of young Koreans. They tried to attack us by using Taekwando moves, but they were too drunk to make this work. I kicked one of them to stop him, but my friend, who was much bigger, knocked another one to the ground and started pounding his face. That had some sobering effect, because the rest ran away. I don’t want to think what would’ve happened if they attacked white women (they don’t attack their own). Now I avoid the area.

  3. Skybison says:

    If what you say is true, why has the crime rate been steadily falling since the early 90s?

  4. Zach says:

    You are a racist and you should be ashamed.

    Using anecdotal evidence corelating the number of new restaurants with a handful of crimes is not statistically sound.

    Keep your hateful thoughts to yourself while the world evolves around you.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Are you really such a clueless idiot? Europe is not evolving – it is gradually surrendering to Muslim savagery. What makes you an expert in the number of the crimes in Canada? Watch out when walking the streets in England – the Muslims may chop off your head (unless you’re a Muslim of course).

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