Phony Romanian Gypsy Refugees Engage in Crimes in Canada

For anybody familiar with the realities in Eastern Europe the obsession of certain circles in Canada with the gypsy “refugees” from Hungary and Romania seems rather peculiar. Stories are invented or exaggerated to make Canadians feel guilty for not opening the doors of their country for some of Europe’s shadiest characters. If those stories were even partially correct, the bleeding hearts in Norway and Sweden (who never met a Muslim terrorist they didn’t like) would accept the gypsies with open arms.

Moreover, all gypsies with education and qualifications are more than welcome to come to Canada like everybody else after applying through the proper channels. However, the mainstream media in Canada do their best to obfuscate the issue and present everybody who is for strict immigration control as a rabid racist. That’s why it’s refreshing when a newspaper admits that there is a problem. An article published in La Presse shows the magnitude of the Romanian gypsy refugee business in Canada. Would anybody listen?

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is concerned about the high crime rate among Roma asylum seekers from Romania, which “puts the Canadian public at risk,” according to a controversial report obtained by The Press.

The report on the “irregular migration” from Romania was published last November, when authorities perceived a marked increase in illegal crossings by Roma asylum seekers at the border between Quebec and Vermont.

Claiming to be victims of persecution at home, migrants flew to Mexico and Guatemala with the help of a network which helped to smuggle them to Canada. A group of criminals, including former Montrealer, coordinated everything from the Roma ghetto in Craiova, Romania.

“The Roma migrants, bypassed the legal immigration process in order to access our generous refugee programs, social services and health care,” says report to the CBSA.

“The illicit movement not only undermines the Canadian immigration system, but also puts the Canadian public at risk due to criminal activity engaged in by the majority of migrants arriving in Canada,” says the document.

According to figures from the Agency in 2011, one in 3 three claimants were accused of a crime. The percentage rises to 67% for the last sample analyzed, those coming to Quebec in April 2012. Those arrested had turned to crime “either by choice or to pay their smuggling debts in Canada,” the authors explain.

“Since 1998, there has been an evolution and diversification of criminal activities carried out by Roma of Romanian origin groups in Canada. While they initially specialized in fraud and credit card theft inadvertently, they now engage in other forms of illegal activities such as drug trafficking and human smuggling between Canada and the United States, “says the CBSA.

The Agency also noted that the leaders of the smuggling ring had returned to Craiova after being recognized as refugees in Canada because they allegedly feared persecution in Romania.

In April, a team of La Presse had gone to Craiova and had seen how some individuals connected to the network live in opulence, living large villas and vehicles driving luxury cars registered in Quebec.

You can read the rest here.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I have my dealing with the Roma, particularly in Paris a few years ago. They are the last people next to Muslim fanatics that should be allowed into Canada.

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