Shafia Monsters Found Guilty of First Degree Murder

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This Sunday afternoon the jury rendered their verdict in the Shafia trial. After long deliberation they found all of the defendants guilty. Thus all three of them – Mohammad Shafia (father), Tooba Mohammad Yahya (mother) and Hamed Shafia (their son) were convicted on four counts of first degree murder.

It was a bittersweet victory, because on one hand the murderers were punished, but on the other hand that’s not going to bring back the three girls and their stepmother whom they killed. It is nearly impossible to comprehend the motivation of those subhuman monsters who killed people from their own family.

Although we have had other “honour killings” in Canada, this one was one of the most shocking demonstrations of the crime, which is common in the countries where the fanatical Islam rules. However, instead of getting away with it, as it is the custom in the Muslim countries, the Shafias found out that in Canada we still find such crimes disgusting and punish those who commit them (at least for now).

That sentiment was very clearly stated by Justice Robert Maranger when he sentenced those animals:

“There is nothing more honourless than the deliberate murder of, in the case of Mohammad Shafia, three of his daughters and his wife, in the case of Tooba Yahya, three of her daughters and a step mother to all her children, in the case of Hamed Shafia, three of his sisters and a mother.

“The apparent reason behind these cold-blooded shameful murders was that the four completely innocent victims offended your twisted notion of honour, not of honour that is founded upon the domination and control of women, a sick notion of honour that has absolutely no place in any civilized society.

“For these crimes, for these murders, the sentence is mandatory as set out in the Criminal Code of Canada, imprisonment without eligibility of parole for a period of 25 years and that’s the sentence of the court for each of you.”

Another thing so hard to understand was the total lack of remorse for the crime. The defendants didn’t admit anything and were defiant in the conversations among them recorded before they were arrested. Papa Shafia obviously justified the murders on one of the recordings:

“No, Tooba, they messed up. There was no other way. Tooba, for the love of God, look at what they did. No, Tooba, they were treacherous to both themselves and us. For the love of God, Tooba, damnation on this life of ours, on these years of life that we lead.”

“Even if they come back to life a hundred times, if I have a cleaver in my hand, I will (them) to pieces. Not once but a hundred times. As they acted that cruel towards you and me, for the love of God, what had we done (to them)?: We had excess had we committed that they … undressed themselves in front of boys?

“If we remain alive one night or one year, we have no tension in our hearts, (thinking that) our daughter is in the arms of this or that boy, in the arms of this or that man. God curse their graduation! Curse of God on both of them (Zainab and Sahar), on their kind. God’s curses on them for a generation.

“May the devil shit on their graves! Is that what a daughter should be? What a daughter be such a whore?’’

It looks like fanatical Islam is really a dangerous mental condition.

As a closure, the victims Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, the 13-year-old Geeti, and Shafia’s first wife Rona Amir Mohammad, 52, will get a commemoration plaque at the place where they died.

Now that the criminals are going to spend at least 25 years each in jail and the victims had finally received justice and peace, we may ponder the question Jerry Springer usually asks in the end of his show: “What did we learn today?”

I wish I could say that the whole country stood firmly against the militant Islamism in support of the victims, but I can’t.

Today CBC managed to find a few scumbags to interview, who tried to raise the issue about how the Shafias would’ve been treated better, if they belonged to another religion or nationality.  Our disgraceful national broadcaster even placed a poll on its website asking its readers if they find the verdict just. To be fair to the readers I should say that at the time of this writing over 93% found the verdict just.

You may think that among politicians, who are supposed to the conscience of the people, the “honour” killings would be unanimously condemned. Yet when last year the Government of Canada called those killings “barbaric” in a study guide for would-be Canadian citizens, the Liberal MP Justin Trudeau objected to the term and demanded “responsible neutrality”.

It is hard to believe that an MP could be that clueless and stupid, but the metrosexual d’Artagnan obviously is determined to sell Canada’s values in interests to accommodate even the most savage customs of the people who might vote for him.

Then the foot soldiers of those treacherous politicians strictly follow what they are told. Last week we had an interruption of the trial due to a bomb threat.

In the video above you can hear how the prosecutor is being interrupted and heckled by people who are angry with the verdict. Although we can’t see them, judging from the fluent English they speak, it’s safe to assume that they belong to the gangs of leftards and union scumbags, who would attack anything that is even slightly beneficial for Canada. These are the people who go out of their way to bring back from Guantanamo that despicable piece of garbage named Omar Khadr. They are the ones, who each year plaster hundreds of posters calling for the release of the Muslim cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal.

And even more important – did the countless social workers and school counselors learn anything from the Shafia girls’ deaths? You know, they are very determined when they try to force a tranny club on a school. It became clear at the trial that the girls desperately needed help and there was nobody who could provide it.

Did you expect anything else? They were aware that they had to be culturally sensitive to the traditions of the Muslim culture, even though those traditions include treating women like garbage. But hey, diversity is worth much more than the lives of a few girls.

Many commentators today claimed that the trial showed how Canada handles successfully the challenges of multiculturalism. I am not that sure about that. With people like Justin the metrosexual and the lefties it is just a matter of time before our basic principles of fairness and justice become the target of “reforms” in the name of accommodating the “rich mosaic” of weird cultures, which are flooding our country with the understanding that they don’t need to adapt to us.

If we are ever able to stop people like those, we would finally have something to brag about…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    great stuff Admirath. In a rare case of Canadian justice coming through for four innocent victims, a family of Afghan barbarians were given their just desserts. Makes you wonder why we let these savages into the country, doesn’t it? A pity Canada doesn’t hang murderers anymore….

  2. SM ISAC says:

    Shame on CBC for politicizing the trial. It was thanks to the excellent detective work that convicted these criminals. They may appeal all they want, but the solid body of evidence will uphold the verdict. Hopefully, this will help Canada to send clear massage to the would be immigrants.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    Here is an interesting response from a CBC viewer who has had some dealings with Afghan families (in a professional capacity) living in Canada.

    “My job takes occasionally takes me to other people’s homes. On two occasions, I visited the home of an extended family (3 generations) of Afghans recently arrived in Canada.

    On both visits, the female members of the household were required to stay upstairs in their bedrooms, while I spoke with the men at length.

    The men also explained to me that the women were never permitted out of the house, unless accompanied by a male member of the household.

    I can remember thinking at the time, that this kind of misogynist attitude was probably going to pose some serious problems for this family, once the younger girls in the family grew up, attended school and witnessed the comparative freedom that was enjoyed by their female peers.

    People with such attitudes are clearly going to have serious trouble integrating into Canada, and perhaps the lesson to be learned from this tragedy, is that we need to do a better job of screening such people out, and declining them as immigrants.

    In this case, allowing them into Canada led to a conflict between cultural values and Canadian freedoms, that eventually resulted in murder.” – Tacitus

    My question is, why do we even CONSIDER allowing these barbarians into Canada AT ALL?

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