The sharia law has taken another step forward in Canada. The most appalling thing is that this time it has been “applied” by healthcare professionals. In a nutshell, at Kingston General Hospital (Ontario) a new mother with complications from emergency C-section and her baby were forced to move out of a common hospital room so that a Muslim woman would be able to breastfeed her baby undisturbed. You can read the full story here. What added insult to the injury was the fact that the mother was also forced to pay $750 for using the new room.

The hospital went out of its way to accommodate the whims of a Muslim. They very clearly stated that they were doing that on religious grounds. Even though the original room had four beds and only one was occupied by a Muslim, the rest of the patients were harassed by the staff: the men (helping their wives) were not allowed to use the washroom; they were forbidden to use the sink to dampen cloths to clean their babies; and they had to leave every time when the Muslim woman was breastfeeding. But that was not enough for the infidels, in the end they had to be moved to a different room and charged $750 for that.

Can persons who are supposed to take care of people’s health to fall any lower than that? They showed total disregard for the health of a mother and a baby who happen to be white. However, they are not Muslim and under sharia law they have no rights.

If they wanted so badly to accommodate the weird customs of that religion, they could’ve provided her with a private room and charged her $250 per day, as the other woman was charged. But of course, right away she would’ve yelled “Discrimination!” and probably reported them at the HRC to get few thousand dollars.

The other option for the hospital would have been to give the Muslim woman the private room and not charge her anything. But that would be expensive. So they went for the most despicable option: give her the common room for free and charge the white woman for a private room.

That scheme usually works perfectly: many Canadians are scared to death of being labelled “racist” when they don’t want to silently give up their rights to accommodate someone’s beliefs no matter how idiotic they are.

I suppose that such way of treatment has worked perfectly until the Kennedy family decided to expose the hospital.

It is beyond doubt that no institution in Canada, especially a hospital, has the right to mistreat a person and cause financial harm due to religious prejudice.

It seems to me that the Kennedy family has a very good case of human rights violation. In the section of the Ontario Human Rights Code, which covers services, it is stated:  “Every person has a right to equal treatment with respect to services, goods and facilities, without discrimination because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability.”

They were discriminated on several grounds.

If the Ontario Human Rights Commission takes their case, it will finally show that it is willing to provide equal protection to everybody who has been wronged. Even though the plaintiffs are white people.

If it refuses to take it, that’s also good. The Commission will show once again that it caters only to the special interest groups and religious fanatics, who little by little are destroying Canada.

The whole lawsuit wouldn’t cost them a penny and would be refreshing to finally see a real case of human rights violation considered by the Commission.


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  1. gary Fraser says:

    And so it begins. The squishy left making room for people with sharp elbows and an even sharper sense of entitlement. An inch here, a foot there, suddenly there are neighborhoods in Ontario where it is worth your life to walk through as a standard western person. Wilders gave us a warning based on true, raw, Muslims-out-to-kill-him because he resists sharia creep.

    Tell them that there is no way that there will be anything but Canadian equality in treatment of males, females, christians, jews, muslims. That is the way we do things here. That is the way we WILL do things here.

  2. Karen R says:

    At least the multiple spouses (of Sharia men) marital rights are being protected in Canada. Saskatchewan is leading the way with BC and Ontario soon to follow.
    Saskatchewan Family Property Act (formerly the marital property Act)allows any person to have multiple same time spouses. Section 51 of the act says that when a person has more than one spouse the rights of the “subsequent spouses” are subject to the marital rights of the previous (first-in) spouse.The only stipulation is that only ONE marriage can have a civil marriage (requiring a marriage certificate issued by Saskatchewan or any other province)and the other spouses must have common law marriages. This way the bigamy and polygamy laws are not offended. So, if a Sharia man has the full four spouses he is entitled too, and he is worth one million dollars the first-in spouse gets 500K and the fourth-in spouse gets 63K. Since most Sharia husbands only have one civil marriage and the others can be common law marriages of cohabitation, they are cool visa vis the polygamy or bigamy laws of Canada, but they MUST follow the Saskatchewan legislation of splitting up their assets in family law divorce court.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    When did Muslims become a privileged group in Canada?


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