Should the Whites Feel Guilty about the Aboriginals in Canada?

In July we published a story about a Canadian white woman who was denied a government job because of her race. It was an appalling case of discrimination, which would never make it to the Human Rights Commission. Few days ago we received a letter from a reader, which made some great points about that post.

Since those are issues that need to be discussed in public, below we show the full text of the letter, followed by our comments. The only change made was to omit the reader’s name in order to protect his/her privacy:

I was reading the post from July 26th, 2010 entitled “Get Lost Whitey” by admiwrath and I had the following response. You want to discuss institutional racism? Have you even considered the consistent marginalization of aboriginal peoples in this country is the ultimate example of this practice? Maybe before you start complaining about the hiring practices of the Canadian government you should consider why it is that you are here in the first place.


Where ever you are in Canada right now, you are on stolen land. This land was stolen from aboriginal people through a completely absurd treaty process which was forced upon First Nations. Or perhaps you think this sort of blatantly racist treatment of aboriginals in Canada is relegated to the history texts. Not so, my friend. Many native communities have inadequate infrastructure: poor and over-crowded housing, over 100 reserves are on a “boil water” advisory or are without basic sewage and electricity. Aboriginal health is also generally poorer than that of the average Canadian: higher infant mortality rates, lower life expectancy, tuberculosis rates 8 to 10 times higher than the rest of Canada.

Many reserves also lack proper educational facilities (see Attawapiskat or Kasheshewan, Ontario). In fact, 1 in 4 First Nations children live in poverty compared to 1 in 6 children in Canada. Overall, the average Canadian gets services from the federal, provincial and municipal governments at an amount that is almost two-and-a-half times greater than that received by First Nations citizens. If you really believe that whites are somehow being treated unfairly, perhaps you should read the article, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” by Peggy McIntosh, followed by “The Color of Supremacy: Beyond the Discourse of White Privilege” by Zeus Leonardo.

If these are not your thing, try researching the UN Human Rights Council’s condemnation of Canada’s treatment of aboriginal and other marginalized people. Canada was one of 4 nations which refused to endorse the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (the other 3 being Australia, New Zealand and the US…all of whom have substantial indigenous populations and essentially the most to lose from giving aboriginal people the same rights as everyone else). Now, do you really think that the government’s hiring practices are unfair? Don’t aboriginal people deserve some sort of leg-up after centuries of devastation? Just a thought.

C****** from Ottawa


Dear C******,

You make some excellent points, which need to be discussed openly for the benefit of the Canadian public.

I am not complaining about the government hiring practices per se. What bothers me is that the government ignores a document called Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Supposedly, it was introduced to ensure the equal treatment of all Canadians, yet the Left with remarkable ingenuity violates the Charter by introducing more and more minority right, for which the silent majority is supposed to pay.

You are asking why I am here. Well, I came to Canada many years ago, because I liked the country and the country needed qualified people to work and pay taxes. I have worked all my life and have never received a penny that I have not earned (except from the lottery). Now things are much easier, many people can get welfare assistance as soon as they arrive and live off of it for years (remember the Tamil “refugees”?).

I don’t live on stolen land. The humans didn’t evolve in North America, everybody here came from someplace else. Even the so-called “First Nations” came from Asia. They never occupied large territories of land, Canada was very sparsely populated. Most of the European immigrants never had conflicts with them when settling.

In order to be fair, we will probably have to respect the priority of the animals, because they have been here long before humans. Wouldn’t it be better to make land treaties with the Bear Nation or the Squirrel Nation?

The Natives in Canada say that they are “sovereign nations”, but a nation is supposed to have some responsibilities. They have their own government bodies, why don’t they take care of their people? The Natives don’t pay taxes; officially 96% of their income comes from all kinds of social assistance, treaty annuities, etc. They even have a federal ministry, which deals exclusively with them. Millions of dollars come from selling tax-free cigarettes and casino income.  Don’t you think that a small fraction of that money would solve the housing issues on the reserves?

And despite that, nothing has improved. The bulk of the money is kept by chiefs and activists and the common folks there get nothing.  And why not, if there are enough white fools who keep paying for all that.

Why don’t the chiefs develop businesses on their territories? Or why don’t Natives go and look for jobs elsewhere like everybody else in Canada?

Ever heard of the Mennonites? I have lived in their area and I know them well. They are simple people, many of them are not educated, but they are hard working. They have never received a penny from the Canadian government, yet their communities thrive.

What is stopping the Natives from acting the same way? It is obviously much easier to play victim and get more and more money. In the recent case in Caledonia (Ontario) Native thugs terrorized the local population for months under the silent protection of the police. Ironically, they were harassing the very people who paid the taxes going to the social assistance, which allowed them not to work. Do you find this fair?

I read both articles and I found them quite amusing. In the first one, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, the author states her point near the beginning:

I think whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege, as males are taught not to recognize male privilege. So I have begun in an untutored way to ask what it is like to have white privilege. I have come to see white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets that I can count on cashing in each day, but about which I was “meant” to remain oblivious. White privilege is like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, code books, visas, clothes, tools and blank checks. Describing white privilege makes one newly accountable. As we in women’s studies work to reveal male privilege and ask men to give up some of their power, so one who writes about having white privilege must ask, “having described it, what will I do to lessen or end it?”

Yes, it is horrible to be a man, but being a white man is even worse. You can ask the hundreds of thousands of unemployed ordinary people in Canada how their “white privilege” is working for them.  The whole article is a clumsy attempt to instil guilt in white people. It’s an ages-old salesman’s trick – if you make people feel guilty, they will keep paying for whatever you ask without many questions.

Exactly the same trick was recently used in Edmonton’s “ant-racism” campaign. It was pathetic and the organizers backed off from the “white guilt” gimmick pretty quickly. If you want fairness, you should require everybody to contribute equally.

In the second article, The Color of Supremacy: Beyond the Discourse of White Privilege, the author provided quite a few entertaining points about the alleged “white superiority”.

20. Inheritance laws favor whites, whose families benefited from free black labor during slavery. Centuries later, their children retain their parents’ wealth. In general, whites bequeath wealth onto their children, whereas blacks often bequeath debt to theirs (Oliver & Shapiro, 1997).

That’s beyond laughable. So to restore fairness, we need to confiscate the money of everybody, whose ancestors owned slaves hundreds of years ago.  Should we give it to the slaves’ descendants? Of course not! Following your logic, the Natives should get everything, because both the slave owners and the slaves were unwanted intruders.

Many blacks don’t “bequeath debt” to their children (at least those whose lives are not ruined by welfare). They have opportunities that few white people can get.

And this one is priceless:

25. Women of color are more likely to be raped than white women, but less likely to be believed. The U.S. has a long history of sexual abuse of women of color, largely because of their lack of power and whites’ hypersexualization of them. Sexual abuse and rape of women of color create a culture of violence (Davis, 1981).

Raped by whom? White people? Is everything a sinister plot of the white man to keep the “women of color” powerless?

Tell that to the four boys from the Duke University’s lacrosse team, whose lives were ruined by a psychotic black stripper, who falsely accused them of rape. The prosecutor, a white male, not only didn’t find her “less likely to be believed”, but hid evidence to push this absurd case.  It’s becoming redundant, but let me ask you again, where is the “white privilege” in this case?

Both articles are written by clueless academics, who are trying to impose their social fantasies on the real world. Even the leftists don’t take them seriously. Otherwise, the NDP caucus in the Canadian Parliament would have consisted mostly of “women of color”, but in reality 99% of their MP’s are white, with the exception of Olivia Chow.

The problem is that all those “solutions” to social issues are proposed by people who don’t actually work. If you teach some wacky subject like “gender studies” and get paid regardless of what you say, that’s not a real job. If you are trying to kill eight hours daily at a government office, that’s not a job.

Most academics have never been in the normal situation of the ordinary people, where they have to provide service or sell goods and their earnings depend directly on the quality of those services or goods. If they don’t deliver, they don’t get paid and won’t keep the job for long. Add to that a family and you will find out that their way of thinking is very different.

How are you going to explain to such a person that his company must accept somebody who is less qualified just because somebody somewhere did something wrong to his or her ancestors? And then the first person must carry the weight of the second one, because he or she can’t do the job properly. Do you think he would be happy? But he would never complain, if he does, they will drag him through the mud to the HR Commission for inconveniencing a minority.

This is the tragedy of North America. While the common people worked to expand the wealth of the nation, the academic and government elites took total control over the mainstream media, trying to enforce every bizarre social engineering idea they may have.

For how long will this continue?

There is no way around that: all people should be treated according to their abilities (with the exception of the disabled, who should be the only ones entitled to special protection).  Providing privileges to some due to their race, nationality, sex, religion, etc. is totally wrong.

Thank you again for your letter; it was a pleasure debating you.



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  1. Ling says:


    Well said! bravo! Thank you!

  2. CurtJ says:

    Look up the definition of the word colonialism and think about the centuries the European and American governments invaded weaker countries on behalf of their freebooters, thieves, murderers, and corporations to steal the natural resources and lands for colonization. With the enslavement, slaughter and genocide of the indigenous people. Theft and murder.
    Britain and the U.S. invaded or manipulated every country in the Mid East. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Palestine, you name it.
    The neo conservatives yank the puppet strings of the politicians and imbedded and burrowed officials and neo con operatives. Together, in collusion and conflict of interest, they refuse to admit that their policies of colonialism, are nothing less than theft and murder, and results in terrorism. To do so, they’ll be forced to admit they’re guilty of theft and murder and are ultimately responsible for the murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11.
    No ethics, morality or the self proclaimed legality for the needless deaths of the millions of victims of these purveyors of death and destruction, instead of for the good and wellbeing of the human race.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    CurtJ- I assume you’ve been attending the latest university class on “how to hate white people better.” And taught by yet another self-hating white Marxist no doubt. If you really believe the crap that you wrote, then why don’t you end it all? Assuming that you are white and are haunted by nightmarish visions of colonial crimes against poor, helpless minorities?

    I cannot count the number of Africans, particularly from Zimbabwe and South Africa, who mourn the loss of white rule. Zimbabwe has become a burned out sheel under Robert Mugabe, and South Africa is now the second most violent country in the world next to Columbia, run by an undecuated buffoon, a typical African “big man” who believes that having a shower after unprotected sex will stop the AIDS virus! Wherever whites have gone, they have built nations, developed infrastructures, brought education, medicine, commerce, law & order. Why are Africans, East Indians, West Indians and other non-white groups emigrating in vest numbers to white nations? Because they have made such a mess of running their own affairs they want to move to countries that are economically and instiutionally stable. White countries, in fact.

    Yes, bad things happened during colonialism, but the good eventually outweighed the bad. It was whitemen who fought to end slavery – a practice established by the Arabs. Whenever some genoide in Africa flares up, it is white (European) soldiers who are sent in to stop the bloodbaths. How many non-white countries rushed millions of dollars worth of aid to Haiti when the earthquakes recently hit? Practically none. It was the white countries that acted at the drop of a hat. Now, much of the Horn of Africa id threatened by yet another drought, putting the lives of millions at risk. Africa cannot act to saves its own people and yet again they are turning to white nations to help. When will they ever learn to help themselves? As one well-to-do Jamaican gentleman said to me in Rome last year, “we should never have left the British.”

    Did you know that cannibalism was still being practised in the Democratic Republic of the Congo until a few years ago? Rebel soldiers would hunt down and kill forest dwelling pygmy people, butcher them and eat them. They regarded the pygmies as no better than animals because they live in the forest, so they kill and eat them – just like animals. But wait, like every other ailment that afflicts the Third World in the 21st century, it’s all the fault of the white man isn’t it?

    India is still ruled via the caste system, Pakistan is about to be taken over by Islamic nutcases, Iran is ruled by a nutcase who believes that by launching a nuclear war against Israel he will usher in the 12th Imam, Afghanistan is and always was a complete sh**hole and a the world’s biggest heroin producer, and Palestine does not officially exist, nor neither do the “Palestinians” as a people.

    Why is it that Asian countries have thrived in the post-colonial world, yet Africa, in spite if its mineral wealth, and the Middle East in spite of its oil wealth, continue to wallow in barbarism? This is not the fault of any Western nation, but rather the psychology of the people who live there. In Rawanda, Hutus called the Tutsis “cockroaches” and went on to massacre 800,000 of their fellow countrymen. But the wicked whites put them up to it, didn’t they? Gangs of blacks armed with machetes in South Africa hunted down and hacked black Zimbabweans to death, calling them “foreigners.” Where was the white “influence” then?

    I cannot speak for the foreign policies of any nation, particularly the USA, but if you think that “colonialism” had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks, then you are well and truly out to lunch. Even the 7/7 attacks in London were committed by young men who were taking in by Britian, received lavish government support in a nation where they had absolute freedom, access to good jobs and free healthcare. And the Glasgow airport bombers (June 2007) were physicians! So much for “oppressed” minorites suffering from the negatives effects of colonialism.


    As for the wellbeing of the “human race,” when we see an end to tribal genocide and cannibalism in Africa, honor killings, female genital mutilation, beheadings and child rape in Muslim Lands, and the detestable caste system in India, then we might just get somewhere. Until people, regardless of where or who they are, start taking responsibility for their own actions as well as their attitudes towards others, nohing will improve, no matter how many aid agencies or NGO’s we fund to work in Third World hell holes.

    But then again, itse easy to blame others for your own shortcomings eh CurtisJ?

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your excellent analysis. The whole issue of imposing white guilt on the West has got totally out of control.

      Long time ago, when I came to Canada, I had briefly a roommate from a Central American Latin country. He was a “revolutionary” allowed to stay in Canada as a refugee. The events in South Africa were unfolding at the time and he was very excited. He was telling me how Mandela should allow the whites to build the new industries there and when they finish, he must kick them out. I didn’t want to argue with him, because I didn’t find attractive the idea to get killed in my sleep by a Latin terrorist.

      However, the incident shows the idiotic way of thinking of those people. The problem is that the whites can build the factories, but you’ll need somebody with their work ethics to maintain them. The indigenous population in Africa hasn’t shown any interest in hard work. Africa is rich in natural resources and a perfect place to develop agriculture, yet there isn’t even one successful African country. Zimbabwe has been destroyed long time ago and Mandela’s racists are working hard on destroying what’s left of South Africa. The nationalization of the mining industry would be the last nail in the country’s coffin.

      When the Chinese started expanding in Africa, there was a fierce resistance against their “expoitation” only because the managers wanted to make the locals work as hard as the Chinese workers. Africans must take a long look at themselves and change the way they live and work. But that is not going to happen – it’s much easier to whine about the past colonialism and demand more and more money, which eventually would be stolen by the Muslim and African crooks, who control the UN.

  4. Native CDN says:


    Im a native in Manitoba Canada, and it makes me sick at how the natives in Canada play this “victim” role all the time. That is complete BS! We have as many oportunities to go to school and get jobs then most of my white friends. They have scholarships and bursaries that are NATIVE ONLY awards! How much more discriminatory is that??? No wonder non-aboriginals feel they are treated as second class citizens…our own government treats them that way! I don’t think people will feel equal until we ALL pay the same taxes, and have acess to the same schools and jobs….including native people! We don’t need a leg up on our compitition we need to start competing is all! Get your lazy brown ass off the couch, get off social assistance, get educated and go get a career! And I know on our home reserve that on your 18th Birthday you automatically start collecting hand outs…its pathetic. Time to break this cycle. We weren’t going to be the only people on the planet for ever….so lets get working like everyone else!

    1. TheSquirrel says:

      Well said!

  5. Jonathan says:

    “the NDP caucus in the Canadian Parliament… in reality 99% of their MP’s are white, with the exception of Olivia Chow.”

    There are 101 members of the caucus. Let me spend less than a minute looking this up.

    Nonwhite sitting NDP MPs besides Olivia Chow: Anne Minh Thu Quach, Hoang Mai, Paulina Ayala, Tyrone Benskin, Jose Nunez-Melo, Romeo Saganash, Laurin Liu, Djaouida Sellah, Tarik Brahmi, Sadia Groguhé, Sana Hassainia , Rathika Sitsabaiesan, Jinny Sims, and Jasbir Sandhu.

    If you’ll plain make stuff up to support your argument, how much should we figure you respect your reader?

    1. admiwrath says:

      Are you out of your mind? The post is from 2010 and refers to an event that took place in 2010 and at the time Olivia was the only non-white member of the caucus. It looks like reading comprehension is not an ability valued by the NDP supporters.

  6. sinbel says:

    No matter what side a person was on, we are having a debate. As a British immigrant to Canada 50 years ago, I happily said goodbye to my old country and embraced my new country, Canada. This is something a person who was not born here only appreciate. However I will say this. For a very long time I have been exposed this agenda by the left wing politically correct forces, wherever you find them, to feel very, very guilty. Guess what, You failed. Not only am I comfortably being white, that I and my family have contributed to seeing to it that Canada does evolve and get better, I find a real rising anger pointed at these left wingers whose only agenda is to destroy this Canada, as we know it. Its very sad that the Aboriginal people don’t see that they are only being used by these non productive left winger, who will only too happily dump the ” indians” into gulags after they are no longer useful. Classic Lenin.

  7. Jane says:

    Colonalism was centuries ago and that was only the british! The whites were not the only ones to have slaves in fact arabs in the middle east had slavery for alot longer than whites did. I have to agree with the native funding in the millions that goes wasted as hardly a drop goes to a poor native, it goes to the head chiefs who have 6 mercedes benz and 10 million dollar homes. Isnt it ironic this is the same problem in black countries! Whites are used as a scapegoat because we are the brightest and most superior race in the world. I am in canada since 1630 from one side of the family. My family didnt get free homes, cars, welfare cheques, english classes, college education etc that the newcomers get when they come now. This massive immigration is not even needed in canada since there is a 24% uemployment rate, massive downsizing, automation, outsourcing to third world nations. The debt that ontario is in now is proof in pudding its from massive immigration over the past 35 years mainly to ontario that has endebted us to the point the govt is desperate to make tax money any way they can. The people at the top are also corrupt with a few billion dollars missing from the liberal party in ontario with scandels. Canada is being used as a social experiment and it experiment has gone wrong and a new plan must be made. We are hoping most people will realize not to vote liberal ever again if there is any hope for a renewal of growth and jobs in canada and a halt to foreign workers coming to steal much needed jobs from canadians who so desperately need them since their families are crumbling from massive unemployment and very high tax rates…….

  8. Grace says:

    It’s time that natives realize that it’s their chiefs that are stealing from them. The chiefs and the NDP want the natives to remains uneducated and addicted. They want to fill them with hate against the white and immigrant population. That way the Indians are not focusing on the real enemy-the
    chiefs and the FSIN who now control illiterate Indian populations. It’s time the Indians get off their asses, get an education and discover who the real enemy is- your own chiefs. Stop playing the drug addicted victim, stop prostituting your female children for drug money, and if you can’t raise your children, then let the bands release the children from band roles to be adopted. Right now the bands won’t release the children to be adopted, nor will they look after them. They remain on the band list and collect the money for them. Shame on you. Your gangs aren’t warriors, they are uneducated, drug addicted thugs who wreck havoc on decent people. Go back to the reserves. Chiefs kick they gangs out of the reserves, make them a white man problem, but they remain on the band list so they can keep making money on them. The cities are not your new reserve. Stop living like pigs and get yourself house trained.

    1. admiwrath says:

      It’s about redistribution of billions of dollars – I suspect that the chiefs would fight to keep the gravy train going until the bitter end.

  9. Arielle says:

    I will read this page totally when I finish my daily writing work today, but I just wrote a compassionate thought about women being treated equally under the law re: human trafficking at a social media site, and received an angry shout, my first as I am tactful and hate Internet fights, from a sex trade worker, an aboriginal activist from Ottawa, Canada, and a woman like me.

    I do not live in Canada. She calls all sex trade workers “beautiful” which is pretty naive for anyone who has ever know drug users, yes, I went to university in BC in the hippy heydays, so no, I don’t think people with serious drug or booze issues are angelic people on a 24/7 basis.

    This is the Old Story manipulate the Guilty White Liberal, a game that should be finally called out, and it is. And Cash Cows at the end of the game, and even our Chinese and other Asian friends try to let us know they see through this too.

    I saw this even in Montreal as an alleged blue eyed WASP, a wrongful picture, as my Irish Canadian grandmother suffered prejudice in Ontario, for being Irish Catholic, and am not WASP at all, as the other side of my family is Scottish.

    I have compassion for human trafficking victims. In theory I believe law should be applied equally. Face it, a woman who hails a car of a stranger at 3 in the morning in Skid Row is asking for trouble.

    I am not a monster because I think like this, I should not fear I will be accused of racism.
    And perhaps the ordinary aboriginal people should separate from activists who themselves lump this issue with ordinary biases.

    Like the sex trade worker who wrote to me, totally lumping in the two issues, and also projecting the rage she must feel towards men, that she does not show openly cause like the Canadian government, they are her second Cash Cow, and I am a woman too.

    It is time we began to study Guilt Complex for wrongs we never did, as individuals, and how it connected with government financial wastage!

  10. Jane says:

    I am a white woman who is 16th generation from the east. I was denied welfare in quebec a few years ago and they made me homeless. A moslem landlord in ottawa evicted me because I went on a date (the previous white girl was evicted from this building as well), that also made me homeless, because my family is not in ontario they are in the east. I cannot get a government job all my life because of prejudice binlingual policies and now with diversity its next to impossible. I have held great jobs all my life and I am educated.

    Regarding the natives, the very first white settlers came to canada (the acadians) and the natives and acadians lived and prospered together building a big colony that became global. When england found out 150 years later, they came and starting killed the acadians and natives, and drove the acadians out of canada to 13 colonies across north america. Many natives married acadian women because the acadians and natives lived together and got along very well. In fact when the english came the natives hide the acadians in the woods. People should learn the real history of canada before they shot their mouths off. Also irish were not allowed in canada until 1850, they were slaves for 300 years under the english…

  11. Joseph boudreau says:

    i am very proud to read sensible comments from first nation contributors,being metis with acadian bloodline.being stuck in the middle i am torn either is a real truth that the animals of this continent are the only real keepers of the land and we are all settlers here.but it seems even today this blog runs true,it seems that the lawyers of canada has succsesfully created a new renewable resource with this victim ideology. hey! its “2016”.

  12. Theo says:

    The majority of economic and capital differences unique to the benefit of the first nations people in Canada is because of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that everyone is entitled to own property and protected of property seizure by the government including rights of contract. This is where treaties fall into place, confederation and our first “constitution” included honoring treaties as they were still in effect as Canada was not sovereign or separated from the responsibilities the Crown had. Further treaties negotiated with first nations after 1967 are as well to be honored under the charter/ and constitution. Much land has been seized violated the charter simply by distributing title to land that treaties did not acquire despite the treaty ending conflict and conquest on behalf of war. As well many treaties were not just peace treaties but included payment for land, that unfortunately was not entirely paid, and more specifically as first nations people were not subjects and the land was given to the crown much issue of tax does not apply. Also worth noting first nations do in fact have economic redistribution such as taxes to support themselves.

  13. Linda Chang says:

    I am so sick of hearing about the aboriginal plight and how it’s the white man’s fault…..the only constant in life is change and who the hell did they take it from? Dinausaurs or some other form of life….I understand that those who suffered residential schools and such should and most have been compensated….what about some poor little white girl growing up beibg repeatedly raped and abused all her life from family members and strangers…..I grew up facing the disfunctial family, faced addiction as a coping mechanism but because I’m not treaty I am a fraction of a hair over a white male…..And because I had the foresight NOT to poplulate society with kids I couldn’t take care of and had my tubes tied, I am penalized over and over again…..Make it on your own you dregs on society and learn to take care of yourselves….have some pried and those of us who make it on our own do!

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