Sudanese Muslim to Sue Canada for $27 Million

Just when I thought that things were getting boring in the Canadian “legal land” after the ridiculous lawsuit for $45 million filed by a woman arrested during the G-20 riots, something just as ridiculous came up. On September 1st it was announced that a Sudanese Muslim was allowed by the Federal Court to sue the federal government and the Foreign Affairs Minister for $27 million. Abousfian Abdelrazik  is demanding that amount because the accused allegedly violated his right to freedom and security.

Abdelrazik (a Canadian citizen since 1995) was stranded in Sudan for 6 years, where he went in 2003. Shortly after his arrival he was arrested by the Sudanese government and spent 11 months in a local jail. After his release, he was arrested again and spent another 9 months in jail. He claims that he was tortured while imprisoned. During his imprisonment his Canadian passport expired and later he found out that he was put on the UN no-fly list, so he wasn’t able to travel.

Because of that situation he had no other choice but to live at the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum. He stayed there until 2009 when a judge ordered the Canadian government to provide Abdelrazik with traveling documents.

When digging deeper into his background, we can find out that he came to Canada in 1990 as a refugee after he was allegedly arrested in Sudan for his political views. He never worked a regular job in Canada, all he did was to travel to different Islamic countries in the world as a “Muslim Healer” (what is that?!) although he was trained as a machinist and didn’t have medical training. Allegedly, his trips were financed by some Canadian Muslims. He also knew Ahmed Ressam (“The Millennium Bomber”) so well that he was even required to testify at his trial. Both men met at the Montreal’s Assuna Annabawiah mosque, which is considered a centre of Islamic extremism.

Hopefully, if the case goes to trial, the government lawyers will have the opportunity to examine closely his “unusual” background and sort out the scary parts.

Even though we are not in court, after seeing the facts we can’t help but ask some questions. Abdelrazik went back to Sudan despite the fact that he came to Canada supposedly to avoid persecution. Nothing has changed in that country since 1990, the same Muslim fanatics are in power and the Canadian government still advises strongly against traveling there. Why did he go?

In many tyrannical countries of the world a person born there is always considered a fair game for  arrest and torture, despite any new citizenship that he or she may have obtained. It is naïve to think that Abdelrazik wasn’t aware of that.

That situation is beyond despicable. There are hundreds of thousands of people who take Canadian citizenship just for the ease of travel then go to dangerous countries (or the countries where they came from) and at the first sign of danger they expect the Canadian government to bail them out. Does anybody remember the thousands of Lebanese “Canadians” who spent years far away from Canada and demanded to be brought back at government expense immediately after they were in danger? And that help cost the Canadian taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

If you go voluntarily to a foreign country and get arrested and tortured, isn’t it logical to sue the local government? In this situation, Abdelrazik should have filed the lawsuit in Sudan, but everybody knows that in the best case he will be laughed out of the court and the worst, he would be most likely killed. So, naturally he and his lawyer chose Canada as the easiest target to get money from, although our country has nothing to do with his torture.

And he wants $27 million, despite the fact that he never held a job and didn’t lose any wages.

The most horrible thing here is that, according to his lawyer, this ruling will open the way for everybody else to sue Canada for being tortured abroad.

Every idiot who suffers in a foreign country due to his stupidity and carelessness can now make millions of dollars by stealing them legally from the Canadian taxpayers. Isn’t that great? How long would it take to bankrupt our country through such frivolous lawsuits?

It’s a sad, sad world…


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  1. Gibby Sonblock says:

    You raise some good points but like most pundits you only tell part of the story. Here’s what you left out. The Globe calls it kafkaesque and it is.

    Mr. Abdelrazik’s bank account – with more than $10,000 in it, an amount he says was left to him by his wife, who died of cancer – has now been frozen at the behest of the Canadian government.

    Mr. Abdelrazik remains on the United Nations blacklist of suspected terrorists. That, according to our government, gives it the right to seize his assets and make it a crime to employ him.

    But he isn’t entitled to know why he’s on the blacklist or who put him there. And he doesn’t have any right to challenge those unknown accusations.

    1. admiwrath says:

      “Pundit” is too big of a word to apply to me. I am a simple guy who thinks aloud trying to figure out what went so horribly wrong with Canada. I discussed Abdelrazik’s case from the point of view of the information available in the media. But even if it is insufficient, there is hardly any justification to sue your country for $27 million dollars. He could have started an inquiry to clarify the issue. But it is much easier to rip off Canada of tens of millions with the help of lefty lawyers. Do you pay taxes? If you do, you may understand that the government doesn’t produce anything, all the money they give away is stolen from the taxpayers. You may find that perfectly normal, but most people don’t.

      Still, that’s a nice Muslim tool of extortion. Do you remember Arar, the guy who extorted $10 million from our government? And he was awarded by NDP with letting his hijab wife run for member of the parliament (there is nothing wrong with the hijab, if the Human Rights Commission reads this comment). Despite his generosity to the US lawyers, they couldn’t exonerate him from the accusations in the USA (gee, I wonder if he really did something wrong). The scared Canadian politicians chose to give him my money instead of investigating the issue.

      And what about Omar Khadr, Jack Layton and Bob Rae’s darling? That despicable piece of garbage and cold-blooded killer will immediately follow into the steps of Arar and Abdelrazik as soon as he gets back in Canada demanding tens of millions of dollars.

      Of course, you probably don’t see anything wrong with that as long as the Muslims extremists are those who benefit from the scheme.

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