Tamil Tigers Party at Queen’s Park (with the Help of McGuinty and Occupy Toronto)


Tamil rally at Queen's Park, Toronto


On my way to the Occupy Toronto camp last Saturday I passed by a large Tamil rally at Queen’s Park. I should explain to the readers who are not Ontarians that Queen’s Park is the place where the Ontario Parliament is located.

Being a person who never misses the opportunity to improve his knowledge about the rich tapestry of our multiculturalism, I stopped to soak up more of the diversity the Tamils were offering. That was a rally demanding Tamil self-determination. The demand was displayed in the banner on the stage, which was supposed to be the main message supported by the Occupy Toronto folks who showed up to express their full support for the cause. Apparently, that was the reason why Jim Karygiannis, a Liberal MPP, was there as well.

However, the very first impression I got was that the whole thing was organized to promote the Tamil Tigers, a very well-known terrorist organization, which is supposedly illegal in Canada. The participants were proudly displaying hundreds of the organization’s flags. To make absolutely sure what their intentions were, activists were handing out thousands of large-size photographs of the Tigers’ notorious leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.


The flags of the Tamil Tigers, proudly displayed



Respect for the terrorist leader


Prabhakaran was marketed in the pictures as the “Tamils’ Leader”. OK, the stinky losers from Occupy Toronto are ignorant, and Karygiannis doesn’t care which multicultural bunch he supports, but the rest of Canada must be aware that Prabhakaran was one of the most despicable creatures who ever lived. He was a terrorist responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people.

He belongs in the same circle of hell where Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot reside. He killed many more people than Osama bin Laden. He has had warrants against him issued by Interpol, he had been sentenced by various courts to death or 200 years of prison.

Yet the Tamils in Toronto, to whom Canada provided hospitality, shelter and welfare payments, chose to worship that sorry excuse for a human being.

The funny thing was that none of the Tamils or the other people present questioned the legacy of that terrorist. I asked one of the blocks handing out the pictures who that guy was. He replied with anger (as if I had stolen his dessert) that this was their revolutionary leader. Being the only white person in this part of the crowd, I found it wiser to retreat. (Note to the Tamil activists – you look always nasty and angry and you are quite unlikable. If you want anybody to take your tripe seriously, adopt some PR strategy that fits the West. Just ask the Tibetans, they know how to handle those things).

Another “pleasant” surprise was to see Krisna Saravanamuttu at the rally. He was one of the speakers introduced as the spokesman for the National Council of Canadian Tamils. Well, I have not so pleasant memories of that individual. Previously he was the president of the student union at York University. Last year he was one of the organizers of an event where George Galloway spoke (which I covered).

Galloway is a vicious anti-Semite and a material supporter of Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization for which he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because of that he was totally disgraced as a member of the British Parliament and ended up as a participant in Big Brother and correspondent for Press TV, the station run by Iranian Muslim fanatics.

Obviously, this is the type of person Krisna admires. During the event, there was a large group of Jewish students protesting Galloway. At certain point, Krisna infiltrated the group with a gang of Muslim students and tried to start a fight (an I have the pictures to prove it), but fortunately the police escorted them out.

At this rally Krisna supported even worse terrorist group than Hamas – the Tamil Tigers, but that wasn’t a problem – he is used to doing that. He and the angry Tamils with the flags and Prabhakaran’s pictures were a perfect match.

And that brings me to my main point – the pathetic condition of Canada caused by the insane politics of multiculturalism. Here we have thousands of people, who escaped Sri Lanka to get away from the violence incited by their own organization, the Tamil Tigers. And yet, when they came here they continued to support the same terrorists.

When in 2009 Prabhakaran and the top of his gang were finally exterminated by the Sri Lankan army, the Tamils organized noisy protests all over Canada. In Toronto, over 2000 of them blocked a major highway for several hours. None of those criminals was ever arrested.


Even more flags...


They wanted Canada to get involved in their stupid civil war. Of course, we had politicians who were eager to deliver to get a few more votes. In a press release issued at that time, NDP stated:

“With the end of the Sri Lankan civil war in 2009, New Democrats urged the Conservative government to take the lead with the international community to help rebuild the country. Specially ensuring the protection of all civilians, full access for humanitarian workers and media, and initiate internationally mediated efforts aimed at achieving a durable political solution to the conflict in Sri Lanka.”

What a great solution! To stop the Tamil protests and prevent illegal immigration (you probably remember the rusty boat with phoney Sri Lankan refugees that arrived last year) we must spend billions of dollars to “rebuild” a third-world shithole. And it never occurred to NDP that all the money will be stolen by local Sri Lankan crooks (it’s not a secret that in those third-world countries they laugh at the Canadian gullibility).

That’s the reason why that swindler Jack Layton was so highly regarded by the Tamils and other third-world freeloaders.

Am I the only person in Toronto who finds this horrifying? There were nearly 5,000 people gathered in front of the Provincial Parliament waving flags of a terrorist organization and carrying portraits of its leader and nobody in the press condemned that. What’s next? Nazi party and KKK rallies? O, that would not be politically correct – in Canada only dark-skinned people are allowed to openly support terrorism (the anti-Semites from the Iranian Muslim organization called CASMO were allowed to do the same two months ago).

I’ve never hidden the fact that I am an immigrant. I came to this country for a very particular reasons – I expected to live in an environment where the individual rights are respected, where a murderous organization can’t be promoted openly. Yet, what I see now is that in the name of multiculturalism, a barbaric terrorist organization is openly supported with the help of the provincial government and the Occupy Toronto lunatics.

The latter would support anything, even a monkey convention, to get more exposure for their dying cause, but I expected more from the Ontario government. If the Tamil extremists are encouraged to do that, what would their next step be? Bombings? Resurection of the Tamil Tigers here and in Sri Lanka? Killing everybody who is against their cause?

And this is a message for the Tamils – nobody in Canada gives a damn about your civil war and anything that happened while it was going on. If you are so eager to resolve your issues, don’t get us involved. You can buy the rusty steamer on which your fake refuges arrived last year and go back to Sri Lanka. Once you reach it, you can rebuild it, fight against anyone you want, but just stay there. Nobody cares about your country’s problems. Why stay here, if your only use for Canada is to force it into your bloody civil war?

And this is a question for every Canadian, for whom this country still means something: isn’t it time to scrap completely the refugee program, which fills Canada with hostile people, who would never see it as their homeland?


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  1. Miguel says:

    It’s nice that they are so caught up in local causes. Oh wait.. Why don’t they try to be useful members of Canadian society and volunteer at a local food bank or animal shelter?

  2. […] I got was that the whole thing was organized to promote the Tamil Tigers, a very well-known terrorist organization, which is supposedly illegal in Canada. The participants were proudly displaying hundreds of the […]

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    Of course, none of the Tamil flag bearers were arrested for displaying their illegal colours. I wonder if this was on the orders of Dalton McGuinty, or if the Toronto Metro Police have now been cowed into submission by political correctness that there are certain privileged groups (like the Tamils, gays, Muslims etc), that can get away with this sort of disgusting behaviour?

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