The Gypsy War against Ezra Levant and SUN News

Yesterday a Toronto Gypsy organization held a rally against Ezra Levant and his employer SUN News. They demanded that Ezra be fired and the SUN “must-carry” application be rejected. It was a serious event, because the organizers enrolled a few “heavyweights” – Borys Wrzesnewskyj, former Liberal MP, and Bernie Farber, head of the now defunct Canadian Jewish Congress.

Although the reason for the rally were a few statements about Gypsies (for which he already apologized), the speakers used the occasion to blackmail the TV station even more. We learned that they spread systematically hateful speech about the Muslim, black and Spanish communities. No evidence was presented, but the participants didn’t need it – they just enjoyed the speakers’ vitriol and the role of an offended minority, which wants more control over the media they don’t run.

You can see the highlights in the video, but I would like to add a few notes to make the issues they covered more clear.

Frankly, they lost all credibility as soon as I read the press release:

Though Mr. Levant has formally ‘apologized’ for his on-air comments, only after intense legal and public pressure, the Romani community rejects the apology because Mr. Levant has continued to use the discriminatory term ‘Gypsy’ in reference to our community.

What is wrong with the word “Gypsy”? It has been used for many centuries in the English language and the other European languages have their own words for that ethnicity. Why should they impose on us the word “Roma”?

In German a person from Germany is called “Deutsche”. The Spaniards will call him “aleman”, Russians and Bulgarians – “ghermanetz” or “nemetz”, the Turks – “aleman”, etc. etc. And I have yet to meet a German who is offended that the Americans won’t call him “Deutsche”.

Why should it be any different for the Gypsies? Changing your name doesn’t change your nature.



Besides, the word has been used by CBC, a few years ago they showed a documentary about the Gypsy crime in Western Europe called “Gypsy Child Thieves”.

It showed an unflattering but true picture of the problem. Where is the outrage against CBC? Many of the channels, which the Canadian Gypsies like more than SUN, run shows like “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” and “Gypsy Sisters”. Shouldn’t they be condemned as well?

On top of that, the musicians who played at the rally came from the band “Gypsy Rebels”. Can you be any more hypocritical?

That showed the real intentions of the rally – to attack and destroy SUN TV by all means possible because it doesn’t conform to the sacred principles of political correctness.


Gina Csanyi-Robah


Gina Csanyi-Robah, Executive Director, Roma Community Centre started with a fiery speech calling for Ezra’s dismissal. She complained that Ezra’s statements made the other Canadians “not like” the Gypsies. Then she added that he and others have attacked in a similar way the Muslim, black and Spanish communities. Of course, she didn’t bother to provide any evidence.


Borys Wrzesnewskyj and Bernie Farber (far right)


Bernie Farber was apparently chosen to play the good cop role. On the surface his soothing voice promoted tolerance toward Ezra and SUN. They apologized and we have to respect that. But then he said that words are just words. They have to do more – to show that they mean it.

The proposals that Bernie had in mind meant placing SUN TV under Gypsy control. Ezra must be re-educated by meetings with the Roma community to understand how wonderful they are (just like the intelligentsia and workers in Mao’s China). Additionally, SUN must hold regular consultations with the leaders of the Gypsy community, and take into consideration their point of view. The license of SUN (similarly to the previous case of the Arabic Al-Jazeera) should be on hold for six months until they prove they are good and don’t disseminate hatred.

It’s hard to believe that Bernie is serious, but apparently he is. What he says means that the media must be put under the control of every imaginable ethnic or other type of minority group, which could be potentially offended. This is exactly what the Muslims who tried to sue MacLean’s and Mark Steyn wanted – editorial control under the guidance of their bloodthirsty leader Mohammed Elmasry who on the old Micahel Coren show stated that every citizen of Israel is a fair target for assassination.

Borys Wrzesnewskyj started with the cheerful observation that Canada is the best country in the world, because here we celebrate multiculturalism. His parents came here to escape totalitarianism. We have to keep the harmony. As a person, who has shattered that harmony, Ezra is worse than a thief, because what a thief steals can be returned, but what Ezra said can’t be repaired. He must be sued and fired. Before, the hate speech in Canada was practiced by people like Zundel, now we have the same hatred on the airwaves spread by Ezra.

After such ridiculous words, it’s hard to believe that Borys was a Member of the Parliament. But even in that position he managed to propose insane ideas, which cost him his job – in 2006 he said that de-listing Hezbollah may help negotiate peace and lost his post as the Liberal Party’s deputy foreign affairs critic for saying it.



There is nothing wrong with having stupid ideas. The tragedy begins when people like Bernie, Gina and Borys are allowed to be in charge (and they well may be after the Supreme Court decision in the Whatcott case and the rise of Justin Trudeau). Then we may switch into a totalitarian mode, where every criticism of a minority, no matter how justified, will be sufficient to prosecute anybody for their opinions.


CBC, Justin Trudeau – it’s clear who runs the Gypsy show


Is this the Canada we want?

Ezra’s monologue about the Gypsies might have been poorly worded, but it raised issues, which should be discussed, because the Gypsy crime threatens all of us. Of course not all of them are involved in it, but the problem must be addressed, despite the attempts of Gina, Bernie, and Borys to pretend that such a thing doesn’t exist.

Let’s examine briefly that reality. The claim that all Gypsies in Europe are discriminated is an exaggeration, just like Ezra’s words that most of them are involved in crime.

Gypsies who get education or work are not discriminated. And they have many opportunities – scholarships and subsidies for such minorities are provided in all countries of the European Union. The trouble is that a large part of the Gypsies are not interested in education.

Of course, there are many successful Gypsies.




The freaky guy in the picture, who generously exposes his ass to the audience, is Azis – the most popular and highest paid entertainer in Bulgaria. His singing style is “chalga” – a horrific hybrid between the Bulgarian version of the French chanson and quite repulsive Arab music. Although chalga is popular only in the Balkan Peninsula, Azis makes millions of Euro every year.

The most interesting fact about him is that he is a homosexual Gypsy transvestite. In a country like Bulgaria this means three strikes against him, yet no Gypsy activist could claim that Azis is discriminated against.


Prof. Alexander Chirkov


This is Prof. Alexander Chirkov, a prominent Bulgarian heart surgeon of Gypsy background. A few decades ago he did the first heart transplant in the country. Surely, he can’t match the income of Azis, but his ethnicity never stood in the way of developing his talent.

Neither of both has complained of being Gypsy. There are many other Gypsies in Eastern Europe, who have studied and have skills, which let them get good jobs. Nobody is discriminating them. Many of them can come to Canada by applying in the regular way and that’s why we never hear about them.

The problem are the rest who have been coming here as refugees from Europe. As the Canadian records show, well over 90% of them are frauds.

That’s common sense – if there are any genuine Gypsy refugees from Hungary, Bulgaria or Romania (all members of the EU) they can go to over 20 countries in Europe to claim asylum. Most of those countries are controlled by compassionate bleeding hearts and the trip will be much cheaper (a train ticket from Bulgaria to Norway costs peanuts compared to an airplane ticket to Canada). Every citizen of the Union can travel freely. However, even Sweden and Norway, which accept even the worst terrorist garbage, don’t consider Gypsies legitimate refugees.

It is much easier to go to Canada, where most people are ignorant about the European realities, and game the system.

Yes, there are significant differences between the traditional Gypsy culture in Eastern Europe and the West. The Gypsies have lived there for over 600 years and are still not integrated. It seems that something in their nomadic culture is preventing that. It’s true they have been discriminated, but the Jews had been treated the same way and despite that they prospered.

Of course, some Gypsies (like those in the rally) have the strength to break up with that culture, but many more don’t want.


“Block 20” – Gypsy apartment building in Yambol, Bulgaria



Close-up of the same building


These are not pictures from the Syrian war – they show an apartment building built with the good intentions to provide affordable community housing to Gypsy families. It took them about five years to break the windows, destroy the walls and sell the metal parts for scrap. The garbage is thrown from the windows.

Eventually the apartment building had to be condemned and demolished. I had hard time understanding the reason for that horrible behaviour. It’s not the poverty, because Bulgarians and Turks could be just as poor and still take much better care of their homes. It looks like the nomadic indifference to property plays a role here.


The 11-year old Gypsy mother


In 2009 another Bulgarian incident received world-wide attention. An 11-year old Gypsy girl gave birth – just another type of multicultural diversity, which soon we will celebrate in Canada:

Kordeza Zhelyazkova, from Sliven in Bulgaria, was still wearing her wedding dress and tiara as she was rushed to hospital, where she gave birth to 5lb 8oz Violeta.

Proudly displaying her baby, she told reporters: ‘I’m not going to play with toys any more – I have a new toy now…’

Kordeza said: ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant until my grandmother saw I had put on weight. I just thought I’d eaten too many burgers.’

Her grandmother Dida, 55, said: ‘It’s normal for our girls to have babies young. It’s our tradition. But I didn’t want it for my Kordeza – I felt she was too young.’

The child is her new toy – that explains what kind of a mother she is going to be. The frightening thing is that this is considered normal in the Gypsy culture. As of her rapist… uh… husband (19 years old), as a Gypsy he got away. Any Bulgarian, Turk or Armenian would be charged with rape and pedophilia and spend considerable time in jail, but her husband wasn’t.

Such cases are normal among the uneducated Gypsy population. And so is theft and violence.

And yet the Gypsy crime is ignored and information about it suppressed. In 2011 the Bulgarian nationalist party Ataka (Attack) published a 32-page booklet about that type of crime. The “human rights” organizations immediately tried to charge them with hate crime. The prosecutor concluded there was no case, because the whole booklet consisted of clippings from newspaper crime chronicles.

That is the problem – many Soros-funded organizations prevent real measures and encourage leniency regardless of the severity of the crimes. The “Roma integration” funding is a huge business, which provides comfortable living to countless bureaucrats and activists and just as many Gypsy kings and queens, with nothing to show for it.

Ironically, the time Gypsies came closest to integration was under communism. The Gypsy kids were forced by the police to go to school, despite their parents’ desire to pull them out. The majority of the Gypsies were employed, because of the 100% employment rate (based on the principle 5 do the work of 1). That was possible only because the communists had the absolute power to do whatever they want.

After the collapse and the destruction of the economy if Eastern Europe, the democracy is powerless to make the Gypsies part of a stable social structure.

These are the problems that we should discuss openly in Canada, because those people want to come here. Why do the Canadian Gypsies want to silence that discussion?

In the current Canadian reality, created by the likes of Gina, Bernie and Borys, I can be charged with hate speech for just pointing out those inconvenient facts.

Even in Europe they can’t cover up the reality anymore. About two years ago France deported thousands of Bulgarian and Romanian Gypsies, who built camps on its territory. Now Great Britain desperately tries to keep Bulgaria and Romania out of the Schengen agreement of free movement to avoid the possible flood of freeloaders. The next mass wave of “refugees” to Canada will be from those countries.

The Canadian Gypsies may be well established and law-abiding, but most of the newcomers are not. Those who have the skills can already apply (Canada doesn’t discriminate against anybody), the rest will come here to milk the system. Toronto paved the way by turning the city into a sanctuary city for criminals.

In the end of the event Gina Csanyi-Robah angrily yelled that the “Roma” deserve better. No, Gina, all Canadians deserve better – telling them lies and exploiting their gullibility is not a good way to make friends.


© 2013


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  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    I have had my own experiences with Romas when visiting France. They are thieves and swindlers. One Canadian-born Roma fumed in another blog about how “his people” are being marginalized because they are gypsies, and how there is no Roma problem in Canada.

    No Roma problem? See:

    The more you let in, the worse it will get.

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  4. Martin says:

    As a Bulgarian I can say that this article says the complete truth about gypsies. These people simply don’t want to integrate, they don’t want to go to school or to work, but to parasitize on social aids. Living with them is impossible, because the majority are thieves and criminals, who do not consider other people’s rights. If you have gypsy neighbors you are doomed to repulsive arab music 24 hours a day, trash and filth all around you, smell and fear. You can’t complain because they are aggressive and will torch your house or beat you to death. The authorities won’t help you either because soros-funded human rights organizations such as the Helsinki committee got them by the balls. Don’t let these people in your country, you will heavily regret it.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your input.

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