Several weeks ago “Toronto Sun” reported about another mind-blowing decision of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. They decreed that a Sikh security guard, who was required to wear a hard hat during construction work at Home Depot and refused to do so, has been discriminated against.

The incident happened in December 2005, and as usual has been dragged for years. The security guard (named Deepinder Loomba) was asked to replace his turban with a hard hat to ensure his safety while the repair works were done at the store and so was everybody else.

During the hearing the company stated that the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that a hard that be worn on a construction site at all times. What a naïve statement! Did they really believe that the Tribunal cares about common sense and public safety? Of course not: in the twisted world of the Canadian human rights any bizarre religious rule always trumps the law.

The Tribunal ruled that Loomba was treated rudely and discriminated against. The plaintiff stated after everything was over: “I’m happy, it’s been a long battle after five years. In the multicultural society, more education is required on religion, so these problems won’t reoccur.” And in case you believe that he is fighting only for the sake of his religion, you need to know that he is seeking $40,000 in damages. Nothing new here: the usual little religious scam is working as usual.

But he still hasn’t received his money; the board needs to determine whether the Occupational Health and Safety law that requires a hard hat to be worn is valid under the Human Rights Code. Can you imagine anything more idiotic? How can they even discuss that issue? But that’s perfectly normal in the multicultural madness that is sweeping Canada.

This is not a new issue. If you remember, few years ago a Sikh in Ontario fought for the right not to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, again on religious grounds. The Ontario Human Rights Commission supported him and took his case to the courts wasting thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money (nothing new here as well). They eventually lost, but this time obviously there is “progress”.

So what does all that mean? That a company is always doomed when dealing with religious bigots. If they allow him not to wear a hard hat, they will be in violation of the labor safety rules and can get a hefty fine. If a log breaks his head during the construction, the company will be liable for the injury AND the violation of the rules. If they don’t want to hire him, because he doesn’t recognize and accept the safety rules, the human rights vultures will be after them right away.

Yes, it means that for a business this is a lose-lose-lose situation. The whole mechanism is perfectly designed to drain the money from a business no matter what happens.

There is nothing they can do, except to shut up and pay…

Shut up and pay…

Shut up and pay…

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  1. mari one says:

    If he wants to take the full responsibility for all costs (if he is hurt or killed) when he refuses to wear hart hats, that’s fine, but taxpayers and employers are not responsible for the consequences.

  2. Friends you have understood the case wrongly I never fought against safety but against racism and foul language and partial attitude being sitting in non hard zone I was treated differently also we never fought for compensation we have spent 80000 on legal fees.Being international ex expat I myself is writer of many safety rules so the subject was different that is why I decided not to fight this case on public tax payer money we paid the legal fees to our lawyers so decide your self correctly anytime you are welcome to ask me the questions I will satisfy you people with full proofs

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your comment. Since the human rights issues are very important to most Canadians, we will be willing to publish your side of the story as a separate post. You can submit it by e-mail.

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