Your Friendly Multicultural Exploiter

Recently Toronto Star ran a story about the labour conditions in Toronto’s Chinatown. Their main example was a woman, who came from China in 2006. Apparently, she didn’t start work until this year, because she was raising two young children. She didn’t speak any English, so her only option was working in Chinatown.

She found a job at a manicure salon, but then was asked to pay $400 deposit for the privilege to work there. On top of that she agreed to work seven days a week, ten hours a day and receive for that $25 daily wage. Eventually, she had to leave the job due to exhaustion. 

The reporter states further that the case is not isolated. There are hundreds of such workers in Toronto, who don’t know their rights, mostly because they don’t speak English and don’t have contacts with the proper authorities.

The solution that the labour activists offer is to educate the workers and impose stronger sanctions on the exploitative businesses. That is all fine and dandy, but nowhere in the article was this problem’s underlying issue mentioned.

And that’s the combination of Canada’s broken immigration system and the monster of multiculturalism.

The woman in question didn’t speak any English, yet she has been in Canada since 2006. It means that she was here either illegally or accepted as a “family class” immigrant. The latter are not scrutinized at all; they are sponsored by family members. Or she could have been a refugee (which is unlikely for a Chinese).

The disturbing fact is that Canada accepts people who cannot adapt to the life here and it encourages them to stay isolated. In the old times the immigrants had no other choice but to learn the official languages, if they wanted to succeed. Nowadays, many branches of the government and large corporation (especially banks) provide service in dozens of languages, so many people never bother to master English.

We have to add to this our “multiculturalism”:  the strange idea that many very different cultures can co-exist in one country and that they are all wonderful. That probably worked in Trudeau’s times when there was less diversity and the multiculturalism looked like a cute teddy bear. But during the last 30 years that teddy bear has grown into a scary monster that is ripping off the country.

The insistence that every ethnic group and religion in Canada should keep its identity on government’s dime is turning the country into a collection of clearly defined ethnic “squares”, which are supposed to keep their distance from each other. People are not expected to adapt to the new country and embrace it. They simply bring here their old country with all the conflicts and bigotry.

And that’s how they create those enclaves where they can keep their language and identity. Nobody of the propagandists of multiculturalism would admit that the opportunities of the people in such communities are severely limited. They can only work for relatives and unscrupulous businessmen from the same ethicity with no perspective for improvement. Those communities create an underground economy, where workers are mistreated and nobody pays taxes (yet they use government services).  

The do-gooders are not improving things at all by providing information about the workers’ rights in their own languages. The elitist snobs, who introduced multiculturalism never even thought about its consequences. Or maybe they really knew the consequences, but were glad to create that underclass of people, who would be grateful to their benefactors for letting them into Canada and show their appreciation by always voting Liberal or NDP.

Canada needs to start implementing assimilation in order to make people feel that they belong to this country. Of course they can keep their culture, if it doesn’t infringe with the rights of the others, but the government shouldn’t pay anything for that. The cultural differences may look cute and innocent now, but all contradictions and conflicts are softened by the country’s prosperity and wealth. However, can you imagine what will happen if the economy declines significantly? It is not difficult to imagine the clash, especially with the ticking bomb of the mismanaged US economy.

Canada’s immigration policy must change drastically, if we don’t want to go further down that slippery slope. Everybody who immigrates to the country should be required to speak either of the two official languages and to have the necessary skills needed to contribute to the well-being of the country. Of course, those requirements exist on paper even now, but nobody bothers to implement them fully. 


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  1. Gibby Sonblock says:

    You wrote:
    “In the old times the immigrants had no other choice but to learn the official languages, if they wanted to succeed.”

    That’s not true. In the old days immigrants were mainly uneducated and were able to live in their own communities without ever learning much English at all.

    I know that you are an immigrant yourself so you don’t know what it was like here in the old days.

    Still, you must have some inkling that Toronto was divided into ethnic neighbourhoods long before the advent of multi-culturalism. It’s just easier to mix with people who speak your language and share your background.

    What’s surprising is that in these days rather than in the past, a fairly young person (36) would not learn English.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I know that people here who belong to different cultures and nationalities tend to stick together just like in many other places in the world. It is some kind of survival of the group. But there is a big difference in that respect between the past and the present. In the past, anybody who for example wanted to keep his Chinese or any other identity and language without adapting had to stick to his community. If they wanted to go to school or use banking services, they had to learn some English.

      Now we have complete ethnic enclaves that are offered all services by the government or corporations in their language, so they don’t need to adapt at all. And the worst thing is that people like me have to pay for all those expences, which maintain large groups of the population ignorant and potentially hostile (the leaders who speak their language can always use them for their own agenda).

      You cannot expect to maintain a highly developed country with ignorant people. Maybe the NDP and the third-world immigrants can’t understand that, but you need bright and educated citizens. You mentioned my immigrant background, but my point has always been that you need to select a country that fits your cultural understanding. Canada’s Anglo-Saxon culture of respect of law and individual liberties fits me perfectly. The Muslims who think that sharia is the best solution and that mutilating women’s genitalia is a simple sign of cultural diversity, should go to Somalia, instead of trying to change Canada.

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