Aboriginal Kitsch Sold on Dundas Square

The other day I stumbled upon another city event – one of those “multicultural” events that the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario finance generously with money we don’t have. On Dundas Square they had a National Aboriginal History Month presentation with live music. It was hard to link the rock music played on the stage with the aboriginal history (I don’t remember any Indian claiming that he invented the rock music).



Onkwehonwe – keepers of the land

The most interesting part of the presentations were the tents, where they sold various merchandise. Other than the usual dreamcatchers, moccasins and other stuff that you can find in Chinatown, I saw a few things tailored to the local Indian population.

They presented the Six Nations, an American Indian tribe, which was allowed to settle in Ontario. The hospitality didn’t stop them from bullying the locals for many years. The Six Nations extremists were behind the brutal occupation in Caledonia, during which they terrorized people and destroyed the local economy. Naturally, the Mohawk “warrior flag,” symbol of the native brutality, was prominently featured among the kitschy items:


The flag that symbolizes the Indian terrorism

Of course, mocking Canada is also acceptable among those people, as this defiled Canadian flag shows:


You could also buy Six Nations clothes and umbrellas, with a matching Mohawk “warrior” umbrella for the ladies.



Six Nations and Mohawk umbrellas

And preparing for the future takeover of Toronto, they were also selling “Indian Parking Only” signs:


“Indian Parking Only” – the future of Toronto

The only good thing in the display was a lazy aboriginal Chihuahua (which incidentally was also for sale).


The aboriginal Chihuahua

It was nice to see that many Indians work trying to sell things. However, it was also amusing to see how those “proud keepers of the land” don’t mind adopting the despised materialistic methods of the “American colonialism” to make money. Putting the supposedly sacred Indian symbols on cheap Made-in-China kitsch by the Indians themselves shows how phony their “culture” is. It is time we stopped wasting money on that nonsense. If that culture has any value and is really followed, it should be able to sustain itself without throwing taxpayers’ money at it.


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One Comment

  1. Dean says:

    Many people suffering from a contagious form of white guilt. They include leftists wedded to the appeasement of Islam and radical native groups who, in the minds of the appeasers and cultural/historical revisionists, become great noble savages. It seems that the left desires to take the world back a few thousand years to the dark ages.

    We have a lot of elites such as the self-haters in the Supreme Court of Canada who are dedicated and determined to give ALL the land and resources to natives and to bring Canadian economy to its knees by strangulating energy and everything resource related.

    I suppose that tactic works well for old rich judges nearing the ends of their careers and lives (who want to be loved and honored by the left) but it really damns Canadian youth to live under something other than Western government and the success we have enjoyed up to now under freedom and democracy.

    Let the Supreme Court judges try living in poverty in Attawapiskat under corrupt native dictators to see how much fun we will have since they have condemned us all to that same fate.

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