Attawapiskat Grand Thief Theresa “Sitting Ham” Goes on a Diet


Her real position…


The Canadian reserve Indians are in the news again. It’s not because of some scientific discovery they made or something that contributed to the public good. As usual, they are terrorizing the rest of Canada to extort more money from the taxpayers. A long blockade of the railway in Sarnia just ended; they also blocked the railway in Belleville and the highway in London. Now they threaten even more violence – and all that because of Bill C-45, which would require more transparency about how they spend the money they mooch from us.

Using the same old tricks, they are not going to gain any credibility (if they have any credibility left at all). Occupying land they don’t own, beating up people, disrupting businesses are all “brilliant” tactics that for sure are going to reduce the money they get. If the working people are not making enough money due to the economic terrorism, the vultures from Revenue Canada would manage to collect even less money from them, thus reducing the handouts to the reserve parasites.

I have said before that those people can’t fall any lower, but they always manage to outdo themselves. This time the newly-formed movement “Idle No More” did that. The name gave the false impression that they’ll finally get off their lazy asses and look for jobs like everybody else in Canada. Instead, they chose to stand behind Thief Theresa Spence, one of the most corrupt native leaders in Canada.

Theresa got nation-wide notoriety after an MP publicized the appalling conditions under which her subjects live. Of course, since the MP was from the NDP, the purpose of airing Attawapiskat’s dirty laundry was to shame Harper and expose him as a sadist who tries to starve the poor Indians to death.

Unfortunately, the scheme backfired – it turned out that the poor Indians received from the Federal Government since 2006 over $90 million. They also receive millions of dollars from the diamond mining company De Beers; they get money from the provincial government and income share from Indian casinos; they even have a multi-million investment trust. Mining companies have also awarded contracts for over $350 million to local companies on the reserve. Where did the money go?

Apparently, all the money has disappeared in the deep pockets of Thief Theresa, her husband/boyfriend and the gang of crooks, who run the reserve. The huge salaries they make and the enormous operating expenses to manage a small village of 1800 residents obviously don’t bother them.

All attempts to audit those thieves were sabotaged by both the band and a “progressive” court. Thief Theresa “Sitting Ham” even went on an attack to distract us from scrutinizing her shady financial affairs. She went on a hunger strike demanding a week-long meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss vital issues that she still hasn’t defined.

She claimed that it would be a meeting between the leaders of two “sovereign nations”. That continues the old idiotic charade of the “First Nations” – it requires a special kind of arrogance to claim that the thieving mayor of a small village, who can’t mange properly even the welfare cheques, is a head of state.

Like everything in Theresa’s life as a village leader, the hunger strike is also a sham.

Although she says that she is ready to die, her strike is quite odd. She hasn’t stopped eating. She just switched to liquid food – fish broth, vitamins, tea and other drinks. In other words, she went on a diet. Despite the attempts of the press to convince us of her imminent demise, the pictures we see show the same fat cow she was before starting the “hunger strike”.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have anything against fat people, I myself try to lose weight using those methods. What I don’t like is that the phoney strike adds another lie to the long list of deceptions committed by that despicable woman.

Her pathetic spectacle brought comparisons with other famous hunger strikers like Mahatma Gandhi, Cesar Chavez and the Irish terrorists. Placing Thief Theresa among them is ridiculous. No matter what you think about their goals and convictions, those people were sincere about achieving them.

None of them had the accumulation of wealth as their primary objective. Some of them didn’t want to own anything. Below you see a well-known picture showing all of Gandhi’s possessions of at the time of his death.




No matter what you think about the Mahatma, he had his ideals and was ready to die for them.

I am sure Theresa much more than sandals. That’s why she is not going to die. When your ideal is to swindle the taxpayers and your own people out of as much money as you can, you have no intention to die. You want to live as long as possible to enjoy all the goodies that your money stash can buy.

There is another thing that bothers me when I think about that reserve. The village is very small (around 300 houses). Theresa probably lives in one of them – it must be lavish, because they never showed it on TV. She probably passed every day near all those decrepit houses with shivering children in them. She definitely knew all the children, because for a while she was a manager of a daycare center with a monthly salary of $8,000.

Yet she left them in those horrible conditions despite the fact that she and her gang made millions of dollars (they even spent $36,000 on goose hunting and over $90,000 on a new Zamboni). If all of them chipped in, they could’ve fixed the houses.

What kind of a callous monster would do that and never feel ashamed? Why, and Indian chief, that’s who.

We are constantly bombarded with propaganda about how noble Indians are; how they live to help each other; how close they are to nature and all other junk of the same kind. Yet they let thieves and lowlifes run their affairs.

Why are all Indian heroes like Thief Theresa? Why is Terry Nichols so prominent among them? He is that pathetic traitor who went all the way to Iran to beg the murderous regime of the mullahs to help him extort even more money from the Canadian taxpayers.

I have heard about Chief Louie, who runs a very successful reserve. I’ve heard about other successful chiefs, but they never make it in the news. We usually read about the Caledonia junkies, that crazy Ryerson “professor”, Theresa and Terry as the only people the Indians look up to. Is that because Louie and the other like him are too boring? After all, they actually work for a living and that doesn’t fit the narrative of the Indian industry, which only looks for losers on whose backs they can make even more money.

The Canadian Indians are far from the ideal of the “noble savage”. Until recently, the women of the reserves had no rights whatsoever after divorce. Things changed only after pressure from the Harper government. Only recently they received the opportunity to file human rights complaints (despite the chiefs’ opposition).

A look through the Attawapiskat investment portfolio (h/t SDA) reveals that the noble band has invested in oil and mining companies, which, according to the Indian propaganda we are fed, rape and destroy the earth that the spiritual Indians are supposed to preserve intact. The Indian hypocrisy is endless.

Many reserve Indians are unabashed racists, who openly dislike white and black people. They have been known for kicking out from reserves people who are not from their race (although that is rarely covered by the press).

In a case publicized recently by Ottawa Citizen, a certain guy named Leo Shetush, “Grand Chief of the Algonquian Federation”, held a ceremony, in which he adopted the members of Canada’s Haitian community. Some of the participants saw this as granting them rights similar to those that the Algonquian tribe has – hunting, fishing, and cross-border privileges.

What a heart-soothing story! The Indian Stone Age cults meet the voodoo magic to form a perfect harmony. Isn’t that what the noble Indians want? Obviously not, because Grand Chief Alice Jerome of the Algonquin Anishinabeg Tribal Council (gosh, how many more of those parasites are in existence) said she has never heard of Leo Shetush and added: “He has jeopardized our rights by trying to give them to others.”

So that’s the essence of the problem – when their money gets involved, the high Indian spirituality flies out of the teepee. Imagine what would happen, if any other group of people decides to kick out black people for any reason! But the Indians can get away with anything…

Another important problem that the confrontation revealed is the abyss, which divides the mainstream media from the ordinary Canadians. As soon as Thief Theresa’s stunt began and the Idle No More freeloaders emerged, the media took their site. None of their claims were questioned; the investigation of the chiefs’ thieving ways was considered a form of racism.

For example, in an article published in the supposedly conservative National Post, Michael Den Tandt proposed with a straight face that Harper must meet Theresa as a private citizen, bringing Atleo as his sidekick:

To the second point — that of elevating Spence to a national status she has not earned — there is a simple remedy: The prime minister pays her a visit, but not in his capacity as prime minister. He lets it be known through aides that he is acting as a private individual, out of simple compassion for a person who, however one may disagree with her methods, has her people’s best interests at heart. Perhaps, as a nod to Atleo’s status as grand chief, the two drop in on Spence together.

With respect to copycat “protests,” Harper’s’ people need only assert ways in which the meeting with Spence is unique: To non-aboriginals they can stress her aboriginal status. To other aboriginal activists they can insist the concession was a one-off, done for purely humanitarian reasons…

One way or another though, Harper must concede…

The situation would’ve looked depressing, if it happened in the 1980’s, creating the impression that all Canadian supported those shady characters, who want more money. However, nowadays, due to the miracle of the internet, people can voice their opinions in comments on the media sites or in their own blogs.

That shows a very different picture – the comments are overwhelmingly against the Indian extortionists (probably well over 90%). The Idle No More hacks, who want to promote their point in the same comment sections, don’t have many reasonable arguments and usually end up calling “racist” everybody who disagrees with them. In today’s Canada the word has been so overused that it has no meaning anymore (just like two other idiotic words – “homophobe” and “islamophobe”).

The media are not the only ones that mess up with the native minds. The Indians get even worse advice from all the lefties that support them. One of the rabid lefties summarized the base of the movement perfectly in a comment:

However, its, not just Enviro orgs and First Nations that are uniting against the Harper regime. The United Church, the Anglican Church, Amnesty Int’l, CUPE, CAW, CUPE, OSSTF, PSAC, Lawyers groups, 240 artists and 300+ academics have issued statements in support of Idlenomore and Chief Spence. The blockades will continue and grow as Canadians unite to fight the Harper government’s destruction of democray, the environment, the middle class and the sellout of our economy.

It’s all an imaginary revolution conceived in the demented minds of people, who just like the Indians live in their own world subsidized by taxpayers’ handouts. The lefty churches, activist lawyers, union parasites, talentless artists – they are all there… I bet you that among the “academics” the majority specialize in social work, gender studies, queer philosophy and many other stupidities and you won’t find a single nuclear physicist among them…

An example of such an “academic” is Tom Keefer, who is a rare combination of union activist and a “scholar”. I am familiar with him and his gang of lefty misfits from the confrontations in Brantford and Caledonia. Those towns have been terrorized for years by militant Indians, who beat up the local people, destroy properties and steal. As you may know, they are allowed to do so by Dalton McGuinty, the pussified loser, who until recently was Ontario’s premier.

In “scholarly” articles published on his York University site, Mr. Keefer glorifies the Indian resistance and proudly says that the terror activities have caused over a billion dollars of losses to the local capitalists. Apparently, logic is not taught at York University, otherwise Mr. Keefer would know that the more losses the capitalists incur, the less taxes Revenue Canada would collect and then even less money would go into the pockets of the lazy Indians.

Another example – after the conditions at Attawapiskat became public, a guy named Jason Wettstein started a Facebook fundraising initiative called “Attawapiskat First Nation Emergency”. It was probably endorsed by the reserve, because it encouraged people to contact them directly.

atawapiskat chipin info


Looks like a noble goal, but for some reason Jason considered it important to post a little anti-Semitic “fable” on the page:

Jason Wettstein

Attawapiskat First Nation Emergency

November 29 at 10:25pm · ..

New World Opposition

An Introduction To Israeli and Palestinian Tensions…

…a real short introduction.

Israel kills baby’s.

Family’s of baby’s get mad and try to kill baby killers.

Baby killers drop cluster bombs on daycare’s and hospitals.

Baby killers own worlds media and media reports on CIA war In Syria.

The End..

atawapiskat anti-semitic

No surprises here – many Indian are known for their anti-Semitism. They see Jewish conspiracies and, like Terry Nichols and many around him, have no problem blackmailing Canada in front of anti-Semitic governments.

Jason was collecting donations through the website Chipin-dot-com. The goal was to raise $1.7 million – an impressive goal! Do you know how much he raised?

A big fat ZERO.

atawapiskat chipin info result


The result proves two points. Most Canadians are smart enough not to give more money to an Indian band that has already squandered tens of millions of dollars of the taxes they paid. The second thing is that the lefties never give their own money for a cause, all the noise they make is to force the rest of us to pay for their cause.

Bad advice from lefties like Keefer and Wettstein is not the only thing that keeps the natives isolated from the reality. Policies of consecutive Canadian governments from different sides of the political spectrum have done the same.

Those policies are based on the notorious Indian Act. Despite being a racist piece of legislature, it has survived for over 100 years, because it has created hundreds of little bubbles, where the Indians can live according to their “traditions”, preserve their “culture” and even fantasize that they are nations. True, that’s not much, but it still beats reality, because on the reserves you get money for doing nothing.

The originally modest financial help has grown through government stupidity and Indian extortionism into a multi-billion racket. Now Indians and especially their chiefs think that they are entitled to that money. All the land is theirs and the “settlers” are supposed to pay forever to subsidize their laziness.

The problem with all bubbles (real or imagined) is that they eventually burst. The bubble of the Indian exclusivity is not an exception.

The idea that the growing reserve population will be supported forever by us with awe and respect for doing nothing, is quickly losing its appeal. The ultimate Indian trump card – white guilt – is losing its power. Blaming all their problems on the white settlers is not working anymore.

The problem is that the white people are the only idiots, who can be tricked into feeling guilty over imaginary crimes. The changing demographics of Canada, with hundreds of thousands of new immigrants coming in every year, is reducing the percentage of the descendants of the earliest immigrants.

It is very difficult to explain to immigrants from China, India or the Middle East that they’ll have to feed forever some parasites, who live on faraway reserves. In those countries, where everybody has to work to survive, such phenomenon is unknown. It may take some time, but those immigrants will start electing politicians ready to change things.

The days of the Indian Act and the Indian freeloading are numbered.

Dear Indians, it might be wise to switch Idle No More from a bridge-blocking gang to an employment agency, where Indians can look for jobs.

It would be better for all of us.


© 2013

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  1. sanwin says:

    Hi Blogwrath,

    Jason W. is dissing you on the FB page he created for Theresa Spence.

    This is the lunatic in question.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for the information. He already tried to dictate what I can or cannot write about on my blog.

  2. Dohn Joe says:

    The reason “do not feed the animals” policies exist in Canada’s National Parks is because when people do feed them the animals become accustomed to “easy” food from people without expending the effort to scavenge or hunt for it. They then develop habits of roaming areas with lots of people, begging for food and looting containers where it may be found. The animals then lose their ability to earn food in nature and become dependent on the freebies they have been given to the point of dying if required to survive without them. Certain animals, such as bears, have then been known to become dangerous and attack people when begging attempts do not result in the handouts to which they have become accustomed.

  3. Jesse Sian says:

    Way to go buddy, tell it like it is.
    I have worked for years trying to save up money to retire.
    I am tired of my ever increasing taxes going to the likes of Thief Spam.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Nothing has improved since the post was published – she keeps getting more and more money with nothing to show for it.

  4. Ian says:

    Jason has a long history of being a loser with a computer. There are stories of him getting banned from Safeway for stealing meat, faking pictures for Occupy Vancouver, and it appears that at least two banks have banned him from doing business with him. He leads a sad life though facebook under a variety of names trying to make himself feel important.

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