Gary McHale, Her Majesty’s Jubilee Medal and the Raging Lefties


Gary McHale receives his medal from Gregory Thomas


Yesterday in Toronto Gary McHale received Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. He was nominated by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation for his work of exposing the provincial government’s tax waste in the Caledonia area. At the ceremony he received his medal from Gregory Thomas, Federal and Ottawa Director of the CTP.






I am sure that for the 60,000 ordinary and extraordinary Canadians, who received the medal, that was just another pleasant life episode with smiling officials, clapping family members and boring parties.

Not so with Gary – nothing about him is ordinary. The nomination touched off a storm of wailing and gnashing of teeth, which could be heard “from the Island to Vancouver to the Isle of Newfoundland” (as once Stompin’ Tom put it). There is nothing new about the reaction – Gary’s life resembles a detective novel continuously published in a magazine, where you anxiously wait for every new issue to see what would happen in the next chapter.


Gary, Christine, and Gregory Thomas



Gary and Christine McHale


In that type of novel the protagonists, like let’s say Philip Marlowe, fight dark and disturbed villains, with whom many women may fall in love, while Gary McHale has to deal with characters, who look like they sprung out of the clinical records of an institution for the criminally insane. Below you will meet some of them, involved in the medal “controversy” – a nutty student activist, who writes music pieces against patriarchy; a pissed off Indian chief, and a classic case of a backstabbing liar and mudslinger.

For years Gary and his supporters tried to expose those characters and the harm they caused, yet the mainstream media ignored them. It took the “Idle No More” movement to pull those people from the bowels of society into the light of day. And the picture ain’t pretty… In my video you can see some curious specimens during their confrontation with the SUN News personality Ezra Levant.

Initially, the ceremony was scheduled for February 18, but the long advance notice allowed the native entitlement industry and their faithful lefty sidekicks to put in motion their well-oiled machine of threats and intimidation. There is nothing new here – the people in Caledonia and Brantford, who refused to take meekly the native terror, know the drill very well.

Threatening phone calls and letters did the job to scare institutions and venues. Although they knew that Gary and CTP were right, none of them wanted to face a crowd of raging psychopaths, from whom the police would provide no protection.

It is important to point that out, because the “Idle No More” movement’s leaders threaten to bring Canada’s economy to its knees. If we the taxpayers don’t keep handing out money to those freeloaders without any questions asked, Gary McHale’s horrible experience in the small Ontario town would very likely turn into a grim future for all Canadians.

Let’s start with the student activist, who hates Gary, and see what she wrote. (Many thanks to Richard and Blazingcatfur, who bravely dived into the Rabble-dot-ca sewer to bring out this little “gem.”)

The article“Honouring anti-Native protester Gary McHale”

was written by Nora Loreto, a  “writer, musician and activist” who mentions in her biography the position of former Ryerson Free Press Editor-in-Chief. That rag operates in a Toronto university from which wannabe-chief Pam pulls the strings of “Idle No More”. Nora also has a link to a site with her uploaded music, mostly piano recordings.

It sounds like a work by a graduate from Yoko Ono’s school for musical half-wits. One of Nora’s masterpieces is titled “Frustration of Patriarchy”, which I highly recommend, if you can endure more than a minute of it. The style is suspiciously similar to that of another famous Nora – the YouTube sensation Nora the Piano Cat.

I am torn between both, but I may go with Nora the Cat. First of all, she is more popular with 24 million views of her art, and second, she is dedicated to her music, while Nora the Human mixes it with silly lefty activism, which Nora the Cat, to the best of my knowledge, stays away from.

Anyway, the article is not very original and recycles the same old unsubstantiated garbage:

“Yes, McHale has made a significant contribution to racial relations in Caledonia. He’s made being racist nearly okay. He’s battled “political correctness” (as he says) and tried to restore the White man’s proper place in Canada: wherever he wants it to be.”

Never mind that Gary spent years fighting the racism displayed in Caledonia by OPP and natives. On the piece of land illegally occupied by the Indians, no Jews, Japanese, Blacks, Filipinos or whites are allowed. Anyone other than an Indian, who puts a foot on it, will be arrested by the police. Of course, truth is always a minor nuisance in the lefty world.

Nora the Human comes swinging in full force when talking about the Canadian Taxpayers Federation:

“He was nominated by the prestigious Canadian Taxpayers’ “Federation,” a right-wing organization that claims to speak on behalf of, well, me, despite not clearly advertising the mechanisms for me to vote out the current lot of republicans, libertarians and racist sympathizers.

Their claim is that he exposed that the OPP was spending more than a hundred million dollars policing the events that surrounded reclamation of the Douglas Creek Estates at Caledonia. No word if money was actually saved, of course. No mention of how much the OPP had to pay every time McHale himself organized a rally of obnoxious, anti-Native protesters.”

I wasn’t aware that in Canada we can vote for or against republicans. Gary’s work helped to limit the impact of the Indian economic terror in the region, although he couldn’t do too much without government support. The “reclamation” and other atrocities cost the taxpayers billions of dollars. One of the active supporters of the Indian economic sabotage, Tom Keefer, a union activist and a York University eternal student, proudly stated in one of his papers:

“Since the February 2006 land reclamation near Caledonia, the political resurgence at Six Nations has led the Haudenosaunee Confederacy to create new institutions operating outside of the control of the Canadian state. Backed by direct action, these institutions are making demands on capitalists seeking to develop indigenous lands.

According to some sources, Six Nations direct actions have caused over $1.7 billion in economic damage to the local economy since the 2006 reclamation began. In addition to the disruption of the King and Benton site, Six Nations has shut down a $125-millionHydro One expansion in Caledonia, the development of 4,000 homes in Caledonia valued at $880 million, the development of 85 townhouses in Hagersville valued at $20 million, a $275-million wind-farm, a Wal-Mart development in Dunnville, and a total of $590 million worth of other developments in Brantford.”

This was a massive economic damage, which cost thousands of jobs and millions of lost tax revenue. The money lost could’ve benefited the militant freeloaders from the reserves and the urban welfare revolutionaries. Only a complete idiot may feel proud of such record. Of course, Nora the Human, as a specimen of that parasitic class, doesn’t care where her free money comes from.

Even the Queen can’t get away from her psychotic indignation:

“Yes, it’s fitting that the day after the Idle No More global day of action, a man who is only famous for his anti-Native protests, is awarded an honour of the Queen. Indeed, she holds a position that is the most anti-Native of all.

The centuries of genocide that have happened in Canada were enabled by the colonial project of England (and France, Spain, Holland, Portugal…) and the Queen wears the blood of the murder carried out as a result of her Empire. Of course McHale’s award makes sense.”

Poor Queen Lizzy – she is in cahoots with Gary the Villain. The revolutionary freeloaders, who demonstrate for more free money, see nothing but blood on her genocidal white gloves.

The trump card in Nora’s presentation is Bill Montour, a chief at the Six Nations reserve. He got so pissed off with Gary’s medal that he returned his own. The Montour response was picked by Hamilton Spectator, which gave him the opportunity to express his point.

Six Nations Chief Bill Montour is returning his Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal to Governor General David Johnston after one was awarded to controversial Caledonia figure Gary McHale.

“I’m packing it up as we speak,” Montour said Tuesday. “I’m sending mine back because I don’t want to have a medal, carrying the same medal (as McHale) … This is recognition of what you have done to this point in your life, and I was quite happy and pleased to take it. After this has come about, I don’t want it.”

Boy, isn’t that an angry chief? Bill’s case shows once again that the natives can get away with anything. Imagine if Gary refused the medal, because Bill received it – he would be condemned as a racist by almost all media outlets.

And Bill definitely has some questions to answer to. He was nominated by that spineless idiot Dalton McGuinty, the former Ontario Premier, who allowed the natives to mistreat the people from Brantford and Caledonia. Most people, who committed the massive economic sabotage and caused the enormous financial losses Tom Keefer talked about, came from the tribe, which the chief rules.

Yet, to the best of my knowledge, he has never expressed any regret about the pain and suffering his people caused. On the contrary, he went head on against Gary McHale, the man who wanted to expose the native extremists and clear the image of the ordinary peaceful natives, who live on the Six Nations reserve, and attacked not only him but the Governor General as well:

Montour called it “ludicrous” to give McHale a medal. He said residents of Six Nations are “wondering if the Governor General has lost his mind.” Amanda Dale, an Idle No More activist, said people she knows in the movement either laughed or broke down crying at the news.

The horrible news has turned the Six Nations reserve into a set of South American soap opera, where everybody is suffering.

So how could McGuinty nominate for a high award a questionable “leader” who de facto supports lawlessness, and throw all of his police and court might against Gary McHale, a loyal subject of the Queen, who wants nothing more and nothing less than equal treatment for everybody in the great tradition started by Magna Carta. Don’t ask too much – in Ontario, ruled by McGuinty and now by his weird heir (sic) Wynne, insanity is a norm.

However, the heavy artillery in the battle of the crazy native-leftist alliance against Gary McHale came from a woman, who started a well-documented smear campaign. She sent messages to the Governor General and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to discourage them from awarding him the medal. Since the most common accusation when discussing such letters is “you quoted me out of context”, here is the entire message, as provided by Mr. McHale:

Governor-General Johnston,

It is a most unfortunate error to grant the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal to anti-native agitator Gary McHale. Mr. McHale has not “made a significant contribution” and certainly does not “bring credit to Canada;”. He is particularly opposed to honouring the Queen’s treaties with Indigenous Peoples of Canada, treaties the Queen personally chose to renew with the Six Nations people of Grand River in 2010.

Prior to his provocative agitation in Caledonia, Mr. McHale was convicted of Grand Larceny in the U.S. He has never denied this. In Canada, he has no identifiable sources of income except  donations to his political agitation activities, notably from the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation that nominated him.

His activities are racist in nature:

” McHale, Vandermaas, and these other figures appropriate the language of the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King Jr. in particular, and they claim to be anti-racist, going so far as to hold an “Anti-racism” Rally in Caledonia on the International Day for the Elimination of Racism on March 21 2010. Notably, the only other groups organizing events for that day based on the claim that white people are racially disadvantaged were neo-nazis in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal.

With respect to the presence of neo-nazis at his events, he has stated that they “have a right to be there. I can’t stop them.”  “

While Mr. McHale protests the money spent on policing in Caledonia …

”  “Over $120 million of taxpayers’ money has been wasted in Caledonia on the failed policing policies of the OPP,” CANACE said … “

… he neglects to mention that a substantial amount of those costs were incurred due to his anti-native agitation activities in that community.

Finally, and most importantly, the association of the Queen’s name with Mr. McHale is most regretable: He is particularly disrespectful of the Queen’s treaties with Indigenous Peoples of Canada, treaties that the Queen recently made a “personal decision” to renew with the Six Nations people of Grand River, the very people that McHale harasses and whose rights and treaties he denies.

The Queen among the Mohawks:

The Silver Chain of Friendship 1710-2010

”  ‘English connection’, … a reminder of the living presence of history. This was poignantly apparent in

Queen Elizabeth’s personal decision

(according to Kevin S. MacLeod, Canadian Secretary to the Queen) to present two peals of hand bells to the Chapels Royal of the Mohawks.

In so doing, as the Archbishop of Toronto Colin Johnson and the day’s homilist Cathedral Rector Douglas Stoute reminded the 700 sweltering bodies inside the Cathedral and the thousands lining King and Church Streets outdoors, the Queen honoured a relationship that pre-dates the existence of Canada by more than 150 years.

In 1710, a Six Nations delegation visited the court of Queen Anne asking for her support. The first Mohawk Chapel was built in 1712 in the Mohawk Valley. Following the American Revolution and the defeat of British forces, loyalist Six Nations people were awarded a sizeable land grant in the Haldimand Treaty of 1784; and the first ‘Mohawk Chapel’ was erected by the Crown in 1785. The relationship between Crown and some Iroquois was enhanced by the continued loyalty of Grand River people during The War of 1812. The present day Mohawk Chapel, renovated in 1983 in Six Nations territory on the Grand River, is the only Royal Chapel in North America. It was so designated in 1904 by Edward VII.

As a historian, one is struck by Elizabeth’s choice of July 4 as a date to commemorate the 300-year relationship between the British Crown and the Mohawk Nation. Further, given the contentious, sometimes even bloody, relationship between the Canadian state and the Six Nations since Confederation, the import of the Queen’s decision to pay such homage was not lost on the Mohawks present, or on attentive observers of indigenous-settler relations in Canada. The silver bells that Queen Elizabeth presented on July 4 are engraved with the words The Silver Chain of Friendship 1710-2010; according to notes provided by the government of Canada, they “are symbolic of the councils and the treaties that originated between the English colonies in North America and the Iroquois Confederacy.”  “

It’s an unfortunate travesty that McHale’s name has been announced for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal without proper research into his character and his views. His entire premise is that policing and all other aspects of Canada’s relations with Indigenous Peoples should not recognize any Aboriginal or Treaty rights.

Clearly, the Queen disagrees.

I understand that (elected) Chief William Montour of Six Nations of Grand River is returning his Queen’s Silver Jubilee medal. He is an honourable man. In my experience, McHale is not.–six-nations-chief-won-t-wear-same-medal-as-activist-mchale?–six-nations-chief-won-t-wear-same-medal-as-activist-mchale

” Hennig said his group [the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation who nominated McHale] is “not concerned about those reactions. I would expect that they wouldn’t [be] please[d] with that.”  “

Mr. Hennig should have warned you, Mr. Johnston. They have set up an embarrassing situation for you as the Queen’s representative. There will very likely be continued protests of Mr. McHale’s award. I have certainly marked ‘Feb. 18 – Toronto’ on my calendar.

Most regretable.


Connie Kidd, Hamilton ON

It is hard to believe that Ms. Kidd thinks that with such a letter, written at Grade 5 level, she can sway the opinion of Her Majesty’s representative to Canada. But that’s how the supporters of the native extremists operate – they think that when they are loud enough when they accuse somebody, the fear of being labeled a racist would overpower logic.

I’ll leave aside the “larceny” charges (Gary addresses them in a response). The finance charges are also interesting – since when the source of income makes a person worthy or unworthy for an award? From that point of view many Indian and lefty activists, who are life-long welfare bums shouldn’t be reckoned with at all.

The blog post about the racist nature of Gary McHale’s activities, which she quotes, is based on lies written specifically to slander those who disagree with the illegal Indian occupation in Caledonia. Among the “incriminating” pictures supposed to show the far-right links of Gary we see a photo of the flag of Ontario. I might have missed the memo, but since when the Ontario flag is a neo-Nazi accessory? Maybe the Indians don’t like it and Kathleen Wynne may soon replace it with the homosexual flag, but for now we are still Ontarians (including the Six Nations reserve).

It is laughable that Ms. Kidd attacks the commemoration of the day for elimination of racism in 2010. Vandermaas and McHale addressed a very real issue – in the illegally occupied land the Indians practice blatant racism, letting in only their own race and their lefty white ass-kissers with the blessing of the police. Isn’t that something we all should fight? Moreover, both of them have been involved for years in battling anti-Semitism.

Their “Israel Truth Week” annual conference has made significant contributions in that field. Oh, I forgot – for the likes of Nora, Connie and the “Mohawk Warriors” only the Hamas and PLO terrorists count as moral authority and Israel is a nest of evil Zionist Jews.

The most laughable part of the letter is the one dealing with the treaties. It’s even the longest. Ms. Kidd’s premise is that the Queen respects the treaties with the natives. Notice how the Left can’t make up their mind. In Nora the Human’s article the Queen is a genocidal old witch, who formed a sinister union with Gary to destroy the poor natives.

But according to Ms. Kidd, Her Majesty is a sweet old lady, who loves the Mohawks. On her last visit to Toronto (pictures here)

she even donated a few trinkets to their church. Ms. Kidd goes into a lengthy discussion of the Six Nations history. They arrived in 1784, which makes them settlers – many of the white people the lefties despise, have arrived in Canada hundreds of years earlier. After reading all that, I was left scratching my head thinking: what does that history lecture have to do with Gary’s medal?

The facts that the Indians sold their land over the centuries, doesn’t give them the right to attack and mistreat their neighbours and try to get the land back by force ignoring the courts. Maybe that’s the normal way from the point of view of the Mohawk logic, but in Canada we have laws, which should be observed, regardless of what spineless pansies like Dalton McGuinty think. If the natives don’t recognize those laws, it’s reasonable to assume that the treaties should also go.

Of course, letting such a despicable liar get away with her deception is not an option in a civilized society. In a message sent a day before the award ceremony, Gary McHale delicately warned Connie Kidd:

Date: 2013-01-31 1:15 PM

Subject: Defamation lawsuit

To: <conniekidd@*****.com>

Ms. Kidd:

It has come to my attention that you are defaming me in emails to the Taxpayers Federation and the Governor General of Canada. In particular you lie about me being convicted of an offence in the USA – I have never been charged with any offence in the USA. Furthermore, you make slanderous statement regarding my finance.

I am directing you to issue an apology and send it to me, the Taxpayers Federation and the Governor General. Failure to do so will immediately result in a lawsuit against you. Please ensure you have issued the apology before the end of Friday, Feb. 1, 2013. See my attached letter to the Governor General.

Gary McHale

Well, as a comment to the message, I should mention that everybody who has known Gary McHale for a long period of time knows that he is a simple man – he says what he thinks and does what he says. And he won’t keep quiet when he or somebody else is mistreated. A long row of people, who have tried to defame, slander or destroy him in other creative ways, would testify (although reluctantly) that he has always prosecuted successfully such attacks. Just ask Julian Fantino, OPP, McGuinty’s people, the Six Nations “press”, etc.

The explanation of his court success is also simple – he has the truth on his side (and his profound knowledge of the law, which rivals that of many “real” lawyers doesn’t hurt either). I am not sure, if Ms. Kidd is aware of his record, but within hours she issued an apology:

From: C Kidd [mailto:conniekidd@*******.com]

Sent: January-31-13 9:28 PM


Cc:; shennig@**********.com

Subject: Re: Defamation lawsuit by Gary McHale

Mr. McHale, Governor-General Johnston, Mr. Hennig:

As per Mr. McHale’s request, I hereby withdraw paragraph 2 of my Jan.30 submission of concerns regarding Mr. McHale’s proposed Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal.  I apologize for my error in making those particular comments.

My recollection of public online conversations was that Mr. McHale never denied the U.S. charges, but as he points out, I cannot now provide supporting information, and I accept his statement.

Regarding his income, it appears that I  misinterpreted as financial ‘support’ his statement that the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation

“has supported his campaign since 2007”–six-nations-chief-won-t-wear-same-medal-as-activist-mchale?–six-nations-chief-won-t-wear-same-medal-as-activist-mchale

I trust this addresses Mr. McHale’s “defamation” concerns. It was inappropriate of me to include those items in my letter.

My intent was to focus on the remaining serious concerns that still apply. I harbour neither “hatred” nor “anger” toward Mr. McHale, though I do not consider him a worthy recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal.

I would ask that the Governor-General consider the rest of my Jan. 30 submission without the offending paragraph, with my apologies for the inconvenience.


Connie Kidd, Hamilton ON

True, the apology is half-baked – she still insists on her points and doesn’t address her faulty logic, but, hey, there is no requirement that only smart people write to the Governor General. I still think that the motive for the larceny accusation withdrawal sounds funny – she thinks that if some people on the internet blame somebody for something, and the person doesn’t respond, he is presumed guilty. That is another example of Mohawk logic. What if I say that Theresa Spence had sex with Hugo Chavez – following Connie’s logic, if Theresa never reads my blog and never denies the charge explicitly, my statement should be assumed to be true. The same applies to Gary, who can’t police the world-wide web.

As I said in the beginning, Gary’s life is like a detective novel and the whole commotion surrounding his medal proves it.

Many people say that Gary is nuts to do what he is doing. He hasn’t won much from his activism (unlike many of the Indian chiefs). Besides, many think that now there is relative peace in Caledonia and he is rocking the boat unnecessarily. That is deceptive. The Six Nations or any other tribe still occupy illegally part of Caledonia and can strike again at any time, beating and kicking out people out of their homes. And I am sure that the all-inclusive lesbian Kathleen Wynne, just like her predecessor, would support them no matter what they do. After all, at the convention that elected her, she stated that Toronto is Mississauga Indian land (neglecting to mention the fact that the land has been ceded or sold centuries ago).

They are not afraid to make terrorist threats. Last month Nepinak, one of the big shots in “Idle No More” and a high-ranking Manitoba chief, bluntly threatened Canada (a Muslim or a white Christian would be arrested for such a statement):

“The Idle No More movement has the people, it has the people and the numbers that can bring the Canadian economy to its knees… We have the warriors that are standing up now that are willing to go that far. So we’re not here to make requests. We’re here to demand attention and to demand an end to 140 years of colonial rule.”

I am also for abolishing the colonial rule and its main relics – the Indian Act and the reserve system. I want everybody in Canada to be treated the same way. Of course, Nepinak doesn’t want the same. His statement is just a clumsy attempt to extort more taxpayers’ money while keeping his cushy chief’s job.

Very few taxpayers would agree with his demands, if asked. That’s why the Canadian Taxpayers Federation was right when it nominated Gary McHale. Nobody should waste our tax – neither the government, nor the Indian chiefs, nor their merry lefty sidekicks.


© 2013

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  1. Dear Miro,

    As someone who has stood by Gary for 6+ years I thank you for giving up your time to come to Caledonia on multiple occasions and for writing this story and being there to take the terrific photos. Smears are all the other side has because they know they are wrong and they know the public is turning against their violence and supremacist ideology. They are getting desperate and it shows.

    The Israel Truth Week Conference takes place March 5-6 in Hamilton. More info at do hope you’re coming!

    Mark Vandermaas

  2. robins111 says:

    This appears to make the leftards go into a jabbering rage, we need to keep this up..

  3. TheGentile says:

    Once again, an excellent write-up. I’ve had my own commentary run-ins with Keefer back in my days. Gary getting his QDJ medal sends a tingle up my leg…which quickly goes away once I remember Gary having taking all his clothes off – down to his tighty whities – in protest the last time he got arrested-not charged-released (in the OPP standard abuse of powere catch and release program for political ends rather than protecting taxpayers) in Caledonia.

    Gary with the medal = Awsome!

    Gary in his underware in protest = not so awesome :=(

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