Gary McHale Writes to the Governor General (and a Word about Naomi Klein and Theresa Spence)

In the post about Gary McHale’s medal, which I published the other day, I wrote about the e-mail blackmail saga. At the time I didn’t have all documents and only today I was able to get Gary’s letter to the Governor General, in which he defends his honour from the lies of the slanderer.

You can read it below, but first I want to point out a sentence in its last paragraph:

What Ms. Kidd has done is provide for you just one example of how, throughout history, those who stand for individual rights and freedoms will always be defamed.

Gary is right, this is just one example. The damage such individuals cause is not committed only by obscure personalities like the lady from Hamilton, but also by people who brand themselves as morally superior.

Case in point – Naomi Klein.

The member of the NDP royalty and tireless fighter against global capitalism (although capitalism made her rich) didn’t miss the opportunity to lecture us on the native issues. On Christmas Eve last year I was reading The Globe and Mail, where I found an article by Wise Naomi about Theresa Spence: “As Chief Spence starves, Canadians awaken from idleness and remember their roots” (I highly recommend that you read the whole article, it’s a superb piece of entertainment).

In the beginning Naomi tells us how her 6-month old son woke her up with his cries. He had cold and felt uncomfortable. After he went back to sleep, snoring again, she forgot about him and her thoughts started to drift off to Theresa’s teepee:

A single thought entered my head: Chief Theresa Spence is hungry. Actually it wasn’t a thought. It was a feeling. The feeling of hunger. Lying in my dark room, I pictured the chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation lying on a pile of blankets in her teepee across from Parliament Hill, entering day 14 of her hunger strike.

What an Oprah-worthy picture! The Lefty Drama Queen meets the Indian Drama Queen! I am not sure if Naomi is that stupid, but even at that time it was clear to everyone who was not afraid to use his or her brain that Theresa was not starving. Greedy people don’t starve themselves to death.

Within days we learned about the magnitude of her money mismanagement. We also found out that she was eating (or rather drinking rich foods) all the time and she spent her nights at a hotel and not trembling on or under a pile of blankets. Theresa was probably the only person in the world to gain weight from a hunger strike.

Things get out of control when Naomi juxtaposes Stephen Harper with Theresa Spence:

…Mr. Harper may relent, scared of the political fallout from letting this great leader die. I dearly hope he does. I want Chief Spence to eat. But I won’t soon forget this clash between these two very different kinds of resolve, one so sealed off, closed in; the other cracked wide open, a conduit for the pain of the world.

Calling a corrupt village mayor a “great leader” is way over the top. The “sealed off, closed in” Harper (is this the “hidden agenda” tripe all over again?) is morally inferior to the “cracked wide open” Theresa. I am sure she is “cracked wide open” to her $850-a-day boyfriend. And she is a great “conduit” for the money that comes from the taxpayers’ pockets and goes into her gang’s mysterious properties and businesses, bypassing in the process her poor reserve subjects, who are the people who actually sleep under piles of blankets in their cold shacks. (Don’t forget that one of the reasons she ended her fake hunger strike was the threat from her band council to kick her out.)

Naomi’s ramblings are painfully familiar – they fit very well in the communist propaganda. Years ago at my university we had quite a few North Korean students. They carried with them tons of propaganda literature – the Collected Works of Kim Il Sung and countless booklets in several languages. I remember a story in one of those booklets about a mother, whose child got sick, but she studied vigorously the “juche” ideas (Kim Il Sung’s brand of Marxism) and through her faith and will power he helped her child to recover.

Naomi Klein’s stupidity looks like something that came directly from a North Korean book, including the “great leader” terminology.

It is a sad state of the affairs when deluded idiots like Grand Naomi and Big Mama Spence can deceive millions of people through the media, while a person like Gary McHale, who wants everybody to think for himself or herself has to struggle to be heard.

Anyway, here is what Gary had to say to the Governor General Johnston:

Right Honourable David Johnston

Governor General of Canada

Rideau Hall, 1 Sussex Drive

Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A1

Re: Defamation Email sent to your Office


Dear Mr. Johnston:

Throughout the past 1000 years of British history there have always been those who struggled to establish the rights and freedoms of every individual citizen, while others repeatedly attempted to establish special rights and privileges for the few. Canadians can be proud of how Britain has passed down this legacy whereby all citizens have equal benefit of the law.

Recently you authorized that I would receive the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal – an honour bestowed on me because of the hard work of so many to ensure the rights and freedoms of all citizens. At all times our group has supported the rights of all citizens to do peaceful protests and to exercise their free speech.

Like so many times in history there will always be those who attack people who have fought to ensure individual freedoms. Recently, you received an email from Connie Kidd of Hamilton as an example of those who attempt to repress the rights of others. While we respect Ms. Kidd’s right to contact your office we cannot accept that she has a right to outright lie to you in order to defame me or our group.

While I will not respond to all the lies contained in her email I would address two issues. First, she directly states that I was “convicted of Grand Larceny in the U.S.”. While she provides you with no proof, I can state that I have never been arrested nor charged with any crime in the United States let alone been convicted of any crime there. Second, Ms. Kidd expresses the idea that somehow she has direct knowledge of my filed tax returns with the Federal Government, thereby claiming with some authority to know my financial affairs including the claim that the Canadian Taxpayers Federation gives me money. Like everything else in Ms. Kidd’s email she simply creates these defamatory statements out of thin air. It is clear to anyone reading Ms. Kidd’s email that she is driven more by her hatred and anger than by facts and as such fiction replaces reality.

What Ms. Kidd has done is provide for you just one example of how, throughout history, those who stand for individual rights and freedoms will always be defamed. As Christ himself stated, “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you…”

Yours Sincerely,

Gary McHale

And here is the complete document:



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  1. Me says:

    Often times, people confuse articulate with intelligence. Ms. Klein is VERY articulate.

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    Hey, AnarchoGathis, welcome back. If you want to defend your thieving buddy Theresa Spence, could you at least use a language that doesn’t sound like Detroit ghetto vulgar ebonics?

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    You’ll be OK son, just breathe. It’ll get better I promise, the voices will stop soon.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Get more oxycontin from your Chief, Gathis. You’ll feel much better.

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