“Idle No More” Kooks Attack Ezra and Ask SUN Staff to Go Back to Europe

Today the Idle No More movement held a demonstration in front of the SUN News building to protest the imaginary racism promoted by the network. The reality was that they were still pissed off at Ezra Levant and the others, who deprived Thief Theresa Spence from her undeserved hallo of sainthood.

The event was scheduled for 2 p.m. I was there on time and wandered around the SUN buildings not finding any protestors. Finally, by 2:30 I found the crowd in St. James Park, the same place that was destroyed last year by the environment-loving occupiers.

Not only was the starting point the same, but also most of the people attending were the same ones I saw in the park during the occupation. I saw the Black Bloc anarchists, with jackets calling for chaos and destruction:


“Vile Intent” Indeed



“Influx of Pink Indians” – Isn’t that racist?

They also had as a supporter the disgusting Afghani woman, who last year disrupted one of the most important Canadian holidays – Remembrance Day.


Natural transition – from insulting veterans to supporting Idle No More


Another strange guy wore fatigues with Rastafarian insignia (“The Lion of Judah”) while wearing a “Mohawk Warrior” cap. Sometimes the reality of the activists is too bizarre to understand. The same guy later called Ezra a “piece of shit” (you can see him in the video).


The Mohawk Warrior Rastafarian


The spiritual Indians didn’t mind some bad language when describing SUN News:


Shitty attitude in action


Another idiot held high a sign calling the paper “Racist Tabloid Scum” and inviting its staff to go back to Europe. I wonder if that included Anita Sharma and the other people whose ancestors came from different continents. And what about the stinky anarchist, who held the sign – as a very white guy, who is part of the “settlers’ society” he also should help “decolonizing” Canada by taking his lazy welfare ass out of the country.


That idiot should go with them as well…


And what about the “Six Nations”, who also sent people to the rally? They came to Canada in the late 1700’s and are settlers too. Shouldn’t Idle No More get rid of them as well?


Gee, those Six Nations Indians are much whiter than me


After a few speeches, the crowd took off. The marched down King Street singing and drumming.


That’s not Ringo Starr


I spotted even more interesting signs, expressing the position of Idle No More. One of its members redesigned the SUN logo to look like a swastika. It was no wonder, because you can see in the video that one of the participants loudly announced that the Jews and particularly Israel own SUN News. Comparing the Jews and Israel to Nazis is a favourite slander of the losers, who form those leftist movements.


The swastika SUN



Do the native people buy anything from Dr. Ho?



Do the media conduct any genocide in Canada?


Finally the crowd reached the SUN building. Police cars and officers were already waiting there.



The only person from SUN News waiting there was Ezra Levant. He tried to interview a few people, but needless to say the interviews didn’t go too well.


Ezra among the idle people


The conversations quickly turned into yells and insults. As it happens usually with the leftists and the native activists, they have the strange notion that the louder they shout the more convincing their arguments become. It looks like Ezra is an extremely patient person, because many other would’ve left after such a treatment.


Ezra and the crazy Rastafarian warrior


It was not a surprise that the events turned that way, because even more weird people appeared among the spiritual crowd.


Masked anarchists (to be fair, they didn’t break anything)



One of my old Occupy buddies



What the hell is this?!


After one of those freaks tried to hit Ezra, the police Caledonianized not the perpetrator, but Ezra himself. That is a term I made up to describe how the police in Ontario handle problems, which was painfully obvious in Caledonia. The OPP there never arrested any Indians, no matter how violent they were, but always took away the peaceful protestors. The reason was that supposedly dealing with violent people would bring more troubles, so it’s better to arrest the non-violent ones.


Ezra is being Caledonianized


Although this afternoon the protest was called “peaceful” in the news, it was a repulsive spectacle of rudeness and bullying. Every Indian chief, who appeared on TV during the last few weeks, kept repeating how spiritual and elevated the Idle No More movement is.

However, there was absolutely nothing spiritual in those rabid idiots who kept shouting obscenities.  That’s the way they are – so far the government has shown to them that if they shout loud enough, they can get whatever they want. Now, if they have their way, billions and billions of dollars in new funding would go into the bottomless pockets of hundreds of Indian chiefs.

If so much money is at stake, is it any wonder that they would want to destroy the only TV station in Canada that dares say the truth about them?


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  1. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    Great Job Blogwrath!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you!

  2. wallyj says:

    Great article,pics,and video. Thanks.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you. I wish the mainstream media covered that.

  3. Ross says:

    First-class report, which I’ve linked so overseas readers of our conservative expat blog can get the true picture.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your appreciation.

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  5. Vardit Feldman says:

    Thank you so much Blogwrath for an awesome, incredible, amazing job done videotaping these nutbars without any interruption. By that I mean, had I videotaped them, it would have been interrupted by my vomiting!:) Just look at them! Future NDP and Liberal people in politics maybe? Choke the thought! They don’t look good with signs – they would look more realistic if they panhandled. Once again, deep appreciation for your work and be careful!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you very much. All I did was to tape exactly what happened. If the major TV stations in Canada reported the events the same way, “Idle No More” would’ve died months ago after people had seen who its supporters are.

  6. skywatch67 says:

    Does this crap ever end? FN’s are once again outta their trees.


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