Justin Trudeau to Let Indian Chiefs Steal As Much As They Can



One of the few good things that Harper’s government has done to resolve the horrible mess created during the decades since the Indian Act was adopted, was to introduce a legislation requiring some transparency about how the Indians spend the money paid to them by the taxpayers. I wrote about that a few days ago, noting that the first revelations have been nothing to brag about. A chief of a tiny tribe was making nearly a million dollars a year; some other chiefs were doing just as well.

Since that writing, things didn’t get better. Many tribes refused to comply with the transparency legislation and decided to hide the chiefs’ income. Accusations of racism are flying just because the majority of the Canadian people (including many members of the Indian tribes) want to know where the money goes.

It was just a matter of time before Dumbo Justin Trudeau came to the rescue. Used to his pattern of supporting questionable groups (like Wahhabis and other extremist Muslims), he took the side of the chiefs, who want to keep misusing their tribes’ money with impunity. He clearly stated that he was going to scrap the legislation designed to keep track of the Indian expenses:

Despite its success, Justin Trudeau says that a Liberal government would scrap the bill.

“I wouldn’t keep the legislation in place,” Trudeau – whose party voted against the bill in the House of Commons – told the Vancouver Sun.

“I would work with First Nations to make sure that a proper accountability act that would have disclosed any excesses we see, but is done in a way that is respectful of the First Nation communities.”

While he didn’t say what he would replace it with, the Liberal party’s new star candidate Jody Wilson-Raybould – a B.C. regional chief for the Assembly of First Nations – suggested that salaries could be made available to community members but not the Canadian public at large.

“Of course salaries/remuneration should be disclosed to community members, and by virtue of that disclosure it is public, as the band members can do what they please with the information received,” she told the Sun.

Justin is not the sharpest tool in the box and we may need to credit his position to his handlers, who want to satisfy every special interest group in sight. The really disgusting part is the proposal of the chief he picked for his campaign. Jody Wilson-Raybould (who probably is in the loop with the other chiefs) is actually saying that only the regular Indians would be allowed to know how much their chiefs are stealing from the taxpayers.

The taxpayers, who foot the bill for everything related to the reserves, must be kept in the dark. Not only are they being robbed, but they also should keep quiet and be happy that the Indian chiefs steal their money. How much longer are we going to allow that blatant robbery?

It’s time to scrap the Indian Act and dissolve the Reserve Mafia. Enough is enough.

Everybody should work for their money – even Justin and the Indian chiefs.


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  1. Brian Cathline says:

    Just found your blog….very insightful. Justin is on the wrong track on so many fronts, its scary!

    Will check out more of your comments.

  2. Toshi says:

    It is really scary. I know a person who blindly supports Justin. I asked why…
    She answered “Because of his father”.
    She also said “Justin should be given a chance as a PM to demonstrate his ability to handle issues even he ends up leaving the office in a few months”. I total disagree with her comment. Justin has already had a chance to show his ability as a leader of Liberal party, but I don’t see any quality, strong leader ship and brilliant mind. Justine Trudeau is an embarrassment to Canada.

    1. admiwrath says:

      She appears to be very generous, but Canada has neither time no money to give a chance of a failed drama teacher with no work experience to experiment with the lives of the Canadians.

  3. EnoughAlready says:

    Ah yes, the Natives…those stewards of the land for which all Canadians will forever be made to feel indebted to…

    The whole Indian Act needs to be abolished and we as a country need to say our apologies and move along once and for all. I’m tired of the constant syphoning of money to rectify the sins of our (someone’s) past. Give me a break…the entire planet has a history of inequalities and transfer of land either through war, through sale, or simply taken. It is impossible to do anything that will please the Natives, it’s time to move on.

    White Man in 2015 is not responsible for endemic rates of alcoholism, unemployment etc etc. The fact is, in 2015 it is easier for a Native to get a job (at least Provincial/Federal) then any other group in Canada.

    In most cases there is little to no excuse for Natrives to be impoverished in 2015. Education is free….and job opportunities are plenty with all the ‘forward thinking’ firms out there who would like to check off a box on their Equal Opportunity quotas form.

    I know Natives who move off the reserve and work their ass off. The rest of these people are lazy, get a job and take some personal responsibility for your life.

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