Reserve Thieves – Indian Chiefs Rip Off Canada



The Indian reserves are some of the most worthless institutions in Canada. Created to preserve the traditional lifestyle of Stone Age tribes involved in hunting and gathering, they have outlived any usefulness they ever had. The enviro-wackos outlawed hunting and fur trade long time ago. All self-respecting and industrious Indians left the reserves ages ago. Those who remain are the weak, who can’t cope with the real world, or the junkies and addicts.

Nevertheless, those 600 Indian villages are referred to as “First Nations,” which creates the false impression that they are sovereign states, but their most valuable advantage is that through the reserves the government siphons billions and billions of dollars to the Indians. And where there is money, another group of people appears like fruit flies around peaches – the politicians.

Theresa clarifies the issue of the missing millions

Theresa clarifies the issue of the missing millions

The Indian politicians – chiefs, councillors, advisers – are a class of their own. They can operate like the Italian Mafia, but with none of the repercussions that could threaten the Mafia. The secret is simple – any time a federal bureaucrat catches them with their hands in the jar, they can cry racism, discrimination or a trauma suffered by their granduncle in a residential school.

When an auditor discovered last year that over $100 million disappeared from Grand Thief Theresa Spence’s reserve, nothing happened to her and her clique, just as almost anybody expected.

The chief can distribute the money coming to the reserve from the taxpayers like a dictator. That explains the constant fights among the Indian chiefs. Recently a revolt led by Crazy Pam ousted the grand chief Atleo; somebody else needed the access to the money.

When last year the Harper government came up with the transparency law, which makes obligatory for the Indian politicians to reveal their salaries, Crazy Pam and the whole Idle No More movement got their panties in a twist. Harper was labeled a racist, who wants to humiliate the proud keepers of Turtle Island. The simple truth was that any transparency was going to expose the thieves, who control the reserves.

That’s exactly what happened – the information started already to come out and the revelations are outrageous. And as of now, we still don’t have all the numbers; things will get worse.

But Metro Vancouver’s Kwikwetlem First Nation has published, and the website shows that economic development officer and Chief Ron Giesbrecht was paid $914,219 in remunerations and $16,574 in expenses for the financial year ending March 31, 2014.

Unlike the regular Canadian suckers, who provide their tax money to the reserves, the reserve Indians don’t pay taxes; they only take. In order to keep that much money after tax, a regular sucker should make nearly $2 million gross. He must work hard for that much dough, while the lazy chief gets the money for doing nothing. I said for doing nothing, because the information reveals another scandalous fact:

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada reports the Kwikwetlem band has a registered population of 37 and 33 people living on the reserve.

So the lazy chief steals over $900,000 to manage a tiny group of people… ooops, nation.

This is how Canada is going down the drain.

But the greedy tribe is not going to stop its mooching activities:

Earlier this month, the Kwikwetlem claimed title to all lands associated with now-closed Riverview Hospital in Metro Vancouver and other areas of its traditional territory, citing the recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling in Tsilhqot’in v. British Columbia.

They are well on their way to extort tens of millions of dollars from the City of Vancouver. If you remember, the idiots of the City Council declared that all the city land belongs to the Indians.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg that is about to hit Canada. Other chiefs also grab whatever they can:

The O’Chiese First Nation of Rocky Mountain House, Alta., reported Chief Darren Whitford received remunerations of $164,453 and travel and meeting expenses of $100,778. The First Nation’s six councillors reported remunerations starting at just over $102,261 and expenses starting at $27,433.

The band’s total population reported by Statistics Canada in the 2006 census was 450.

The Taku River Tlingit First Nation in the northwestern, B.C., community of Atlin also published a document showing a salary of $72,800 to band spokesman John Ward and travel expenses $6,400.

The solution is simple – the Indian Act must go. It is an outdated colonial and racist law, which gives undeserved privileges to the Indian tribes. Although the chiefs receive billions, nobody knows how much of that reaches the ordinary Indians (judging from the pictures of their houses, it’s probably not that much).

The reserves must go, along with the Indian Status and the “First Nations” charade. The Indians must live like everybody else, with the same rights and obligations. That way they’ll be able to achieve success on their own, instead of waiting for the mercy of crooks, who wear feathers on their heads.

We all are Canadians.

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  1. hoshi says:

    This writer is literally retarded.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Sure, Hoshi from Victoria, I am retarded for writing about the Indian crooks, who rob Canada. In your world theft beats honest work.

      1. Yaramyah says:

        Crooks? you have to be out of your fucking mind.
        How many trillions of dollars has the government benefited from, via all the minerals and resources STOLEN from this land (oil, gold,silver,diamonds, lumber, uranium) etc… need I go on more? What about residential schools? do you even KNOW how the majority of these chiefs got put into office? and these people in the band councils acquired their positions?

  2. O'chiese Warrier says:

    Abmiwrath.. what do you know about first nation people. We live this way cause white put us here. We drink and take drugz cause white man gave it to us. You tried to put us is in res schools to take the first nation outta us. We still here. White man been harming us for 200 years..we still here. We are warriers. This is are land not yours. Get on your boat and go home. We are still here and alwayz will be. Whiteman cant be trusted. Idlenomore.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Dear “Warrier,” thank you for proving my point. Blaming your laziness on the white man is not going to help you. Better learn how to write, get an education and find a job – that is the only thing that would help you and prove that you are “idle no more”. If you kick out the white people, who is going to run the industries, which pay for your welfare cheques? Without that money, you will die of starvation on the reserves.

  3. Vincent Barr says:

    Yes.Time to turf the Indian Act and yank these lazy parasitic shits into the real world.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The only solution is to abolish the Indian Act and let those people do some real honest work, instead of mooching on the taxpayers’ money.

  4. Vincent Barr says:

    What happened with Theresa “hunger strike”. Cutting back from 12 boxes of
    KD to 10 boxes is not a hunger strike. She looked fatter and stupider afterward.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Eventually, she ate the teepee.

  5. Lloyd Penner says:

    I believe that the majority of Canadians are real tired of this shit. Problem is there is no easy answer until we lose the bs political correctness and lose our fear of being branded racist, cause the first sign of push back seems to make you one. Enviro protesters flock to them and use them as a weapon because they see we are terrified of being branded racist or some other catch phrase. A group needs to form to start implementing reform the right way.

  6. Allan says:

    Both the Canadian gov. And the Chiefs are colloberators to genocide. The chiefs were created by the government in residential school, given the better education. See hidden no longer.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The only solution is to abolish the racist Indian Act and shut down the reserves (leaving the chefs unemployed) and treat the natives like the other citizens of Canada.

  7. Paul Bruneau says:

    Yes ..yes white eye…breal the treaties so I can control my lands resources , but fear not white brother….ill trow a few bones at ur starving stinking carcass.….u r the way of a brainwashed theive

  8. Darcy Strongstone says:

    People of The Creator are all. Not just we, the offspring of our ancestors, who lived off of this land before the settling Europeans came. We, who are offspring of the people who were called Indian by Christopher Columbus, always believed that, just as the animals we hunted, we cannot own The Land. The Land is one with The Creator. One cannot own The Creator. The Creator owns us all. The Land owns us all. Not the other way around. Those of us who have been classified as Aboriginal or First Nations People, that claim to own The Land are foolish. Playing into the game of every power hungry individual ever created from the beginning of all human kind. We have never had The Land stolen from us in the first place. Because we never owned it to begin with. The Land owns us. How foolish to believe that The Land can be owned or stolen or bought and sold. All who believe they own The Land are sadly mistaken. Bankers, politicians, Aboriginal or any other ethnicity. You all will be reminded what owns what. You all are owned by The Land. Not the other way around. The Creator will remind you, through wind (Storm), water (Flood), earth (Quake) & Fire!! Do not be stupid, who ever you are. What ever your background. How foolish you all are for spending hours out of the precious time you have on this planet, working for paper. Ink and paper. You are all so stupid. Live to love your lives. Not slave away or bicker over pointless simple nonsense. You’re all just wasting your thoughts and lives away on ideals that don’t even exist except in your head anyway. Stop and really think. Everyone.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Get a job, you idiot.

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