Violent Native Occupier Attacks Gary McHale in Caledonia

The lawlessness in the town of Caledonia is one of the worst stains on the disgraceful record of the corrupt McGuinty/Wynne Liberal government. Since 2006 the Ontario Government imposed there racist policing, which benefited solely a group of violent native Indians, who occupied illegally a real estate development and terrorized and assaulted the local people for years.

What could’ve been a new quarter of the peaceful town, populated by law-abiding citizens paying millions in taxes, turned into a barren land controlled by a bunch of junkies and freeloaders. The original houses (almost completed) were demolished and everything, including the appliances, stolen by the Indians. The McGuinty government bought the land and now, instead of generating income, in the only remaining house it hosts parasites, who live rent-free and have all utilities paid for by the Ontario taxpayers.

Even more disgraceful is that the issue of Caledonia was ignored in the election platforms of the three major Ontario political parties for the upcoming elections. This shows how the political correctness has crippled our politicians, who are willing to give up the rule of law in the name of appeasing the Indian occupiers.

Whatever progress has been reached on that issue is due only on grass roots movements, which have advanced despite the resistance of the crooked Liberals. Gary McHale and his group have worked for years to bring awareness to the Caledonia catastrophe, despite persecution by both the Ontario Government and the OPP. We all owe him respect for putting Caledonia on the political map.

The latest clash happened just a few days ago and was filmed, with coverage posted on the Freedom Press website.

For those, who are not familiar with the situation, let me explain what is shown in the videos. The land is owned by the Government of Ontario, along with the house you see. Neither the land nor the house belong to the Indians – they were allowed to live there for free by McGuinty and they made a good use of his “hospitality” by terrorizing everybody who dares enter the land. On the other hand, the road belongs to and is maintained by the Haldiman County and everybody has the right to use it. Despite that, the Indians have harassed and the OPP arrested many people, who used that public road.

In the first video you see Gary McHale and his friends standing on the public road. An odd-looking and violent guy comes out of the house and attacks Gary. Other than the strange behaviour (probably under influence) he uses quite a colourful language, which shows the intellectual level of McGuinty/Wynne’s friends.

In response, Gary makes a citizen’s arrest. This is an option to uphold the law, which not many Canadians are aware of, but such arrest, made to curtail unlawful behaviour, is as legal as an arrest made by the police and it has been confirmed in the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The way the guy jumped on Gary McHale with insults and physical assault speaks for itself. The Indian freeloaders, who occupy the land have never been challenged by the police and are confident that they are above the law.

The second video, which includes the Indian’s monologue, is absolutely priceless. Despite of him not being fully adequate, the “Native Power” clichés flow from his mouth faster than the water of Niagara Falls. The land is Indian, though the Six Nations are American tribes that were allowed into Canada in the late XVIII century and many local people’s ancestors were already there. The Indians are guardians of the land, which sounds quite pathetic when you see the neglect of the field and the garbage around the house. The guy doesn’t even consider himself Canadian, though he has no problems mooching from the Canadian taxpayers and using American cars.

The most shocking part of the video sequence is when Gary McHale contacts the OPP and convinces them to show up and apply the Criminal Code by honouring the citizen’s arrest he made. That was a nearly miraculous event – the usual routine for the previous actions at Douglas Creek Estates is for the police to show up, ignore the violent Indians and arrest Gary and his friends.

This time the perpetrator of the violence was actually arrested.

The situation was shocking for the violent Indian as well – the occupiers are so confident in their impunity that after not seeing his victim arrested (as it always happens) he literally goes berserk. He resists the arrest and swears at the police officers.

This is definitely a change in the usual police attitude. Maybe they attempted to repair the backlash after the horrible election ads of the OPP union, where policemen with guns were telling Ontarians who to vote for, just like in a fascist state. Maybe they finally realized that following orders from the corrupt gang that now controls Queen’s Park has caused an irreparable damage to OPP’s reputation.

Only time will tell whether the police could be trusted again. We will be watching.


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  1. Gail Dyer says:

    Since I am a taxpayer here in Ontario, and have been for close to 50 years, I suggest you turn the utilities OFF. I have always paid my own way since I have been an adult. Other people living in Canada can do the same. And Indians can stop their BS that the house and road belongs to them. The road is a PUBLIC ROAD and the house was bought by the Ontario Government with OUR TAXES.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Great point – they should stop whining and get jobs.

  2. bella says:

    You should be embarrassed posting these videos like you won something. You are bullies. I can not believe you are so proud of your belittling and harassment of this gentleman.
    Be proud Gary! You the man!! You and your angry mob will get back what you give out a hundred fold. And it will be such sweet justice.
    You people are disgusting!

    1. admiwrath says:

      You are beyond disgusting. Angry mob??? Unless you are totally retarded, you can see who the aggressor in the video is. Instead of urging those occupying parasites to get jobs, you make threats of violence.

    2. Gail Dyer says:

      Please take your blinders off and get in the real world. No person will stop me from walking down a PUBLIC ROADAnd the LIBERAL Provincial Governmentwas stupid to let any person live in the house without paying rent. Any person can figure that out. Look at our debt load here in Ontario now – we are now a welfare province and the LIBERALS let this guy live in that house rent free. If you can’t see anything wrong with this picture, then you have a problem.Why should I, and many other seniors, pay taxes in this province for years only to see someone living rent free? He doesn’t even take care of the land.

      1. BADMAMMAJAMMA says:

        how about he pays rent to ontario, when ontario pays back-rent to us., you’re all third party to any lands claims process and outcome anyway, so really its none of your fucken business. This is why we should enforce a stand your ground rule in our NATIVE country.

      2. Gail Dyer says:

        Badmammajamma – I am a NATIVE. I was born in this country. Not only was I born in this country, I am the FIRST GENERATION of my family to be born in Canada. Therefore I am TRULY NATIVE. Get over your bloody BS.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    It makes a refreshing change to see the police arrest one of the real criminals! i wonder of Hudak will have the stones to sort out this disgraceful situation?

  4. Flipper says:

    Caledonia Indians are criminals.They will all
    be treated as such.

  5. joey says:

    I was with you until the last video. The OPP really used excessive force. For the life of me I can’t figure out why the police had to be so violent with this man. I cannot determine what his crime was, aside from pushing the reporter in the first video.
    I could actually cry.

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