Bloc Jack-ois Won Quebec. Now What?

Last Monday NDP won 102 parliamentary seats in Canada’s national election.  Within hours, the press was flooded with the jubilation of ecstatic lefties, who saw that fact as a sign of a shift to the left in the Canadian public opinion. They didn’t miss to praise Jack Layton for his “visionary” campaign that brought a victory.

As with many events in history, what really happened has very little to do with the picture that is forced upon us. A simple arithmetical calculation shows that out of 102 MP seats for NDP, 58 were won in Quebec. That’s hardly a national surge in popularity. In the other parts of the country the support was flat, with few seats lost in some ridings.

The NDP victory in Quebec was a fluke. Of course, Jack promised the moon and the stars in the French province and even assured them that he would open the Constitution debate. It is hard to believe that his eloquence might have persuaded the voters to follow him. The truth is that for whatever reason they were angry at Bloc Quebecois and voted for the least known party as a sign of protest.

Voting with the feeling of anger is good for the moment – it gives you the satisfaction that you’ve taught the politicians a lesson. However, when that feeling wears out, from the position of the post-anger hangover, you may find yourself in bed with somebody you can’t stand. And that’s what happened in Quebec.

Now Quebec voters are stuck with NDP for the next four years – with Harper’s majority it impossible to call an early election. NDP de facto represents the province, yet few people have any idea about the party’s stand on Quebec’s issues. What’s even worse, with the majority government, they will have even lesser ability to influence the parliamentary decisions.

Let’s face it – Jack Layton and Quebec is not a match made in heaven. Regardless of the opinions about Duceppe, Quebecers benefited greatly from his party. With the constant threat of separation, he was able for decades to beg, borrow, steal, and extort tons of goodies for his province – subsidies, large transfer payments, investments, etc.

Jack doesn’t have that leverage. It will look odd, if he suddenly tries to look like a separatist to get deals for his constituents.

But that’s not the only problem. Despite the leftist euphoria about the NDP wisdom, none in the leadership expected to win so many seats in Quebec.

The objective was to get the 2 bucks per vote that the government pays in party subsidies. Jack’s deep strategy was to find breathing human beings willing to run for his party. Yet those fillers won causing new problems. Most of them never campaigned in their ridings. None of them has any experience. There is a communist (and martial arts instructor), pub manager, few students, some of them don’t even speak French. And the worst part is again the majority government, which means that Jack will be stuck with those people for the next four years.

In the previous parliament, Olivia Chow and Libby Davies were the laughing stock due to their militant leftist ignorance. Now, with the new cadres present, both of them will look like wise elder stateswomen. Not a great future…

What’s even worse, the very far left press is already drooling about how the new NDP radical MP’s will sabotage the House of Commons and Harper’s evil government. That would make things even worse for Jack Layton, because he already promised cooperation in the name of the common interests of all Canadians, instead he would have to spend considerable time policing his caucus.

His situation is difficult because he must also pay back for the endorsements of scores of wacky and dangerous organizations.  Organizations like the Canadian Islamic Congress supported him, because they expected the NDP to confront Ignatieff (considered by them a Jew and neo-con) and Harper (whom they expect to help Israel take over most of the Middle East). How is Jack Layton going to pay back to those fanatics?

Maybe we will see him pushing (together with Bob Rae) to bring back to Canada that vermin, the convicted terrorist Omar Khadr. Or maybe he will give nice positions to his family of terrorists and welfare parasites.

Jack has four hard years ahead of him and we will be watching. Maybe NDP’s unique blend of incompetence, revolutionary fervour, and creative ideas to  steal taxpayers’ money for idiotic causes, will eventually bring the ultimate demise of that party.


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